Sunday, January 29, 2012

Freestailo #20 - 1/25/12

Right Click/Ctrl-Click to Download Freestailo #20 Here

Wie geht's, leute? Alles gut?

This show I had a grand old time playing straight up music. I didn't do any layering, and I enjoyed myself immensely. If you were looking forward to some messed up sounds from the WCBN Dungeon, you may be disappointed. What you will hear is a very nice mix of songs from all the genres, with quite a few gems from albums that I will hopefully revisit. Although I'm generally happy with the variety of the set in genre, the lack of balance as far as track length was a little strange for me. I'm usually pretty good about creating some sort of arch for my set, with 1-3 minute songs, 4-6 minute songs, and then 6+ minute songs. I fear most of my tracks were much longer this time, and that

On another note, there's something that's been on my mind, and I would love your opinion (if you have one): would you listen to/hire a freeform DJ for a party/event/whatever? For example, let's say you're having a wedding reception, and you don't want to put up with only rap music at awkward dancing tempos, or your drunk best man playing "The Safety Dance" for the 32nd time.

Here's the thing gang: I've been thinking about learning to DJ for gigs. For parties, clubs, whatever. I want to be able to share this music with people in a setting they don't expect. I want to play Ike & Tina Turner, then some good old polka, then some Ghostly electronica, and smooth it out into some danceable blues. No one wants this to happen. Does this happen though? When I think about someone DJing for a club or a party, I think about a lot of pop music, a lot of electronica, and a lot of rap. But the world of music is immense, mes amis.

Anyway, it's a dream, right? To the list. Also, go Google "baby headphones" right now.

[Artist: Song - Album]
  1. Vince Vincent: Woman Love - The Bop That Just Won't Stop
  2. Calypso King & The Soul Investigators: Brand New Potatoes - Soul Strike
  3. Professor and Maryann: House By The Water - Lead Us Not Into Penn Station
  4. Four Tet: (track 9) - Everything Ecstatic
  5. La Chat: If They Hating On You - Ultimate Revenge
  6. Billie Holiday: What A Night, What A Moon, What A Girl - The Billie Holiday Story vol. II
  7. Manowar: The Dawn of Battle - The Dawn of Battle
  8. Ali Akbar Khan and John Handy: The Soul and the Atma - Karuna Supreme
  9. Pikoboy: Twilight City featuring Haruka - Piko@Lab V1.0
  10. Serge Lama: Les Ballons Rouges - Prestige
  11. Björk: Virus - Biophilia
  12. Thumbs Tubby: Yes, We Have No Bananas - Honky Tonk Piano
  13. !!!: Jamie, My Intentions Are Bass - Jamie, My Intentions Are Bass
  14. Funkstöring: Test - Appetite for Destruction
  15. The Louie Belogenis Trio: Alabama - Tiresias
  16. The Erkose Ensemble: Taksim on the Clarinet - Izigane
  17. A Return Reservation - Paris Blues Soundtrack
  18. Dave Tarras: Romania - TANZ!
  19. Jacob Obrecht: Ic graghe de mutse clutse - In A Medieval Garden
  20. Andrew Bird: Waiting To Talk - The Swimming Hour
  21. The Picketts: Should I Stay Or Should I Go? - Euphonium
  22. Ozomatli: Pá Lante - Embrace the Chaos
  23. Yoko Kanno: Shadow of Doubt - Vision of Escaflowne OST 2
  24. Manta Ray: Ébola - Estratexa
  25. Taraf de Haïdouks: Waltz From Masquerade - Maskarada
  26. Quadrophonia: Elektrik Chair Mix - Schizofrenia - The Worst Day of My Life
Should I stay:
  1. Pikolab chiptunes: I saw this group live at Lab Cafe on Liberty in Ann Arbor, and they were pretty stellar. I didn't get to stay long, but they had free CDs, so I grabbed one to play on the show. If you're into chiptunes, you'll love these guys, and I was happy to give them some exposure. I'm hoping to ask a few of them in to perhaps do a video game/chiptune themed show. Whatcha think?
  2. Manowar: You know, I didn't really mean to play this when I did, but this was one of my favorite tracks of the night. I thoroughly enjoy some good metal music, so if you have suggestions, give them to meeee.
  3. Taraf de Haïdouks: Yum. These guys are absolutely delicious nourishment for my 21st century-weary ears. I love the old soul in it, and they made me want to dance around the station. 
Or should I go:
  1. Quadrophonia mix-up: I didn't tell Cory that I had announced this track, and so he assumed that I hadn't, and announced it again at the end. It shouldn't bother me, and the audio file I put up has it edited out, but it irked me a bit, since I like to have a neatly laid out show.
  2. Lack of layering: Although I really enjoyed doing a straight-up music show, I always regret not doing some sort of layering just a little bit. It's always easier than you think.
  3. Too long of tracks?: The set list seems pretty short to me, and I'm used to having sometimes twice as much as this. This makes me think that perhaps I played too many 6+ minute songs, which for me is a little unusual. I usually try to vary up the set with 1-2 minute songs. 
For the freedom and the power and the glory is ours, now and forever. 

Saturday, January 21, 2012

6 O' Clock Shadow #2 - 1/20/12

Right Click/Ctrl-Click to Download 6 O'Clock Shadow #2 Here

IT'S 18:00 GUYS!!! Do you know what that means? In American it means 6:00pm, and on a Friday that means that it's 6 O'Clock Shadow time. When you come into the station and pick out music to play on the 88.3 FM airwaves.

Today I actually had a Shadower! His name is Tom, and apparently he's been wanting to come to the 6:00 Shadow for awhile, but just hasn't been able to get there because of work or life or whatever. He picked out songs #10-17. He came in to the studio and was immediately overwhelmed by all of the choices, and especially the local artist section, which is pretty stellar. At the same time Tom was in the studio, Winnie was training a new DJ as well! Anyway, that particular trainee was one that James and I grabbed in the Union at Winterfest, so it was pretty gratifying to see someone that I snagged in the station and making a mix tape! Like a monster that I helped to create!

