Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Subshow #13 - 2/25/12

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Right before spring break started there were a few emergency posts on the sub board, and one of them was the locally famous Robot Pasta slot. As I was telling my special guest in the studio, I love subbing this slot, because my creative flow seems to really push itself. In a similar way to how the 3-6am slot can really get the midnight juices flowing, so does this slot for me. 

I'm really happy with how things went, and I found a lot of good albums in the process. The best part was a major point of layering about 3/4 of the way through. Sometimes I really fail at layering, but this time I think I've figured out how to really go about it:
  1. Pick from different genres
  2. Preview all songs
  3. Make sure rhythmic schemes are conducive
  4. IMPORTANT: Make sure all have space
This last one is more important than all of the other steps, and this is why: space allows you to hear every component of the layering. I've been trying for awhile to figure out the key to layering, and each time I make this my main goal, I generally succeed. Not all music can be layered (or rather, not all music SHOULD be layered), but with the right music, many things are possible.

But anyway, let's get to the list.

[Artist: Song - Album]
  1. Eartha Kitt: I'm An Old Fashioned Girl - Thursday's Child
  2. The Fantastic Pikes: Ghostriders In The Sky - The Synthesizer Sound Machine
  3. Tiny Tim w/Brave Combo: Hey Jude - Girl
  4. Matmos: Z.O.C.K. - The Civil War
  5. Fats Domino: Jambalaya - Cookin' With Fats
  6. Paul Crossley: La cath├Ędrale engloutie - Debussy: Complete Works for Solo Piano
  7. Alexander Illitch Eppler: Russian Merriment - Barinya
  8. Grupo Fantasma: Sacatelo Bailando - El Existential
  9. Gender Wayang Pemarwan: Sekar Gendotan - The Mahabharata
  10. Cornelius: Gum - Sensuous
  11. Tom Waits: Such A Scream - Bone Machine
  12. Elizabeth Cotten: Freight Train - Classic Railroad Songs
  13. Loketo: Malou - Extra Ball
  14. Coin: The park - Architects of Character
  15. The Chiffons: One Fine Day - Wonder Women
  16. Thomas Cartwright and the Boys: Watermelon Is Spoilin' On The Vine - The Bahamas Islands of Song
  17. Roy Eldridge: Honeysuckle Rose - Sweets, Lips & Lots of Jazz
  18. Poi Dog Pondering: Sandra At The Beach - Mixx On The Fly
  19. Mohamed Mounir: Aalli saotak - Arabesque
  20. 400 Blows: The Man Who Danced Himself To Death - Sickness & Health
  21. Frank Sinatra: I Could Have Danced All Night - Live in Australia, 1959
  22. The Chemical Brothers: Snow - Further
  23. Omar and the Howlers: Pushin' Fire - Courts of Lulu
  24. Ghazal: Snowy Mountains - As Night Falls On The Silk Road
  25. The Kovenant: The Dark Conquest - In Times Before The Light
  26. Cassie Franklin: Lady Margret - Cold Mountain Soundtrack
  27. Smokey Robinson and The Miracles: Tears of a Clown - 1957-1972
  28. Vincenzo Culotta: Lady Gaga Fugue - YouTube
  29. Moon-A-Tiks: Did You Ever See A Moon-A-Tik? - Meet The Moon-A-Tiks
  30. Louis Prima and His New Orleans Gang: In A Little Gypsy Tearoom - Little Club Jazz
  31. Gomer Pyle: If You Want Me To - Gomer Pyle U.S.M.C.
  32. The Shaggs: My Pal Foot Foot - The Shaggs
  33. Einst├╝rzende Neubauten: Tische - Faustmusik
  34. Kohwi: Reeling The Warmth & Weekroot - Hidden Trees
  1. The Fantastic Pikes: I knew that this album was going to be good when I saw a woman in a plastic ball pit on the cover in classic '80s electronic style. 
  2. Coin: Wow, I think I might be in love. Too bad you can't marry chiptune albums in this state yet. 
  3. Epic Layering: Ghazal + Kovenant + Cassie Franklin = Possibly the longest amount of cacophony I've put on the air. I wasn't sure if the Cassie Franklin was going to mix well, but I'm glad I ended up mixing it. The three sounds were just different enough to not collide too much. 
  1. Gomer Pyle: This was so bad it was almost good...almost. 
  2. Cutting off Gaga: As much as I love the Moon-A-Tiks, I didn't mean to start playing them in the middle of the Gaga fugue.
Stay tuned for more show updates!

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