Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Subshow #13 - 2/25/12

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Right before spring break started there were a few emergency posts on the sub board, and one of them was the locally famous Robot Pasta slot. As I was telling my special guest in the studio, I love subbing this slot, because my creative flow seems to really push itself. In a similar way to how the 3-6am slot can really get the midnight juices flowing, so does this slot for me. 

I'm really happy with how things went, and I found a lot of good albums in the process. The best part was a major point of layering about 3/4 of the way through. Sometimes I really fail at layering, but this time I think I've figured out how to really go about it:
  1. Pick from different genres
  2. Preview all songs
  3. Make sure rhythmic schemes are conducive
  4. IMPORTANT: Make sure all have space
This last one is more important than all of the other steps, and this is why: space allows you to hear every component of the layering. I've been trying for awhile to figure out the key to layering, and each time I make this my main goal, I generally succeed. Not all music can be layered (or rather, not all music SHOULD be layered), but with the right music, many things are possible.

But anyway, let's get to the list.

[Artist: Song - Album]
  1. Eartha Kitt: I'm An Old Fashioned Girl - Thursday's Child
  2. The Fantastic Pikes: Ghostriders In The Sky - The Synthesizer Sound Machine
  3. Tiny Tim w/Brave Combo: Hey Jude - Girl
  4. Matmos: Z.O.C.K. - The Civil War
  5. Fats Domino: Jambalaya - Cookin' With Fats
  6. Paul Crossley: La cathèdrale engloutie - Debussy: Complete Works for Solo Piano
  7. Alexander Illitch Eppler: Russian Merriment - Barinya
  8. Grupo Fantasma: Sacatelo Bailando - El Existential
  9. Gender Wayang Pemarwan: Sekar Gendotan - The Mahabharata
  10. Cornelius: Gum - Sensuous
  11. Tom Waits: Such A Scream - Bone Machine
  12. Elizabeth Cotten: Freight Train - Classic Railroad Songs
  13. Loketo: Malou - Extra Ball
  14. Coin: The park - Architects of Character
  15. The Chiffons: One Fine Day - Wonder Women
  16. Thomas Cartwright and the Boys: Watermelon Is Spoilin' On The Vine - The Bahamas Islands of Song
  17. Roy Eldridge: Honeysuckle Rose - Sweets, Lips & Lots of Jazz
  18. Poi Dog Pondering: Sandra At The Beach - Mixx On The Fly
  19. Mohamed Mounir: Aalli saotak - Arabesque
  20. 400 Blows: The Man Who Danced Himself To Death - Sickness & Health
  21. Frank Sinatra: I Could Have Danced All Night - Live in Australia, 1959
  22. The Chemical Brothers: Snow - Further
  23. Omar and the Howlers: Pushin' Fire - Courts of Lulu
  24. Ghazal: Snowy Mountains - As Night Falls On The Silk Road
  25. The Kovenant: The Dark Conquest - In Times Before The Light
  26. Cassie Franklin: Lady Margret - Cold Mountain Soundtrack
  27. Smokey Robinson and The Miracles: Tears of a Clown - 1957-1972
  28. Vincenzo Culotta: Lady Gaga Fugue - YouTube
  29. Moon-A-Tiks: Did You Ever See A Moon-A-Tik? - Meet The Moon-A-Tiks
  30. Louis Prima and His New Orleans Gang: In A Little Gypsy Tearoom - Little Club Jazz
  31. Gomer Pyle: If You Want Me To - Gomer Pyle U.S.M.C.
  32. The Shaggs: My Pal Foot Foot - The Shaggs
  33. Einstürzende Neubauten: Tische - Faustmusik
  34. Kohwi: Reeling The Warmth & Weekroot - Hidden Trees
  1. The Fantastic Pikes: I knew that this album was going to be good when I saw a woman in a plastic ball pit on the cover in classic '80s electronic style. 
  2. Coin: Wow, I think I might be in love. Too bad you can't marry chiptune albums in this state yet. 
  3. Epic Layering: Ghazal + Kovenant + Cassie Franklin = Possibly the longest amount of cacophony I've put on the air. I wasn't sure if the Cassie Franklin was going to mix well, but I'm glad I ended up mixing it. The three sounds were just different enough to not collide too much. 
  1. Gomer Pyle: This was so bad it was almost good...almost. 
  2. Cutting off Gaga: As much as I love the Moon-A-Tiks, I didn't mean to start playing them in the middle of the Gaga fugue.
Stay tuned for more show updates!