Freeform! It's alive! It's ALIVE! Mwahahahahaha!
With such a short list there's not much to say, but I hope I've piqued your interest enough to make you want to check out the studio. You are always welcome.

[Artist: Song - Album]
  1. Edwin Birdsong: Funtaztik - Giant Single
  2. Eydie Gorman: The Coffee Song - Blame It On The Bossa Nova
  3. Metal Urbain: Panik - L'Age D'Or
  4. Lungfish: Necrophones - Necrophones
  5. Various Taiwanese Artists: ??? - Taiwanese Folk Songs
  6. Don Paterson: Luing -
  7. Cockatiel Training: Various Cockatiel Training Phrases - The Complete Cockatiel Training Album
  8. Merengue from Dominican Republic: Apágame la Vela (Put Out My Candle) - Raíces Latinas
  9. Kid Koala: slew test 2 - Your Mom's Favorite DJ
  10. Earth 2: Teeth of lions rule the divine - Earth 2
  11. Henry Flynt: Sky Turned Red - Back Porch Hillbilly Blues
  12. Godzuki: ??? - Free Wade
  13. Outrageous Cherry: Sign of the Times - Stereo Action Rent Party
  14. Nersès Nalbandian: Eyèyè - Ethiopiques
  15. Faruq Z. Bey: Fountain - 19 Moons
  16. Royal Trux: The Sewers of Mars - Thank You
  17. Sun City Girls: Man Without A Harmonica - Carnival Folklore Resurrection
Thank you:
  1. My friend who visited yesterday gave me the link to this website, which is where the Don Paterson poem came from. I will be utilizing this every day of my life now, so thank you. 
  2. Cockatiel Training Album: This makes my life better knowing that this record exists, and especially that it exists at WCBN. Whoever donated this to the station deserves warm cookies and my undying love. 
  3. Tom: Thanks for coming Tom. You made my 6:00 Shadow so much more interesting. 
No thank you:
  1. Nothing: Freeform for the win. Good job Tom. 
Now go be free! 

Friday, January 20, 2012

Freestailo #19 - 1/18/12

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Right Click/Ctrl-Click to Download Freestailo #19 pt. 2 Here
Right Click/Ctrl-Click to Download Freestailo #19 pt. 3 Here

Hey future WCBN lovers.

I had a lot of fun with this week’s show, gang. A friend came into the studio, helped me pick out some music, and kept me company for my shift, so I had a lot of new music that I probably wouldn’t have grabbed myself. It was like having a listener constantly calling in requests, except that my listener had a face, and I didn’t have to actually find the requests! It also helps my perspective and understanding of the station to have a helper.

I had an interesting arch in my set that I’ve never had this time: from records to CDs, to records. Usually I try to have a very even mix between records and CDs (and occasionally my personal library) throughout my show, but I used a lot more records than usual, and when I did use CDs, it was later in the set, right before I started using records again. I didn’t mix and match too much. Seeing how smooth my set was, I’ll have to experiment with whatever it was I did, since there were a few variables to this equation.  

Also, shout out to my mom with the Harry Belafonte song. She used to sing this to me all the time, and (even though I played it at 45rpm) it’s fun to find nostalgia in the studio, you know?

[Artist: Song - Album]
  1. Soloman Burke: I'm Gonna Stay Right Here - The Bishop Rides South
  2. Boston Symphony Orchestra: Bach: Brandenburg Concerto No. 5 - Brandenburg Concertos No. 4, 5, 6
  3. Disney: Various sounds - Chilling, Thrilling Sounds of the Haunted House
  4. Arif Sag: Ayrilik Hasretlik - Insan Olmaya Geldim
  5. Kim Song-Jin: Sangnyongsan from Yuch'osinjigok (Taegum Solo) - Korean Traditional Music
  6. Boiled in Lead: The Man Who Was Boiled in Lead - Boiled in Lead
  7. Elf Power: Owl Cut (White Flowers in the Sky) - In A Cave
  8. Suppa Micro: Chipinyanko Ra - Obake
  9. Hartford Grisman: Hound Dawg - Retrograss
  10. Sandy and Eddie Oliver: Shaggy Dog Cha Cha Cha - Dog Songs
  11. Nikki and the Corvettes: I Wanna Be Your Girlfriend - Nikki and the Corvettes
  12. The Rollers: Knockin' At The Wrong Door - Eccentric Soul 017
  13. Telefon Tel Aviv: Bubble and Spike - Map Of What Is Effortless
  14. Eddie Harris: These Foolish Things - Eddie Harris Goes To The Movies
  15. Tino's Breaks: Bats in my Belfry Dub - Hallowe'en Dub
  16. The Aislers Set: Emotional Levy - How I Learned To Write Backwards
  17. Justin Brewer: A Rotting Corpse - DEATH
  18. U.K. Subs: Hey! Santa - Japan Today
  19. The King's Singers: Ecce vidimus eum - Gesualdo: Tenebrae Responsories For Maundy Thursday
  20. Harry Belafonte: Jamaica Farewell - Belafonte '89
  21. Jerry Lee Lewis: Great Balls of Fire - Don't You Step On My Blue Suede Shoes
  22. The Homosexuals: Divorce Proceeding (From Reality) - Astral Glamour
  23. "Big Voice" Odom: Mother-In-Law Blues - Feel So Good
  24. Ultravox: Slow Motion - Three Into One
  25. Sara Bareilles & Ingrid Michaelson: Winter Song - Winter Song
  26. Cristina Perri: A Thousand Years - Breaking Dawn
  27. Rob Macht: Vishnu - Vishnu
  28. Simón Díaz: La Vaca Mariposa/El Becerrito (Venezuela) - Quetzalcoatl
  29. Forcefield: ??? - Lord of the Rings Modulator
  30. Matthew Dear: Tide - Backstroke
Knockin’ At The Right Door:
  1. Haunted house sounds: I’m pretty happy with the layering that I did so early on! It usually takes me awhile to warm up to sets of layering, but this came very easily to me.
  2. Shaggy Dog Cha Cha Cha: My friend picked this out, and it was a GEM. I’m always looking for new children’s stories and things to play from our library, but sometimes it takes new perspective to find it.
  3. Forcefield: Once again, my friend picked this out. As I was playing it the next DJ came in to get some music and was really digging it.
Knockin’ At The Wrong Door:
  1. The Rollers: I’m pretty sure I played “Knockin’ At The Wrong Door” for one of my other shows, and I really hate playing repeats. I meant to find a different song on this album, but Nikki and the Corvettes ended early, and I panicked.
  2. Accidental 45s: Turntable 1 has a glitch where if you switch it to 45rpm, then you have to first turn it off, and then back on to use it on 33rpm. Me being a derp, I did not check this beforehand, and played most of the records on Turntable 1 at 45rpm. Bach, the Korean music, Harry Belafonte…all but the Matthew Dear record.
  3. Long set is long: Perhaps it was because I had a friend in the studio, but the last hour was…an hour. I didn’t have to play any PSAs or Promos in the middle, so I just kept playing music because I didn’t feel like stopping. In my experience, this creates frustrated listeners.
 Now go listen to more radio!

