Thursday, March 1, 2012

Subshow #14 - 2/27/12

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Guess who took another subshow slot?! Heheheh. HehehEHehehehehEHEHEHE. HEHEHEHHEHEHEHEHEHEH!

I also went recording shopping recently, which is where about a third of today's set comes from. It was interesting to bring in my own records from home, which is something I've seen other DJs do. I've on occasion brought a single record with me, but this time I literally brought 5 or 6, almost on compulsion, because I wanted you all to hear my new jams.

The Tchaikovsky especially was fun to play for me, since it gave me a lot of warm fuzzy memories about freshman year when I was in the chorus for "Eugene Onegin" when the University put it on. It's one of my top 5 favorite operas, and something I highly suggest if you don't get into opera that much.

Pretty straight-forward set, so I'll just let you listen to it. 

[Artist: Song - Album]
  1. Leonard Berstein & New York Philharmonic: Tchaikovsky: Polonaise from Eugene Onegin, Op. 24 - Great Performances
  2. Rhythm Heritage: Dance The Night Away - Last Night On Earth
  3. Trip Scope: Korrosion - Trip Scope
  4. P-Rine & Yungin': She Be Gettin' Money - She Be Gettin' Money
  5. USSR Russian Chorus: Do Not Sew Me A Wedding Sarafan, Mother - The White Birch Tree & Other Russian Songs
  6. Patato: Descarga en Faux - The Legend of Cuban Percussion
  7. Hail Social: Warning Sign - Warning Sign
  8. KC and the Sunshine Band: Come To My Island - KC and the Sunshine Band
  9. LCD Soundsystem: North American Scum - LCD Soundsystem
  10. Venus Cures All: Satan Be Gone - Rock Is The Best
  11. Fred Frith: O wie schön ist Panama! - Gravity
  12. Georges Brassens: Je m'suis fait tout petit - Le Meilleur de la Chanson Française
  13. Elie Attieh: Inta omri - Bellylicious
  14. Secret Twins: Native (loop) - Ill Fit
  15. Charles Bradley: Why Is It So Hard? - No Time For Dreaming
  16. Celestial Navigations: Letters From The Revolution-Dear Mollie - The Connection
  17. Buck Clayton: Night Train - Songs for Swingers
  18. Arctic Monkeys: Crying Lightning - Humbug
  19. Mary Lou Williams: Miss D.D. - Black Christ of the Andes
  20. Various: Rubber Television - Night Recordings from Bali
  21. New Klezmer Trio: Hot and Cold - Masks and Faces
  1. Secret Twins: I don't grab from the new section often, but when I do I'm always really pleased, and this happens to be a local selection as well! Might be grabbing this again soon in the future. 
  2. Rhythm Heritage: I think I'm obsessed. I knew I hit gold, but now I'm in for the win. 
  3. Arctic Monkeys: I'm a big fan of the Arctic Monkeys, and I was pretty pleased when I found our collection of CDs in the library, especially because there's more than one album I don't have. 
  1. Come To My Island: While I was running around the station I got a message from Brian Tomsic saying how horrible the KC and the Sunshine Band song was, and I think I agree. It's pretty dreadful.
  2. Announcements: Not that I'm perfect at reading the concert/events information, but today was pretty bad. Sorry about that. Maybe I should talk slower. And not ramble so much. 
  3. Lazy Transitions: Nothing to do here. 
Thanks for reading/listening/whatevering! Keep doing that!

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