Surprise Radiozilla #3 - 2/26/12

Right Click/Ctrl-Click to Download Radiozilla #3 Here

Minekawa-san with a cat
 Konnichiwa, minna-san! Today's Radiozilla is brought to you by...*drumroll*...a surprise no-show DJ after the Latin show! Luckily, I really like Radiozilla, and I really like WCBN, and I'm on spring break, so I was happy to stay.

Miyavi-san with a cat
Honestly, I didn't feel great about this show, purely because I wasn't prepared to actually DJ this show. I usually come to the station about 15-30 minutes before I do a show so that I can pick out music, and accumulate a nice pile of CDs/LPs so that I don't have to run around the station a lot. Unfortunately, that's exactly what I was doing this time. For a freeform show it's pretty easy to operate like that, because I have the freedom to literally grab whatever I want. But with an all-Japanese show, I must grab Japanese music. Here's the trick: there's no Japanese section. I need to literally scan all of the sections to find Japanese artists, or go from the Japanese artists that I know. I had a little bit of help from a special guest in the station, but I still felt a bit stressed. I hope that didn't come across.

Although this show isn't cat themed, I hope you like these pictures of two amazing artists which you will hear in this set with some cats (fake and real ones), and this other picture of a cat meme!

[Artist: Song - Album]
  1. Kodó: Strobe's Nanafushi (Satori Mix) - Sai-So
  2. Miyavi: Are You Ready To Love? - Miyaviuta (Dokuso)
  3. Takako Minekawa: Sleep Song (Remixed by portastic) - Recubed EP
  4. Cibo Matto: Working For Vacation - Stereo Type A
  5. Puffy: Circuit No Musume - Japan Not For Sale vol. 2
  6. Sachiko: Tokyo Song - Fork in the Road/Tokyo Song
  7. Kahimi Karie: Lolitapop Dollhouse - Kahimi Karie
  8. Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso U.F.O - Pink Lady Lemonade (I Want To Drink You) - Live in Occident
  9. Cornelius: The Micro Disneycal World Tour - Fantasma
  10. Tujiko Noriko: Kiminotameni - From Tokyo To Naiagara
  11. Supercar: White Surf style 5. - Japan For Sale
  12. Yoko Kanno: Pokketto O Karani - Escaflowne Over the Sky
  13. High Rise: Mainliner - Live
DJs who show up for their shows:
  1. Last-minute sub award: 'nuff said. 
  2. High Rise: Always a pleasure. I always try to keep them in the back of my mind during Radiozilla, because we have like 5 albums of their stuff. 
DJs who forget their shows and don't apologize:
  1. Sub-par picks: Apart from the tracks that my special guest picked out, I felt like my own tracks were a bit below the bar that I aim for Radiozilla. I like upbeat tracks contrasted with pretty acoustic tracks, but it felt really all over the place today.
Sorry, not much to say for such a short show. Still hope you enjoy it!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Latin Show #1 - 2/26/12

Right Click/Ctrl-Click to Download Latin Show #1 Here

Hola, amigos! I subbed the Latin show today!

I've been wanting to get on this show for a long time, but it just never happened. This is exactly why: it was third on my preferences for specialty shows. Now, I know what you're thinking, "Well, Heidi. You can't really expect to be on the Latin show if it's your THIRD preference." But here's the thing, my other specialty shows I rotate are "What It Is" and "Radiozilla," which I both really enjoy. I simply HAD to put a third preference. Really, in a perfect world, I would be on ALL the specialty shows. Also, incidentally, it was my half-birthday this day. So happy half-birthday to me.

Astor Piazzolla: Si, feliz cumpleaños, Heidi. 
That aside, I had a lot of fun DJing this set, and hopefully it'll give you a little something to dance to while you do dishes, which is what I'm going to do.

