Sunday, March 25, 2012

Freestailo #26 - 3/7/12

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It has been so long! I missed you!

Sorry for the lack of an update for probably...two weeks? It's been pretty crazy. I was in an opera, I've been memorizing a ton of music for my recital, and as much as I wanted to update, I couldn't justify taking the time away from my other things.

I had an interesting progression through this show, and I'd like to know what you think of it. The most interesting point of the show for me was when I got a call from a listener asking to play my "favorite song in the entire world." It was a hard choice, but I went with the "Intermezzo" from Cavalleria Rusticana by Pietro Mascagni. It's a pretty famous piece, and you've probably heard it in a movie or in a commercial or something. I originally heard it from Rurouni Kenshin in the scene when Kenshin and Kaoru say goodbye at the beginning of the Kyoto Arc, which is visually a stunning thing to watch as well.

I also decided to play "Pavlov's Daughter" by Regina Spektor later in the show, because that was my second choice at the moment.

Besides those things, I don't have much to say...on to the playlist!

[Artist: Song - Album]
  1. Dizzy Gillespie: Synthetic Blues - Featuring Dizzy Gillespie
  2. Ray Charles: What's I Say? - Live
  3. The Last Poets: Black and Strong (Homesick) - Black and Strong (Homesick)
  4. Soloman Burke: It Makes No Difference - Make Do With What You Got
  5. DJ Diamond: Torture Rack - Flight Muzik
  6. Be Your Own Pet: Fire Department - Summer Sensation
  7. Buddy Holly: Maybe Baby - The Buddy Holly Story
  8. Vieux Drop: Sutu Kun - Via Jo
  9. Vita Noctis: On A Day Like This - Against The Rule
  10. Dick Hyman and His Trio: Love For Sale - Dick Hyman and His Trio
  11. The Cardigans: Carnival - Life
  12. Empire Brass Quintet and Friends: Anon. CA 1500: Gloria - The Glory of Gabrieli
  13. Pietro Mascagni: Intermezzo - Cavalleria Rusticana
  14. Schumacher: Am Standesamt - Der Ratschkathl vom Diktualienmarkt
  15. Him: The Focus - The Focus/Changes
  16. Noam Chomsky: Lecture On Academic and Intellectual Freedom - 14th Annual University of Michigan Senate's
  17. Viva Quetzal: Saya Mestiza - Children of the Sun
  18. Regina Spektor: Pavlov's Daughter - 11:11
  19. Cyril Pahinui: Moani Ke 'Ala - 6 & 12 String Slack Key
  20. Knut: The will to please - Knut
  21. John Mayall: God Save The Queen - The Diary Of A Band
  22. Messageros Killers Boys: Pieces du Sommeil - Le trésor des îles chiennes
  23. DJ Olive: Chicken Crawl - Bodega
  24. Eels: After The Earthquake - Tomorrow Morning
  25. Warda: Ya Khsara! (What A Pity!) - Lebanon/Algeria
  26. Bruno Mars: Just The Way You Are - YouTube
  27. Alias & Tarsier: Cub - Brookland/Oaklyn
  28. Betty White: Delicious Dish (Dusty Muffin Sketch) - SNL
  29. Nord-Sud: Dagen Gryr - Fragments de routes
  30. Matthew Dear: Street Song - Headcage EP
Delicious dish:
  1. Betty White: I've been wanting to play this on the radio for a long time, and I'm really happy I finally remembered while I was DJing for once! The first time I heard this skit I knew that it needed to be played on the radio, because that's what makes the skit funny: that if there were no visuals this would sound like a pile of lesbians. 
  2. Requests: Thanks for calling in, always. 
  3. The Cardigans: Um wow. So, I thought I'd listened to the cardigans before, but apparently I hadn't, because I'm in love. 
Disgusting dish:
  1. Very little direction: I had no real purpose during this show. There doesn't always need to be, but it felt like it was floating on the surface of something really good, you know? 
  2. ...: I really can't think of anything guys. I'm actually pretty happy with the show. Not overjoyed, but I can't really find any specific flaws except perhaps a lack of excitement on my part. 
Until next time. Adieu. 

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Freestailo #25 - 2/29/12 - Video Game Special!

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Itsa me! Freestailooooooo!