New Logos!

What's up, cream puffs?

I have some new logos that I made for my Facebook page and blog (and to make some new fliers), and I want your stamp of approval:

If you have an opinion, SHOUT 'EM OUT! I also have these posted on the Futfutfutfut Freestailo! Facebook page, which you should check out if you like to get constant updates from yours truly. And if no one says anything, then I'll choose one MYSELF. 

Saturday, January 14, 2012


Brilliant Corners, a Boston Jazz Blog.: It's Not Sci-Fi; It's Radio! by Steve Provizer

You see this object?
Recognize it?
Vaguely familiar.
It’s called a radio.

I don't usually repost other articles on my blog, but this is too good to be true. Read the whole article and prepare to love your radio even more than you already did.

You might well believe that, my friend, but you can get one of these things for the cost of a bag of munchkins. And once you buy one, that’s it. You never have to pay another red cent.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Freestailo #18 - 1/11/12

Right Click/Ctrl-Click to Download Freestailo #18 Here

My first regular show in my new slot, guys! Huzzah!

So right before this show I was at WCBN's official movie night at Arbor Brewing Co., where we premiered our new beer, "The Listenership Pale Ale," and watched "Jailhouse Rock" with Elvis Presley. Right near the end of the movie though I had to jet out to come play music for you all, and it ended up being a great night. I started off with an Elvis tune, and the vaguely Elvis themed show ensued.

Immediately after playing some Elvis, I got a few calls, and some AIM messages from Rev. Andrew, and it really helped me fill out the show. A few of the guys from the station came and gave me a few albums to play as well after they finished watching the movie, which was super helpful. I also learned that we have an enormous Elvis collection, and it's labeled in rockabilly, which I had to kind of search for. I also found Elvis Hitler, which is a local band, and pretty excellent.

I'm also pleased with my findings of metal music in the library, which has been increasing since Jack has come to the station with his show "University of Metal." Something you might not know about me is that I secretly really love metal music. It's a little distressing to me that the WCBN library doesn't have a section marked off just for metal music, because I think it's a specific enough genre to warrant it, just like rockabilly is. Slowly though I've noticed that the metal albums have a yellow sticker at the bottom, and a red sticker at the top. A SECRET CODE! Haha, not really, but that's what it felt like.

Anyway, to the music!

[Artist: Song - Album]
  1. Elvis Presley: Doncha' Think It's Time - 50,000,000 Elvis Fans Can't Be Wrong
  2. Dion & The Belmonts: Where Or When - Best of Doo-Wop Ballads
  3. Elvis Hitler: Green Haze - Elvis Hitler
  4. Celestial Navigations: There Was A Time - Romance
  5. Les Crane: Desiderata - 
  6. Mojo Nixon Skidroper: Elvis Is Everywhere - Bo Day Shus!!!
  7. Al Green: Chariots of Fire - The Belle Album
  8. Pig Destroyer: Carrion Fairy - Terrifyer
  9. Jane Ira Bloom: Blue Poles - Sometime The Magic
  10. UCLA Madrigal Singers: Like as the Culver on the Baréd Bough - Choral Music of Twentieth Century Americans
  11. Empire: Jailhouse Cock Rocks The Most - Empire vs. Elvis Presley
  12. Möl Treffid: I Wanna See Pretty People Doin' Ugly Things - Touch The Monkey
  13. Chiwoniso: Matsotsi - Rebel Woman
  14. m-.-n: arbnown - Disco Dust
  15. G&D: Ye Olde Skit - The Message
  16. Elvis Presley: Treat Me Nice - Elvis at the Movies
  17. +/-: Surprise! - Promotional
  18. Nitzer Ebb: Lovesick - As Is
  19. Bielefelder Kinderchor: Hebe Deine Augen Auf - Bielefelder Kinderchor
  20. Jean-Pierre Rampal: Hirota: Hamachidori (Beach Plover) - Japanese Folk Melodies
  21. Dead Kennedys: Viva Las Vegas - Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables
  22. Marvin Gaye: Cleo's Apartment - Trouble Man
  23. Yosefa: My Beautiful One - Yosefa
  24. Pinkerton Thugs: Brighter Day - End of an Era
  25. Neurosis: Water Is Not Enough - Given To The Rising
  26. Plush: Virginia - More Becomes You
  27. James Chance and the Contortionists: James Brown Covers - James Chance @ Secret Robot Project on Halloween Weekend in Brooklyn
  28. The Soft Boys: Heartbreak Hotel - 1976-81
  29. Dread Zeppelin: Black Dog - UN-led-ED
  30. minusbaby: São Roque (Bella/Boa) - Saudade for Beginners
  31. The Smiths: Ask - Louder Than Bombs
Treat Me Nice:
  1. METAL: Möl Treffid, Neurosis, Pig Destroyer...felt pretty damn good to play those. Thanks for the label system Jack.
  2. Chiptunes: m-.-n and minusbaby are two of my favorite chiptune artists in my personal library, so I was very glad to share them with you.
  3. Rampal Japanese Folk Melodies: This was a treat to find in the classical section! I think because it's a French artists doing them it's correctly labeled, but I never would have found these if I was hosting Radiozilla and looking for Japanese albums. NOTED!
Treat Me Not So Nice:
  1. Lull?: right around the Kinderchor I felt like there was a bit of a lull in the show, but not in the good way like I normally like. Instead of an intentional downing of the tempo, it was an unintentional drop of adrenaline because I didn't grab enough material for the last hour before hand. 
  2. Not enough Elvis: I think I could have tried harder to really make this an Elvis themed show, but I usually shy away from playing too much of one person, so I just didn't do it. A listener called in and was surprised not to hear more Elvis as well.
  3. Juggling act: I realize after today's show that I need to get much better at talking on the phone and DJing at the same time. I had so many calls and people and things going on that it was hard to concentrate. This really just requires more focus on my part.
Listen more! Radio more! Viva la WCBN!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Open Sign Up #1 - 1/9/12