[Artist: Song - Album]
  1. Bio Ritmo: Muchacho - Biónico
  2. Grupo Exploracion: Congo Timba - Drum Jam
  3. Gotan Project: Arrabal - Lunático
  4. Astor Piazzolla: Butcher's Death - The Rough Dancer and the Cyclical Night
  5. Tito Puente: El Timbalon - Un Poco Loco
  6. Roberto Poveda: Libertad - Son Electrico
  7. Los Van Van: Recaditos No - Songo
  8. Nova Lima: Libertá - Coba Coba
  9. Michel Portal & Richard Galliano: Libertango - Concerts
  10. Urubamba: Heart of the Inca King - Urubamba
  11. Claudia Gomez: Mi Gustaría Cantar - Tierradentro
  12. Grupo Fantasma: Calor - El Existential
  13. Los Calchakis: La Rosa Y La Espina - Indian Flutes, Harps and Guitars
  14. Tonino Caratone: Amar y Vivar - Latin Alternative Music Conference 2001
  15. Adalberto Alvarez & María José Santiago: La Primavera - Flamenco Son
  16. Sukay: Carneval Del Colibrí - Tutayay
Me gusta:
  1. Astor Piazzolla: This LP was one of the most interesting things I've seen in a long time. On the cover it had a man licking a woman's armpit while they were dancing, and it was all in red. A lot of these songs had super interesting names too. And the whole thing was really damn good.
  2. Tema de la libertad: I didn't specifically mean to, but I played a lot of songs with some form of "libertad" in the title. I also think it's funny that a lot of Latin music has that as a theme. Anyone know why? I'm really asking.
No me gusta:
  1. Failure to find Spanish promos/PSAs: The first legal ID I played was in Spanish, but after that I completely failed to find them, which was something I really wanted to keep the mood of the show in tact. 
  2. Too short: I need more of this in my life.
Thanks for listening! Let me know if you like my version of the Latin show, and if you want to hear me do the Latin show again! 

Monday, February 27, 2012

Freestailo #24 - 2/22/12

Right Click/Ctrl-Click to Download Freestailo #24 Here

Greetings, androids! I had an extra special time at the station this show, because I was accompanied by Cameron and James for a good portion of the evening! My favorite moment of the entire evening was when Cameron played Pokémon Red on my GBA SP, while James, Cameron, and I all made Pokémon noises overtop of it, and then I back-announced.

I want to repeat that many, many times. It also gave the idea to do a completely video game themed show, but this time I'm not half-joking: I want to play all video game music for 2-hours straight. This feeling was heightened while I was walking in the snow today listening to The Legend of Zelda 25th Anniversary CD that my friend lent to me.

Another major portion of this show was brought to you by steampunk music, such as Pepe Deluxé, Abney Park, and a cover of the Howl's Moving Castle theme by Sungha Jung. Steampunk music is something that I've been wanting to explore for awhile, since I have a pretty invested interest in the steampunk aesthetic.

For your viewing pleasure, here is an album trailer released by Pepe Deluxé:

[Artist: Song - Album]
  1. Kraftwerk: Expo2000 Underground Resistance Mix - Expo Remix
  2. Shirley Brown: Woman To Woman - Top of the Stax
  3. Radiohead: Weird Fishes/Arpeggi - In Rainbows
  4. Malefaction: Old Gods, New Blasphemies - Where There Is Power There Is Always Resistance
  5. Sergei Kvitko: Dracula - Dracula
  6. Disney: Various sound effects - Chilling, Thrilling Sounds of The Haunted House
  7. Django Reinhardt: Clair de Lune & Lentement Mademoiselle - L'inoubliable
  8. Hot Troche: Dry Ice - Yopaakuyu With Me
  9. Billie Holiday: East Of The Sun (West Of The Moon) - The Unique Billie Holiday
  10. Harv: Direktör Deg - Polka Raggioso
  11. Maureen Forrester: Crude furie - Maureen Forrester sings Handel Arias From Rodelina/Xerxes
  12. 400 Blows: The Biggest Hit Yet - Angel's Trumpets and Devil's Trombones
  13. The New Orleans Klezmer Allstars: Mr. 9 O'Clock - Fresh Out The Past
  14. Elvis Presley: Paralyzed - Elvis
  15. Dead Kennedys: Chicken Farm - Frankenchrist
  16. Dinah Washington: You've Got Me Crying Again - For Lonely Lovers
  17. Abana Ba Nasery: Abakambi - Nursery Boys Go Ahead
  18. Mahjong: jamdek - machinegong EP
  19. Eyvind Kang: Inquisito - Athlantis
  20. Cryptacize: Stop Watch - Dig That Treasure
  21. Johnny Otis: Jonella and Jack - The New Johnny Otis Show
  22. Forward, Russia!: Spring Is A Condition - Life Processes
  23. Hovercraft: Wire Trace - Experiment Below
  24. Thomas Kugler: Overture - Lilith The Rock Opera
  25. Pepe Deluxé: In The Cave - Queen of the Wave
  26. Sunha Jung: Howl's Moving Castle Theme - YouTube
  27. Pepe Deluxé: A Night and A Day - Queen of the Wave
  28. Justus Köhncke: Was Ist Musik? - Was Ist Musik?
  29. Al Hirt: Java - Horns of Plenty
  30. Abney Park: Victorian Vigilante - The End of Days
  31. The Forty Fives: Drive All Night - Get It Together
Das ist musik:
  1. Pokémon: This is one of the best ideas I've ever had. I wish I had done it for a bit longer even. I also wish I would have used my Gameboy Color so I could utilize the headphone jack, but I'm pleased as punch to have video game music on my show anytime. 
  2. Pepe Deluxé: Thanks to Cameron, I found what will probably be one of my favorite CDs in the library very soon. 
  3. Crude furie: Not only did I get to play one of my favorite Handel arias for you all, but it was a recording by Maureen Forrester, and having the ability to play that at triple speed is why I'm at WCBN.
Was ist musik?:
  1. Haunted house layering: Not that this layering wasn't good in its own right, but as a dear listener pointed out, it sounded a lot like another layering that I have done in the past, and sounds a lot like a LOT of layerings I have done in the past, because, well...I really like scary sounds, horror movies, etc. 
  2. Lilith The Rock Opera: I really don't know what I was thinking. The only thing that saved it is that I layered it but...never again.
  3. Hot Troche: This...was not the appropriate music to layer with concert listings. 
Thanks for listening! Keep doing your listening thang!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