How I imagined my listeners during this show
This was a very special show for me, and something I've been thinking about doing for awhile. I've had moments in my show when I play video game music, such as the Super Mario RPG segment, and the Pokemon segment, but I've been telling myself that a show entirely made of video game music would be the best show ever. And I was right.

How I imagined myself during this show
The best thing by far about this show was that I've never gotten so many calls/messages into the station during one set in my life. I can't tell you how excited I was. Reverend Andrew was e-mailing me and IMing me with videos like this that I unfortunately didn't get to play, I got numerous requests besides those, including The Minibosses, Counter Cosby, Final Fantasy VIII, and Ken Griffey Jr. Baseball. This is what I live for, so thanks for fueling my fire. The highlight of this is when I got a call from a gamer who was SO EXCITED that I knew what the Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon game was, and that I played a song from it.

I would also love to hear your thoughts about games that I should have played from but didn't. The ones that immediately came to mind were: World of Warcraft, Donkey Kong, (more) Star Fox, and Sonic the Hedgehog. I realized after scouring the station for video game soundtracks, that we have only TWO: Super Mario 64, and Final Fantasy X. That's kind of tragic guys. I want to fix that so that all you can have the possibility of quality video game music over the airwaves at all times. And by the way listeners: what WOULD you want to have in the station? Shoot me some suggestions and I will do my best to get them in the station.

How I actually was during this show
Something I also wanted to mention is how good it felt to talk on the radio again. Perhaps I've been getting lazy or insecure about talking on the radio lately, but with this I had no problems. I still need to work on the flow of speech, but that's something that will come with more practice, methinks. Another question for you though: what kind of things would you want me to talk about? Would you want me to tell you stories? More video game nostalgia? Poetry?

A little thing I want to say to Nintendo: Thank you for existing. Without you, I would have had a much shittier childhood, and I definitely wouldn't be the person I am today.

Now. On to this epic playlist Why not curl up with your old brick Gameboy and take a listen?