Right Click/Ctrl-Click to Download Open Sign Up #1 Here

It's that magical time of year when the WCBN DJs sign up for random slots, submit their slot preferences for the coming semester, and wait for the program director to decide a worthy time for them. Thus how I now have a MUCH better slot this semester, and I can be a human again.

(you get this auf Deutsch because I'm a dork)

Something interesting that happened today was that I picked a slot before Free Speech Radio News (FSRN), which happens Monday-Thursday here at WCBN from 5:30-6pm. It's not a big deal to do, since you just downloaded/stream the news and hang out until it's done, but I'm glad to actually have done it.

I had a couple of good layers, and when I went in I felt really good about the set, but I got a call from a listener while I was layering the Camus and Russian choral song that really jarred me. This was generally what it was like:
<hella awkward conversation>
Him: Je ne comprends pas.
Me: Excuse me, I don't understand.
Him: Exactly. I don't understand what you're playing.
Me: What?
Him: I don't know what he's saying. It's all in French. How am I supposed to know what's going on?
Me: Well, it's "The Stranger" by Albert Camus layered with some Russian chorus music.
Him: Oh ok. Is it his birthday or something?
Me: No, I just wanted to play it. It's pretty, right?
Him: I still don't understand what he's saying, so I don't know if it is.
Me: All right. Um, well thanks for calling.
</hella awkward conversation>
It shouldn't have bothered me so much, but it left me with a really bad taste in my mouth, that I just couldn't shake. I tried to mentally give him the good ol' F.U., but it really made the next 1/3 of my set feel kind of off. This is a good lesson though:

Clickity click on this for the .gif
Another thing I did today was read some poetry and prose from a book I bought at the Kerrytown BookFest awhile ago, which was published through a collaboration with 826 Michigan and The Neutral Zone in Ann Arbor, which features young writers (anywhere from 5-17 years old, I think). I originally bought it for my mom, who recently retired from being a first grade teacher, as an example for her class to keep working hard on their writing, but I guess I kind of kept it. Flipping through the book, I was really amazed by the quality writing coming out of these kids and teenagers. It says a lot about both the kids, and the quality writing workshops that happen at 826 Michigan and The Neutral Zone. Also, now that I'm looking at both of these websites, I'm really impressed with both of these organizations. Good job Ann Arbor. 

To the playlist!

