Thursday, February 16, 2012

WCBN Fundraiser!

Hi friends.

This week, until Feb. 19th, you can do something very special. We're having our annual fundraiser at WCBN, and we're trying to reach a goal of $40,000 dollars to keep us playing the best freeform around for another year. This fundraiser is literally the only way that we raise money for the station, and it's simply to maintain our functions for another year: repairs, equipment replacement, new music (when it's not donated to us), and this year specifically for an extension on our radio-wave coverage. No one here gets paid except for the manager and chief engineer (who are only part-time), and everyone else here volunteers. Every DJ is here because they love radio, they love music, and they love sharing that music with all of you.

At this very moment, we've raised $19,814.40, and the numbers keep going up, but we only have a few more days to reach our goal. Even if you can only give a couple of bucks, we appreciate every dime. And if you want to do yourself a favor, you can also check out the awesome premia that some of my fellow DJs made, and use the online form to donate. The most fun and interesting way to donate though is to call (734) 763-3500, where you can talk to one of the lovely DJs here who are donating even MORE of their time to take your pledges. 

If you're curious about WCBN, and about the DJs that devote their time to this magical wonderland, check out this documentary. Fun fact: yours truly is in this documentary around the 5:30 mark. 

I love you, I love WCBN, I love radio, and long live freeform. 

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