EDIT: Also, I got a message from a friend giving me a correction to a comment I made on "Luigi's Mansion." It was NOT the first game Luigi starred in, because that honor goes to "Mario Is Missing" for the SNES, which I played as a kid and completely forgot about, so shame on me. 
[Artist: Song - Album/Game]
  1. Nintendo: Nintendo ID - Animal Crossing GC
  2. Koji Kondo: Title Theme - Super Mario 64
  3. Yuka Tsujiyoko: A Party at Peach's Castle - Paper Mario
  4. Yuka Tsujiyoko: Dry Dry Desert Trek - Paper Mario
  5. Garry Schyman: Get Out Of My Head - Bioshock Ultimate OST
  6. Sp0ntanius: Song of Healing on Wine Glasses - Majora's Mask
  7. Yu Miyake: Sasasan Katamari - Katamari Damacy Soundtrack
  8. FreddeGedde: Wind Waker Unplugged - YouTube
  9. Kenta Nagata, Hajime Wakai, Toru Minegishi, Koji Kondo: Wind Waker
    1. Inside the Pirate Ship
    2. Reunion With Sister
    3. Windfall Island
  10. Koji Kondo: Gerudo Valley - The Legend of Zelda 25th Anniversary Special Orchestra CD
  11. Koji Kondo: Opening - Majora's Mask
  12. Koji Kondo: Clock Tower - Majora's Mask
  13. Link's Awakening Commercial - YouTube
  14. Shinobu Tanaka: Luigi's Mansion
    1. Gameboy Horror Theme
    2. Mansion (Exterior)
    3. Mansion (Luigi Humming Medium Health)
    4. Talking With Ghosts
    5. Observatory
  15. PoopPoopFart: Legend of Zelda (Overworld) - YouTube
  16. LimblessAvenger: Zelda Overworld (vocal) - Newgrounds
  17. Ikuko Noguchi: GAIA [Main Theme (F.F.I)] - Final Fantasy Vocal Collections 2
  18. Nobuo Uematsu: Battle Theme (Don't Be Afraid) - Final Fantasy VIII
  19. jmerk800: Zelda Hardcore - Newgrounds
  20. The Minibosses: Castlevania - YouTube
  21. seargenthippo: Dire Dire Pokemon - Newgrounds
  22. Shigeru Araki, Yusuke Kato, Saiko Miki, Yasumasa Kitagawa: Intro - Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon
  23. Various: Star Fox 64/Corneria - Nintendo 64 OSTs
  24. Shigeru Araki, Yusuke Kato, Saiko Miki, Yasumasa Kitagawa: Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon
    1. Summon Impact
    2. Gorgeous My Stage
  25. Nobuo Uematsu: Zanarkand - Final Fantasy X
  26. Koji Kondo: Zora's Domain - Ocarina of Time
  27. SNES: World Series Game 1 - Ken Griffey Jr. Presents Major League Baseball OST
  28. Junichi Masuda, Go Ichinose: Pokemon Silver
    1. Intro
    2. Surf
  29. Junichi Masuda: Pokemon Mansion - Pokemon Red
  30. Grant Kirkhope: Banjo Kazooie Intro - Banjo-Kazooie
  31. Sugimori Masakazu: Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney
    1. Phoenix Wright ~ Objection! 2001
    2. Damon Gant ~ Swimming, anyone?
  32. Junichi Masuda: Jigglypuff's Song - Pokemon Red
  33. Yu Miyake: WANDA WANDA - Katamari Damacy Soundtrack
  34. Anthony70099: Lady Gaga (Judas) - Mario Paint Composer
  35. Mario Galaxy Orchestra: Honeybee Kingdom - Super Mario Galaxy
  36. Various Artists: Star Fox Victory Theme - Super Smash Bros. Brawl
  37. Yoko Shimomura, Koji Kondo, Nobuo Uematsu: Super Pipe House - Super Mario RPG
  38. Ashly and Anthony Burch: Cookies! - Hey Ash Whatcha' Playing?
  39. JFrosty: My Mario Record Is Melting - Newgrounds
  40. Junichi Masuda: Palette Town Theme - Pokemon Red
  41. Nobuo Uematsu: Prelude / / Risa Ohki - Final Fantasy Vocal Collections vol. 1
  42. Kazumi Totaka: Animal Crossing GC
    1. What Do You Think, Yes!
    2. Sorry, That Just Isn't My Bag
    3. Traveling Train Trip
  43. Various Artists: Hidden Village [Twilight Princess] - Super Smash Bros. Brawl
  44. Nintendo: Twilight Princess Symphonic Movement - The Legend of Zelda 25th Anniversary Special Orchestra CD
  1. So many requests!: I can say with no exaggeration that I got more calls for comments and requests during this show than any other show I've done. It really motivated me to keep going, and gave me inspiration to pick from new games. 
  2. Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon: This is one of my absolutely favorite games in the world, and after I played the intro theme to it, I got a call from a guy who was so excited that someone else had even PLAYED this game. 
  3. Mix of games: Although I definitely could have branched out to other games, I feel very satisfied with the variety of games that I used. 
Poison Mushrooms:
  1. DJ not showing up: This wouldn't have affected too much of my set, but truthfully, I was done DJing after I played the last Animal Crossing track. The others were to fill time, although I still enjoyed playing them for you. 
  2. Transitions in general: As I was trying to adjust to the reality of only being able to use CDs, my laptop, and the studio computer, I realized I had dramatically gone from 9 modes of play, to 3. This meant that I had to balance what I played from medium to medium, which is harder than it sounds. At first I set my iTunes to fade into the next song automatically, but I realized with the Katamari Damacy track that was a very bad idea. Although I eventually got more used to how to transition between only 3 mediums (and largely 2), there were still a few wonky moments. I think most of what I had to learn was that I needed a bit quicker hand, and precise timing. 
  3. HAWP: Although I love the Burchs, I should have picked a less visual, and more aural video, because, although I was thoroughly entertained by the thought of Ashly Burch eating puppies and peptobismal, you couldn't see any of it. This is why sometimes I wish radio had video...but not television. That's a topic for another day. 
  4. Less ummmmms: Although I'm happy with the amount of talking I did throughout the show, upon listening I was a little annoyed with the amount of "um"s and "uh"s I heard, so I'm sure you were annoyed as well. I will work on that and try to speak in complete sentences. 
Give me comments! I want your feedback! And if you want to know where I got any of the music you heard today, just drop me a line and I'll point you in the right direction.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Subshow #15 - 2/29/12

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I'm only 55 years old! Weeee!
Happy Leap Year and Happy Birthday Gioachino Rossini, folks!