[Artist: Song - Album]
  1. Stevie Wonder: Can I Get A Witness - I Was Made To Love Her
  2. Hradistan: Karneval - Carohrani
  3. Giberto Gil: Vendedor de caranguejo - Quanta
  4. Mahalia Jackson: Since The Fire Started - The World's Greatest Gospel Singer Mahalia Jackson Sings
  5. Dennis Scott: Mudhole of Mine - Songs That Tickle Your Funny Bone Vol. III
  6. King Tee: Freestyle Ghetto Instrumental - Free Style Ghetto/Let's Get It On
  7. Black Joe Lewis & The Honey Bears: Livin' In The Jungle - Scandalous
  8. End Times Orchestra: Secrets - End Times Orchestra
  9. GD Luxxe: Changed Body - The 20th Door
  10. [EAS TEST]
  11. U.S.S.R. Russian Chorus: Snow, All Around - The White Birch Tree & Other Russian Songs
  12. Albert Camus: L'Étranger - Albert Camus Reading From His Novels & Essays
  13. Ezekiel Honig: Falling Down - People Places & Things
  14. Francisco Aguabella: Watermelon Man - agua de cuba
  15. various artists: Bal plin - Sonneurs de Clarinette en Bretagne
  16. Johanna Beyer: The Federal Music Project - Sticky Melodies
  17. Doug Yokohama: Relations (Mother's and Father's) - identities
  18. Europa: El Misterio De Los Tomates Electricos - La ultima emoción
  19. unknown: Widgie the Walking Whale - Widgie the Walking Whale
  20. Heresy Of The Free Spirit: A Prayer For Light - A Prayer For Light
  21. whales: various whale sounds - Deep Voices
  22. Ringo Death Starr: Two Girls - Ringo Death Starr
  23. Patrick O'Hagan: The lark in the clear air - Dear Little Shamrock
  24. Loga Ramin Torkian: Gavan - Mehraab
  25. The Budos Band: Golden Dunes - III
  26. Koji Kondo: Menu Selection - The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker
  27. Shinobu Tanaka: Menu - Luigi's Mansion OST
  28. Nintendo: Title Screen - Animal Crossing GC OST
  29. Birdsongs of the Mesozoic: (Excerpts from) The Rite of Spring - Dawn of the Cycads
  30. Adelaide: games without end - Adelaide
  31. Kodaly Quartet: String Quartet No. 1 in G Minor Op. 10, Tré modéré - Debussy-Ravel String Quartets
  32. Chorus of the Opera House, Rome: The Humming Chorus - Highlights from Madama Butterfly
  33. Tiny Tim: I Saw Mr. Presley Tip-Toeing Through The Tulips - I Love Me
  34. Thee Michelle Gun Elephant: West Cabaret Drive - Gear Blues
  35. Einstürzende Neubauten: Ich bin's - Strategies Against Architecture II
  36. DJ Shadow: Artifact - The Outsider
  37. The Black: Green Leaves - Sun In The Day Moon At Night
  38. Randy Grief: Octobus Robot - War of the Worlds
  39. Anders Osborn: Had My Reasons - Living Room
  40. Earth Wind And Fire: Moonwalk - Electric Universe
Livin' in the Jungle:
  1. Camus and Russian Chorus: Despite the hater calling in, this was my favorite part of the set. I thought it was absolutely gorgeous. Also, it reminds me that I need to check the new music LP section more often.
  2. Rite of Spring: I've been meaning to play this for a few months, but I keep forgetting until it's too late. I really loved this version of Rite of Spring, and I'm gonna go back and see if there are any more rock versions of classical songs from these guys. 
  3. Earth Wind and Fire: Soul saves the day once again. 
Dyin' in the Jungle:
  1. Green Leaves: There's no way to stop this from happening, because really it's just an accident, but sometimes it happens that you're playing a song on one CD deck, and you want to play around and find another song on another deck, but you get confused which is which and then you STOP the song from the deck you're actually playing. Oops. 
  2. Looped tracks: So I'll let you in on a secret...sometimes if I'm not sure if I can find a long enough track to layer with my voice while I read announcements, I'll play a looping track from my computer. I did this 3 times in a row while I was announcing today. I'm not sure if this is good, but I do like playing video game music for you all!
  3. Mudhole song: Hm it was a little hokey for me, but I guess that's the point, right? Hahaha.
Leave suggestions and comments!

Monday, January 9, 2012


Dear Listeners,

I have loved every minute of doing freeform from 3-6am on Sunday mornings. That said, it is a hard gig. Getting up/staying up that early is very hard to do, and does weird things to my body. Thankfully, now is the time that WCBN changes slot times, and I think I have a particularly good one. My new time is...





We got a badass over here

You will still be able to stay up late listening to me, but now you'll actually be able to go to bed (and so will I). I will still be updating my blog regularly, and I will still be posting every single one of my shows for your listening enjoyment. 

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Subshow #12 - 1/2/12

Right Click/Ctrl-Click to Download Subshow #12 Here

Hi again.

Despite feeling rather ill, I'm really glad that I picked up this show for Noah H2O, because I had a blast. Not only did I feel great about the variety of music that I selected, but the piece of layering that I did with "We Are The Strange" was unlike anything I have ever done before, but hopefully something that I can do again.

I've been trying to break down the experience of what I'm going to call the "We Are The Strange" layering, and this is what I've come up with: I've been to anxious. Not always, but usually when I layer, I try to time things perfectly, and create enough variety in the layering materials so that each element comes through clearly. This layering was totally different though. I impulsively used this movie, because it was something I wanted to watch, and something that I thought would sound really cool on the radio. I chose the various sound effects because I thought they were creepy and weird. I chose the "Exoricism Ritual" and tabla tracks kind of for the same reason. There was less thinking involved, but created a much clearer vision of what I wanted because I had the same essential idea: I want to make this sound creepy/weird/cool. I could have said, "I chose canine heart sounds because it creates more space in the overall soundscape, which allows room for the movie music and aircraft carrier sounds to bleed through, without overwhelming it." This is true, but that was not the exact thought that came to my mind at the time. It pains me a bit to say it, but it was much less intellectual, and much more instinctual.