This week at Freestailo Inc.

The University of Michigan is on spring break, which means that the majority of our student DJs at WCBN peace out and the rest of the DJs have to/get to sign up for a bunch of shows during the week. I alone have picked up 4 extra slots already, on top of my regular Wednesday slot.

Here are the times to listen in (February 25-February 29):
Saturday (today): 5-7pm
Sunday: 1-2pm (Latin show)
Tuesday: 4-5:30pm
Wednesday: 2-4:30pm

As you can see, most of these shows are pure freeform goodness, save for the Sunday Latin show, which I am SO EXCITED for. I've been wanting to do the Latin show for awhile, but that slot isn't given up very often.

And remember, if you have a request for me to play, post in the comments, post on Facebook, call me, text me, whatever. I will definitely have room to play it in the next week.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Freestailo #23 - 1/15/12

Right Click/Ctrl-Click to Download Freestailo #23 Here

Did you know that there are albino zebras?! I guess I knew that pretty much any animal could be albino, but ZEBRAS! They look either totally white, or they have a white body and slightly darker stripes. There are also melanistic zebras, who have greyish bodies and very dark stripes. Then there are half-melanistic and half-albanistic zebras! How cool is that?! And there are spotted zebras too! And did you know that black panthers are melanistic jaguars? They are! You can Google it!

Half melanistic, half albanistic zebra

Albino zebra and normal zebra

Melanistic zebra (I think it looks a bit like a hyena...

It's that time of week again, where I play music for you and you listen to it (or maybe you don't).

This week has been WCBN's annual fundraiser (as also evidenced by the many blog posts regarding the matter). I didn't really do anything special for my show, except making a Facebook event saying that I would sing if I got $400 total, or a single donation of $150. Guess how much I got, listeners? *drumroll* $10. WOOOO! Thank you, whoever you were. I love you.

For this show I had a bunch of requests, actually. My friends Austin and Leah requested At the Drive-In and Regina Spektor, respectfully, and I had a caller ask for "the grossest, most awful album you can find in the station." So thanks guys!

I'll let you get to the playlist.