I knew I wanted to start this set off right when I heard that it was Rossini's birthday, because he is a composer near and dear to my heart. I've sung a lot of his music, I've watched a lot of his operas, and I think that if he were alive, we might be able to have a beer together pretty easily. Maybe that's my classical fangirl side coming out though. I was very happy to play so much Rossini, and especially to find the Bugs Bunny clip online. I also got a call requesting The Thieving Magpie (La gazza ladra) from a listener, which I wouldn't have found on the "A Clockwork Orange" soundtrack. So thanks!

Janelle Monae as a robot. NBD.
The second major part of my show was space themed, but not for any reason, and definitely not intentionally. I think it started with Rare Air, and was broken up by Doctor Zhivago and Nicolai Gedda, and continued until the end, which really makes up about half my show. And I would date to call the mini Russian set "Zhivago in Space," simply to keep the theme in tact. While I was slowly realizing the monster I had created with the space theme, I started to get a few calls into the station. One request for Mose Allison, and another request for Blackalicious. If I hadn't gotten that extra push to keep the theme going, I think I might have given up. After I got those requests, something stirred inside me, and I not only wanted to keep finding space/chemistry themed songs/artist, but it was almost a compulsion. If I didn't find something, I would have failed myself.

I forgot how long 2.5 hours is for some reason. The last time I did a 3-hour show is when I had my 3-6am slot last semester. Since then I've pretty much only done 1-2 hour slots. It's amazing what an extra 30 minutes can do for your creativity. One to the playlist, and I hope you enjoy it! Perhaps you should buy a cup of coffee and sit down with a comic before you listen. Take a few hours off. 

[Artist: Song - Album]
  1. Toscanini and the NBC Symphony Orchestra: Barber of Seville Overture - Rossini Overtures
  2. Milan Symphony Orchestra: Dunque io son! - Rossini: The Barber of Seville
  3. Various: What's Opera, Doc? - That's All Folks!
  4. Rossini: The Thieving Magpie (Abridge) - A Clockwork Orange
  5. Various: Bugs Bunny Barber of Seville - YouTube
  6. New York Philharmonic: Quartet (Andante) - Rossini: Stabat Mater
  7. Final Fantasy: This Lamb Sells Condos - He Poos Clouds
  8. Ella Fitzgerald: A Foggy Day - Jazz at the Philharmonic
  9. Gnawa Bambara: Sasadi Manayou - Mallem Abdenbi El Gadari
  10. Múm: I little bit, sometimes - Go Go Smear The Poison Ivy
  11. Aretha Franklin: Don't Play That Song - Live At Fillmore West
  12. Cheapshot: Ieyasu - zOMG!!
  13. Chico Mann: Guárdalo (El Silencio) - Analog Drift
  14. Harry Belafonte: Scarlet Ribbons (For Her Hair) - Harry Belafonte
  15. Bhai Gaitonde: Drut Laya - Bhai Gaitonde (tabla)
  16. Märtini Brös: The Biggest Fan - Primavera Sound 2003
  17. EAS TEST
  18. Dream Warriors: Man Smart, Woman Smarter - Buffy The Vampire Slayer Movie OST
  19. Rare Air: C'est Fou, C'est Toi, C'est Tout - Space Piper
  20. Maurice Jarre: At The Hospital - Doctor Zhivago OST
  21. Nicolai Gedda: Grey Foggy Morning - Evening Bells & Other Russian Folk Songs
  22. Maurice Jarre: Lara Is Charming - Doctor Zhivago OST
  23. The Bucketheads: Time And Space - All In The Mind
  24. Press: Over The Moon - The Fine Art of a White Label
  25. Barret Clark: (side 1) - Introduction to Atomic Energy and Outer Space
  26. Fushitsusha: (track 1) - DBL Live vol. 1
  27. Cyclob: we never said goodbye - Music System vol. 1
  28. Mose Allison: Your Molecular Structure - The Best of Mose Allison
  29. Polysics: Ceolakanth Is Android - Now is the time!
  30. Blackalicious: Chemical Calesthenics - Blazing Arrow
  31. The Cambodian Space Project: Wait 10 Months More - 2011: A Space Odyssey
  32. Starscream: Space Party Anthem - Future, and It Doesn't Work
  33. DJ Food: All Covered In Darkness - The Search Engine
  34. John Williams: Across the Stars - Stars Wars Episode II Attack of the Clones Soundtrack Special
  35. Janelle Monae: Violet Stars Happy Hunting!!! - Metropolis: The Chase Suite
  36. Science Fiction Dance Party: Monster on Saturn I - Dance With Action
  1. Rossini: I was talking to another DJ, and we both agreed that at a non-freeform station, playing the same artist 5 songs in a row would not be allowed, but because we're WCBN, we can celebrate Rossini's birthday properly.
  2. Ella: Because I had just come in from the fog, I really enjoyed playing "A Foggy Day," and I hope it made the fog a bit more romantic for someone. 
  3. Atomic Energy layering: Within the space theme, this was definitely my favorite moment. I loved layering just a couple of simple things and letting it play out. It's rare that I get a voice-only track to layer with music, and this was a piece of gold. 
  1. Kill da Wabbit: I really didn't want to play this track. I meant to play the Barber of Seville Bugs Bunny track, but apparently that wasn't on the CD. Womp womp.
  2. EAS TEST: Not that I can do anything about it, but I hope it doesn't bother you too much.
  3. Not enough Star Wars: I should have played this whole effing CD when I found it. It's so good.
Live long and prosper, listeners. 