Also, I had a listener call in at the end of the night, and he had listened to THE ENTIRE set. I was amazed, and totally humbled by how awesome WCBN listeners are. As a DJ, I'm never really sure if anyone's listening, but over time I've become completely comfortable speaking to myself over the radio, because I have a lot of faith that AT LEAST one person is listening to me. I'm not alone. I'm never alone when I'm in the radio station.
[Artist: Song - Album]
  1. Sage Francis: I Was Zero - LI(F)E
  2. Frog Pocket: Carac Cyls - Gonglot
  3. Polysics: Making Sense - Neu
  4. Yildrim Gürses: Ayrilik Mektubu - Hossadâ
  5. Jerry Lee Lewis: What's Made Milwaukee Famous (Has Made A Loser Out Of Me) - Milestones
  6. Jamiroquai: Too Young To Die - Emergency On Planet Earth
  7. Lilian Terry and Dizzy Gillespie: A Night in Tunisia - Oo-Shoo-Be-Doo-Be
  8. Rabbit Joint Cover: The Legend of Zelda - unknown
  9. Los De Abajo: Los Lunáticos - LDA v. The Lunatics
  10. Rasputina: Transylvanian Concubine (Yes Sir, Mr. Sir Mix (Club Mix)) - Transylvanian Regurgitations
  11. Xeno & Oaklander: Toho Picture - Sentinelle
  12. Xeno & Oaklander: Nuit - Sentinelle
  13. YMCK: Magical 8bit Tour - Family Tour
  14. Pierce Pettis: Depending on Gravity - Making Light Of It
  15. The Gaslight Singers: Every Night - Gaslight Singers
  16. Nuclear Powered Aircraft Carrier Sound: Various Sound Effects - Nuclear Powered Aircraft Carrier Effects
  17. Movie: We Are The Strange
  18. Fast Domino: Blue Monday - Fast Domino Swings
  19. Canine Heart Sounds: Various Sound Effects - Canine Heart Sounds
  20. Yeshe Dorje Rinpoche: Shedur: A Ghost Exorcism Ritual - Tibetan Buddhism
  21. Ustad Nizamuddin Khan: Vilambit - Ustad Nizamuddin Khan, tabla
  22. Lexxus: Get Wid It - Mr. Lex
  23. White Zombie: Thunder Kiss '65 - Night Crawlers: The KMFDM Remixes
  24. LCD Soundsystem: Tired - LCD Soundsystem
  25. Outkast feat. Sleepy Brown & Scar: Peaches - Idlewild
  26. Karol Stoch: Spiew Juhasa [Song of the Young Shepherd] - Fire In The Mountains vol. 1
  27. Bio Ritmo: La Mano Arriba - Salsa Galactica
  28. The Danse Society: Seduction - Demos Vol. 1
  29. Michael Liggins & the Super Souls: Loaded To The Gills - Eccentric Soul 011
  30. Early Music Quartet, Munich: Bruck: Aus tiefer not - Sacred Songs and Instrumental Music of Luther's Time
  31. Zeroed: Superb Dementia (Toper Mix) - Zero Zero
  32. The Foxglove Hunt: Love My Way - Stop Heartbeat
  33. DJ Icey: Galaxo (Edit) - Galaxy of Breaks
  34. Paris Combo: Trois Petits Points - Attraction
  35. Mega-Mousse: L'Arge Perdu - Musical Monogram
  36. Soweto Gospel Choir: Thina Simnqobile - Voices From Heaven
  37. Rob Curto: Feira de Mangaio - Forro' For All
  38. Danny Cohen: The Desert - Museum of Danny
  39. Serge Gainsbourg: Baudelaire - Love And The Beat 1
We Are The Best:
  1. We Are the Strange: This was the best idea I've ever had. And truthfully, part of it came out of me being sick and wanting a break from running around the station. 
  2. Sage Francis: I'm not sure why I wanted to start the show off like this, but I'm glad that I did. It put me a good place, and started the show differently than how I normally do (whatever that is).
  3. YMCK: I forgot about this band until I was browsing my Grooveshark favorited tracks! Probably some of the most upbeat chiptunes you'll ever hear.
We Are The Strange:
  1. Xenoxeno: I didn't mean to play another track of Xeno & Oaklander. Not that I don't love them, but I just missed fading out the first song before the second song came on. 
  2. Sneezing: Unavoidable, but really annoying. Sorry about that guys. 
I can't wait for you to listen to this. I would also love to know what you think! Shoot me a comment or an e-mail if you have some time!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Radiozilla #2 - 1/1/12


That's Zilla for "HEY I LOVE YOU HAPPY NEW YEAR!" 

This set seemed really tight to me. I really liked what I was playing, the transitions were good, and I felt like I was constantly busy doing something, which is good for an hour show. Something I realized about myself while DJing Radiozilla is that as far as an hour show is concerned, I never want to play anything that's too downbeat. Almost all of these tracks are upbeat, or at least have some sort of pulse underneath. I almost played some avant-garde Japanese stuff (you know, no beat, no key, etc.) but I just couldn't do it.

It's always a funny balance of playing my personal library and the WCBN library. For the most part I try to play as much WCBN music as possible, since everything's so good here, but when it comes to specialty shows, a large part of me starts to scream, "Hey! Listen to this! Isn't this cool! I have cool music too!" Especially with Japanese music this is true, because I used to listen to it a lot, so I have all these bands floating in my head that we just don't have in the library. Because of how tight the set turned out, I'm inclined to think that I made a good decision today, but it's something that I want to be careful not to get comfortable with.

Also, here's the translation for Onaji yoru, if you're interested. Romaji, Kanji, and English are all there. 

[Artist: Song - Album]
  1. Plastics: Robot - Plastics
  2. Polysics: Walky Talky - Now is the time!
  3. Yoshida Brothers: Morricone - III
  4. Fantastic Plastic Machine: Bon Voyage + L'aventure Fantastique - The Fantastic Plastic Machine
  5. TM Revolution: MID-NITE WARRIORS - triple joker
  6. Lab Life: World Wide Love Song - Japan Not For Sale vol. 2
  7. Shiina Ringo: Onaji yoru - Muzai Moratorium
  8. Suppa Micro Pamchopp: Maimerodii - Obake
  9. Yohihito Yano, Saki Kabata: Lonely Rolling Star - Katamari Damacy OST
  10. Akiko Yano: Soredakede Ureshii (That's All It Takes) - Piano Nightly
  11. Makoto Kawamoto: 1/2 - Rurouni Kenshin: The Best Theme Collection
  12. Uzume Taiko: Chirashi - Chirashi
  13. Yoko Kanno & The Seatbelts: Ask DNA - Cowboy Bebop OST
  14. Dog Hair Dressers: Orange Juice - Japan For Sale
  15. Junichi Masuda: The Road to Cerulean from Mt. Moon - Pokemon OST
  16. Nobuo Uematsu, Junya Nakano, Masashi Hamauzu: Chocobo Jam - Final Fantasy X OST
Japan For Sale:
  1. Pokemon: What better way to start the New Year than with some motivation video game music? No way, that's what.
  2. Plastics: This is one of the few Japanese rock LPs in the library I think, so I'm happy to play it for you. I really like it actually, so maybe I'll play it on my freeform show sometime.
  3. Shiina Ringo: This song is near and dear to my heart, and I'm very happy to share it with you. It tends to break hearts, so watch out. 
Japan Not For Sale:
  1. Too much from comp?: I'm not sure about this, but I played quite a few from my personal library, which I don't normally do. It's not that I didn't have enough CDs--I had more than enough, believe you me--but I really wanted to share some of these tracks with you for this show. Nevertheless, I'm wondering whether it was a good thing. What do you think?
Thanks for listening to the New Year's Marathon, brought to you by Freestailo, Inc. We hope to be serving you in the near future. 