[Artist: Song - Album]
  1. Ladysmith Black Mambazo: Akasekh' Engimzondayo - liph' iqiniso
  2. Juanecoy Su Combo: Caballito Nocturno - Masters of Chicha
  3. Spain: Ten Nights - Blue Moods of Spain
  4. Edith Piaf: T'es beau tu sais - The Best of Edith Piaf
  5. Railroad Sounds: Various Steam and Diesel Sounds - The Sounds of a Vanishing Era
  6. Trayer: WEHAV EENTE REDAH OLYPA TTERN - One Over Zero
  7. Choralschola Der Wiener Hofburgkapelle: In Nativitate Domini ad MIssam in vigilia - Gregorianischer Choral
  8. Yeshe Dojre Rinpoche: Shedur: A Ghost Exorcism Ritual - Tibetan Buddhism
  9. Fats Waller: Black Raspberry Jam - The Complete Fats Waller
  10. Regina Spektor: Chemo Limo - Soviet Kitsch
  11. Apollo: Hungry Eyes - Apollo
  12. Naftule's Dream: Gnossiene #1 - Job
  13. At The Drive-In: Pickpocket - This Station Is Non-Operational
  14. Binali Selman: Bayburt Halayi - David Zurna Ile Oyun Ilavalari
  15. Bhai Gaitonde: Tintal - Bhai Gaitonde (tabla)
  16. Malcolm Bilson: Sonata in F Major - Haydn Keyboard Sonatas
  17. Beverly Gemigniani: Dancin' Grannies VHS - Dancin' Grannies Mature Fitness Beginners
  18. 3rd Eye Foundation: Urchin Snuffed Candles - i poo poo on your juju
  19. Daniel Johnston: Tears, Stupid Tears - 1990
  20. Nordisk Sang: Sylfest Mork - Nordisk Sang
  21. Kin Ping Meh: Fairy Tales - Kin Ping Meh
  22. John and Phillis Miller: various tracks - The Rainbow Express, A Serious-Fun Musical About God's Promise To Noah...And Us!
  23. Escape Mechanism: Being - Escape Mechanism
  24. Electribe: Talking With Myself (Opium Mix) - Talking With Myself
  25. Mara!: Little Duke Arthur's Nurse - Images
  26. DJ Soul Slinger: Brian Job - Don't Believe
  27. Nectromonitron: Invading Assassin Is Dead - Necrominitron
  28. The Nighthawks: Born In Chicago - Jacks & Kings "Full House"
  29. Aaron Dilloway: Eight Cut Scars - Modern Jester
This Station is Operational:
  1. Request for the worst album: Thank you glorious anonymous listener. I owe the entire Rainbow Express layering with Escape Mechanism. Some of it didn't mesh, but in the best sense of chaos. 
  2. Chant Layering: This was a very good idea. Two different chants at the same time. Yum. 
  3. Naftule's Dream: I really liked their cover of Debussy's Gnossiene #1, and there were even a couple more Debussy covers on the album! Bravo!
This Station is Non-Operational:
  1. Mess of layering at the end: Honestly, I didn't really feel very good about the ending layering with Electribe, and Mara!. It all felt a bit forced to me, but what can you do. 
  2. Aaron Dilloway: I'm sure this album is good, but not good to end a set on. Good for layering maybe...but I just put it at the wrong time I guess. 
  3. Not too much talking: I really need to start incorporating more talking into my show again, because frankly I miss talking to you guys, and I think at least a few of you miss listening to me, right? RIGHT?!
Thanks again! Keep listening!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

WCBN 40th Anniversary Booklet

I have something really special to show all of you, and I think it deserves its own separate post, apartment from the WCBN Fundraiser post I wrote just today. A few people here at the station put together a packet of the last 40 years of WCBN, with news articles, advertisements, posters, etc. Just a bit of nostalgia for you. A bit of the past to see where we've been, to show us what we can do for the future of WCBN. 

You can find it hosted here on the same server I host my shows: 

Can you find WCBN? 

WCBN Fundraiser!

Hi friends.

This week, until Feb. 19th, you can do something very special. We're having our annual fundraiser at WCBN, and we're trying to reach a goal of $40,000 dollars to keep us playing the best freeform around for another year. This fundraiser is literally the only way that we raise money for the station, and it's simply to maintain our functions for another year: repairs, equipment replacement, new music (when it's not donated to us), and this year specifically for an extension on our radio-wave coverage. No one here gets paid except for the manager and chief engineer (who are only part-time), and everyone else here volunteers. Every DJ is here because they love radio, they love music, and they love sharing that music with all of you.

At this very moment, we've raised $19,814.40, and the numbers keep going up, but we only have a few more days to reach our goal. Even if you can only give a couple of bucks, we appreciate every dime. And if you want to do yourself a favor, you can also check out the awesome premia that some of my fellow DJs made, and use the online form to donate. The most fun and interesting way to donate though is to call (734) 763-3500, where you can talk to one of the lovely DJs here who are donating even MORE of their time to take your pledges. 

If you're curious about WCBN, and about the DJs that devote their time to this magical wonderland, check out this documentary. Fun fact: yours truly is in this documentary around the 5:30 mark. 

I love you, I love WCBN, I love radio, and long live freeform. 

Monday, February 13, 2012

Freestailo #22 - 2/8/12

Right Click/Ctrl-Click to Download Freestailo #22 Here

One of my favorite things about my new 11pm-1am Wednesday slot is that I have the chance to chat with some of the other DJs, rather than the inevitability of being alone from 3-6am. And during fundraiser, there's the cozy comfort that you will never be alone in the studio, because someone will always be answering the phone to take pledges. And tonight I had the pleasure to be accompanied by our co-development director James.

