Saturday, February 25, 2012

This week at Freestailo Inc.

The University of Michigan is on spring break, which means that the majority of our student DJs at WCBN peace out and the rest of the DJs have to/get to sign up for a bunch of shows during the week. I alone have picked up 4 extra slots already, on top of my regular Wednesday slot.

Here are the times to listen in (February 25-February 29):
Saturday (today): 5-7pm
Sunday: 1-2pm (Latin show)
Tuesday: 4-5:30pm
Wednesday: 2-4:30pm

As you can see, most of these shows are pure freeform goodness, save for the Sunday Latin show, which I am SO EXCITED for. I've been wanting to do the Latin show for awhile, but that slot isn't given up very often.

And remember, if you have a request for me to play, post in the comments, post on Facebook, call me, text me, whatever. I will definitely have room to play it in the next week.

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