Subshow #11 - 1/1/12

Right Click/Ctrl-Click to Download Subshow #11 Here
Willkommen, Leute! Ich habe classische Musik gespielt. Ich hoffe es klingt gut für euch. 

I thought that it would be a simple matter to put classical music together for a 3-hour show, but oddly enough, it wasn't. Despite being a classical music major, and despite being able to play music easily in freeform style, classical music seemed to elude me this day. It was an interesting challenge, and one that I hope to repeat in the future. It requires such a great knowledge of classical music to do a show like this, and I really respect Peter for doing it every week, and I think that WCBN is truly lucky to have someone like him with us. 

I played a lot of opera, a lot of choral works, and a lot of lieder on this show, and I'm not sorry. I'm glad that I could share it with you, and I really hope that you enjoy it, because this is the music that I love. 

[Artist: Song - Album]
  1. Robert Shaw: O Fortuna - Orff: Carmina Burana
  2. Boston Baroque: Music for the Royal Fireworks, HWV 351 - Handel: Music for the Royal Fireworks and Water Music
  3. Manuel Cardoso: Lamentations for Maundy Thursday: Feria Quinta in Coena Domini: Lectio II - Masterpieces of Portuguese Polyphony vol. 2
  4. London Symphony Orchestra: Tchaikovsky: The Nutcracker Overture - The Nutcracker, op. 71
  5. The New York Electric String Ensemble: Purcell: Presto from a Sonata in D Major - Tapestry
  6. David Russel: Sonata in C Major, K. 501 - Plays Baroque Music
  7. Sarah Connolly: Korngold: Fünf Lieder, Op. 38, Glückwunsch - Sonnett Für Wien
  8. Philadelphia Orchestra: Tchaikovsky: "Waltz" from Act I of Sleeping Beauty, Op. 66 - Russian Music & Revolution
  9. Kodály Quartet: Haydn: Quartet No. 34 in B Flat Major, Op. 33, No. 4, Allegro moderato - "Russian Quartets" Op. 33, Nos. 3, 4 and 6
  10. Joyce DiDonato: Things Change, Jo - Adamo: Little Women
  11. Houston Grand Opera: Socks! - Adamo: Little Women
  12. Rudolf Kempe: Grossmachtige Prinzessin - Ariadne auf Naxos
  13. Leopold Stokowski and the London Symphony Orchestra: Bach: Ein' Feste Burg - Stokowsky Conducts Bach
  14. The Dartington Piano Trio: Clara Schumann: Piano Trio in G Minor, Op. 17, Allegro - Fanny Mendelssohn and Clara Schumann Piano Trios
  15. Michel Legrand: 2nd mvt Sonatine Bureaucratique, 3éme Gymnopedie, and Caresse - Erik Satie
  16. Coeur des Moines de L'Abbaye Saint-Benoit-Du-Lac: Orgue: Verset Sur L'Hymne "Iste Confessor" etc. - Chant grégorien: Messe de Saint Martin
  17. Ruth Ziesak: Mignon (Kennst du das Land), D321 - Schubert: Goethe Lieder, vol. 2
  18. Der Hamburger Sinfonien: Symphony No. 1 in D - C.P.E. Bach: English Chamber Orchestra
  19. L.A. Philharmonic: IV. Von der Schönheit - Mahler: Das Lied Von Der Erde
  20. Kiri Te Kanawa, Anne Sophie von Otter, Barbara Hendricks: Ist ein Traum, kann nicht wirklich sein... - Strauss: Der Rosenkavalier
  21. Palatinate Philharmonic Orchestra: Kyrie - Beethoven: Missa Solemnis
  22. Houston Grand Opera: Kennst du das Land and Do you know the land? - Adamo: Little Women
  23. Orchestra of the Metropolitan Opera: La Forza del Destino Overture - Verdi: Ballet Music and Overtures
  24. The Tallis Scholars: Sancte Deus - Tallis: Spem in alium
  25. Otto Klemperer: Overture to 'The Abduction from the Seraglio' - Mozart Overtures
  26. Pro Cantione Antiqua: Dufay: Motetten - Motetten
  27. NBC Symphony Orchestra conducted by Toscanini: Poncielli: La Gioconda: Act III; Dance of the Hours - Toscanini Plays Your Favorites
  28. Jeanne Lamon: Vivaldi: Sinfonia for strings in G major - Scarlatti, Vivaldi, Avison
  1. Rainer Maria Rilke: Someday I will read something other than Rainer Maria Rilke, but this was a request from one of my favorite listeners, and I'm so glad that I stuck with it. Later in the night I had an older German man call in--I think he said he was a professor in the German department here at the university--and said that he was brushing his teeth and absolutely loved hearing the poetry I read so early in the morning!
  2. Der Rosenkavalier: This is a great recording of the final scene/trio, with three really amazing singers. I'm so happy to be able to play it for you, and I highly suggest that you look up the opera to watch sometime. 
  3. Nutcracker Suite: I love this. I don't care if you've heard it a million times this holiday season. I'm not sorry I played it again.
Non Fortuna: 
  1. Too much Little Women: Ugggh sorry about that. I really didn't realize I had played so much Little Women until I got to the last Little Women track I played. I will be more conscientious of that in the future.
  2. Silence between tracks: Right at the beginning I played Handel's Royal Fireworks, but it was on a CD, and the space between tracks was just too much. In the future I will check how much space is in between tracks, or try to cover it up with some layering. 
  3. Checking sets of tracks: So apparently on some classical CDs, they will list a piece, and then something like "1-3" which I have now learned means "tracks 1-3 are this piece." But before I realized that, I played the 2nd movement of Sonatine Bureaucratique. 
  4. EDIT: Facebook sounds! It's no secret to my friends that I will chat on Facebook about what I'm playing, and take requests the same way, but this time I forgot to close Facebook before I played a song off of the computer! Oops. 
Thanks for listening to my all classical show, and I hope that you get to hear another classical show in the future!