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Subshow #14 - 2/27/12

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Guess who took another subshow slot?! Heheheh. HehehEHehehehehEHEHEHE. HEHEHEHHEHEHEHEHEHEH!

I also went recording shopping recently, which is where about a third of today's set comes from. It was interesting to bring in my own records from home, which is something I've seen other DJs do. I've on occasion brought a single record with me, but this time I literally brought 5 or 6, almost on compulsion, because I wanted you all to hear my new jams.

The Tchaikovsky especially was fun to play for me, since it gave me a lot of warm fuzzy memories about freshman year when I was in the chorus for "Eugene Onegin" when the University put it on. It's one of my top 5 favorite operas, and something I highly suggest if you don't get into opera that much.

Pretty straight-forward set, so I'll just let you listen to it. 

[Artist: Song - Album]
  1. Leonard Berstein & New York Philharmonic: Tchaikovsky: Polonaise from Eugene Onegin, Op. 24 - Great Performances
  2. Rhythm Heritage: Dance The Night Away - Last Night On Earth
  3. Trip Scope: Korrosion - Trip Scope
  4. P-Rine & Yungin': She Be Gettin' Money - She Be Gettin' Money
  5. USSR Russian Chorus: Do Not Sew Me A Wedding Sarafan, Mother - The White Birch Tree & Other Russian Songs
  6. Patato: Descarga en Faux - The Legend of Cuban Percussion
  7. Hail Social: Warning Sign - Warning Sign
  8. KC and the Sunshine Band: Come To My Island - KC and the Sunshine Band
  9. LCD Soundsystem: North American Scum - LCD Soundsystem
  10. Venus Cures All: Satan Be Gone - Rock Is The Best
  11. Fred Frith: O wie schön ist Panama! - Gravity
  12. Georges Brassens: Je m'suis fait tout petit - Le Meilleur de la Chanson Française
  13. Elie Attieh: Inta omri - Bellylicious
  14. Secret Twins: Native (loop) - Ill Fit
  15. Charles Bradley: Why Is It So Hard? - No Time For Dreaming
  16. Celestial Navigations: Letters From The Revolution-Dear Mollie - The Connection
  17. Buck Clayton: Night Train - Songs for Swingers
  18. Arctic Monkeys: Crying Lightning - Humbug
  19. Mary Lou Williams: Miss D.D. - Black Christ of the Andes
  20. Various: Rubber Television - Night Recordings from Bali
  21. New Klezmer Trio: Hot and Cold - Masks and Faces
  1. Secret Twins: I don't grab from the new section often, but when I do I'm always really pleased, and this happens to be a local selection as well! Might be grabbing this again soon in the future. 
  2. Rhythm Heritage: I think I'm obsessed. I knew I hit gold, but now I'm in for the win. 
  3. Arctic Monkeys: I'm a big fan of the Arctic Monkeys, and I was pretty pleased when I found our collection of CDs in the library, especially because there's more than one album I don't have. 
  1. Come To My Island: While I was running around the station I got a message from Brian Tomsic saying how horrible the KC and the Sunshine Band song was, and I think I agree. It's pretty dreadful.
  2. Announcements: Not that I'm perfect at reading the concert/events information, but today was pretty bad. Sorry about that. Maybe I should talk slower. And not ramble so much. 
  3. Lazy Transitions: Nothing to do here. 
Thanks for reading/listening/whatevering! Keep doing that!