Happy New Year! - Freestailo #17 - 1/1/12


Click on this picture. It moves.
This is the beginning of a long night for me, and I had a lot of fun spending the beginning of the New Year with you. Like I said over and over again on the show: I can't think of a better way to spend my year than doing the radio thing, and playing music for all of you. They say that what you do on New Year's is what you'll do the rest of the year, and I hope that's true, because that means that I'll be spending a lot more time with you via the airwaves.

Another great way to spend New Year's is with friends, and I'm lucky enough that one of my roommates and one of my good friends came to the station with me to help me pick out music and stay with me a bit. I also was welcomed by three other DJs in the studio when I arrived to the station after my friend's New Year's party. Thus the Beatles song I played first. 

Another thing: I dressed up for y'all. Do you realize that? I was decked OUT, kids. Dress, heels, make-up...the works. Came straight from a New Year's party to DJ for you. Because I love you. 


[Artist: Song - Album]
  1. The Beatles: With A Little Help From My Friends - St. Peppers Lonely Hearts Band
  2. The Sportsmen Quartet: Red Rose Rag - Barber Shop Harmony
  3. Yeah Yeah Yeahs: Zero - It's Blitz!
  4. Andrew Bird: Don't Be Scared - Weather Systems
  5. Celestial Navigations: Arranger V - Chapter V
  6. Soweto Gospel Choir: Kae Le Kae - Grace
  7. Regina Spektor: Bobbing for Apples - Grace
  8. Calexico: Rota - Garden Ruin
  9. M. Ward: Transfiguration #1 - Transfiguration of Vincent
  10. Zooey Deschanel and Joseph Gordon-Levitt: What Are You Doing New Year's Eve - YouTube
  11. Nintendo: New Year's, Not At Party - Animal Crossing GC OST
  12. Chirgilchin: Borannadyr Solo - The Wolf And The Kid
  13. Bootsy Collins: Is That My Song? - Ultrawave
  14. Legowelt: 2002 - Disco Nouveau
  15. Animal Collective: Lion in a Coma - Merriweather Post Pavilion
  16. Vampire Weekend: Oxford Comma - Vampire Weekend
  17. Ella Fitzgerald: Mack The Knife - Ella in Berlin
  18. Noel Coward: Rise Rapture, Rise - Bioshock OST
  19. Bad Indians: The Path Home - Bad Indians
  20. Science Fiction Dance Party: Just Walking on the Moon - Dance With Action
  21. Irony of Fate/Enjoy Your Bath - movie
  22. Dino Saluzzi: Introducción y Milonga del Ausente - Cité de la Musique
  23. Billie Holiday: Yesterdays - The Voice of Jazz vol. 2
  24. Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong: The Nearness of You - Ella and Louis
  25. Skins: Episode 6 - Skins Season 3
  26. Noah Greenberg: Spanish Music of the Renaissance - Spanish Music of the Renaissance
  27. Kraftwerk: Electric Cafe - Electric Cafe
  28. Neko Case: Wayfaring Stranger - The Tigers Have Spoken
  29. Ike and Tina Turner: Am I A Fool In Love - Ike & Tina Turner Revue
  30. Norah Jones: Don't Miss You At All - Feels Like Home
  31. Yo La Tengo: Winter A-Go-Go - Summer Sun
  32. Pär Grindvik: Casio - Death Is Nothing To Fear 1
  33. Nintendo: Evolution - Pokemon OST
  34. Kittycraft: How Long Can This Go On? - Catskills
  35. Masloboevs: Holidays - Russian Folksongs in the Key of Rhythm
  36. Fleet Foxes: Meadowlarks - Fleet Foxes
  37. Dakha Brakha: Divka-Marusechka - Na Mezhi
  38. Miss Kitten & The Hacker: Walking In The Sunshine - First Album
  39. Anamanaguchi: Leave The Past Behind - Scott Pilgrim vs. the World: The Game OST
  40. MV & EE with the Golden Road: The Burden - Gettin' Gone
  41. Mammatus: Dragon of the Deep Part One - Mammatus
  42. Radiohead: House of Cards - In Rainbows
  43. Koji Kondo: Moon's Destruction - Majora's Mask
  44. The Red Krayola: The Green Sun - Japan In Paris In L.A.
  45. The Supremes: There's No Stopping Us Now - The Supremes Sing Holland-Dozier-Holland
  46. Amon Tobin: Piece of Paper - Isam
  47. Minikon: Milk - Minikon
  48. Tegan and Sara: Someday - Sainthood
At The Party:
  1. Regina Spektor: It's always a pleasure playing Regina Spektor, but I try to restrain myself so that I don't overplay her. 'Bobbing for Apples' is the perfect New Year's song, in my opinion. I don't know why. 
  2. Interludes: I like that I used smaller interludes at various times. Wow, that's kind of vague. Specifically, I like the "Moon's Destruction," "Evolution," and Bioshock interludes that I used. I think it added a bit of momentum to the show, and kept me entertained. 
  3. Marathon Time: This is part one of my New Year's Marathon, and I think it's pretty good for a long night, right? 
Not At The Party: 
  1. Skins Mess: Wow, so I really didn't mean to play the beginning of the episode of Skins. I meant to find the perfect scene right in the middle to play for you to make a beautiful layering experience. For some reason though, it didn't register with me that when I started to play Skins, Irony of Fate would stop playing. Derp de derp. 
  2. Transitions: Just a bit off I think. Nothing horrible, but not perfect. 
  3. Just a bit off...: I can't explain it, but I feel like I just wasn't TOTALLY on my game. I made little flub ups that aren't really worth listing here. 
Stay tuned for part two of my New Year's Marathon Extravaganza AKA Heidi DJs for 6-straight-hours yaaaaay!