Clara Rockmore, rocking a theremin
You will hear various tropical rain forest sounds layered with a lot of songs, and I quite literally screamed when I realized how good this layering was going to be. It took me a second to realize that the bird sounds were not part of the track, because it was so well timed, and the tempo of the two tracks integrated so well with each other. And then later with the Michel Wintsch song, everything felt very natural while I was listening, which is ultimately what I like to achieve. Something feasible, but pushing the limits. These moments are what I do freeform for, and why radio stations like WCBN need more credit.

The best moment of the entire set, without a doubt, is the Isao Tomita and Before Sunrise layering, which goes in my Top 3 Moments of my own layering history. If you follow my Facebook page, I posted the actual YouTube clip. I regret nothing about this, but if you're interested to hear some of the dialogue from Before Sunrise that you might have missed because of the layered theremin, you can watch the clip here.

[Artist: Song - Album]
  1. High Rise: Ikon - Live
  2. The Brooklyn Funk Essentials: You Don't Know Nothing - In The BuzzBag
  3. Tulku: Journey of the Warrior Original Mix - Journey of the Warrior
  4. American Museum of Natural History: various sounds - Sounds of a Tropical Rain Forest in America
  5. Elsa Lanchester: Lola's Saucepan - Bawdy Cockney Songs (on 45rpm)
  6. Michel Wintsch and Crew: Link - Identity
  7. Xiu Xiu: Hello From Eau Claire - The Air Force
  8. Sexteto Habanero: Coralia - The Roots of Salsa Vol. 2
  9. New York Phil and Leonard Berstein: Salome's Dance - Leonard Bernstein Conducts Richard Strauss 
  10. Joshua Gabriel: RebelForTheNewMillenium I - Movement No. II
  11. Pete Handy: Snow Deer Rag - Honky Tonk Piano
  12. Zeni Geva: Dead Sun Rising - Live in Amerika
  13. Scarlet: No One's Getting Out Alive - Cult Classic
  14. The Five Satins: In The Still of the Nite - Best of Doo-Wop Ballads
  15. Billie Holiday: Prelude To A Kiss - Billie Holiday SIngs
  16. DJ Wally: Ridiculous Sound - Genetic Flaw
  17. Boneheads: Shake That Demon out - Donkey
  18. Space Streakings: Youngman II - 7-Toku
  19. Clara Rockmore: The Swan - Gravikords Whirlies & Pyrophones
  20. Brave Old World: Moskowitz Meets Beckerman - Klezmer Music
  21. Man or Astroman?: Many Pieces of Large Fuzzy Mammals Gathered Together At A Rave and Schmoozing With A Brick - A Spectrum of Infinite Scale
  22. Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra: Johann Strauss: Wiener Bonbons Waltz - Viennese Bon-Bons
  23. Isao Tomita: Debussy: Claire de Lune - YouTube
  24. Before Sunrise Scene
  25. Jedi Mind Tricks: Speech Cobras - Violent By Design
  26. Peabo Bryson: Minute By Minute - Paradise
  27. Guitar Wolf: Fire Ball Red - UFO Romantics
You Know Everything:
  1. Itao Tomita + Before Sunrise: This layering was practically orgasmic, and listening back later was like eating a slice of pie made in radio heaven. I'm going to thank James specifically because he is the one who sent me this clip.
  2. Rain Forest Sounds layering: 
  3. High Rise: UGH. It's been awhile since I really got into some loud, noisy, garage rock, and James had the perfect cure for that. Not only that, but a perfect start to my show. 
You Don't Know Nothing:
  1. Bawdy Cockney on 45rpm: I really need to check the RPM before I play pretty much anything on any of the turntables. I have no idea when I will stop doing this.
  2. Man or Astroman?: Not that I disliked this, but the title of this song almost caused me to make a rage comic based on my frustration.
  3. More risks: I think I need to go for more layering and crazy stuff on my show. What do you think?
Thanks for listening guys. It really means a lot. 

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Freestailo #21 - 2/2/12

Right Click/Ctrl-Click to Download Freestailo #21 Here

I finally got around to listening to this show, and I'm actually very happy with it. Although the beginning was pretty different from how I usually start a set (with a bang/with a Bootsy), as I was walking through the snow to get to my car, I felt oddly comforted by it. After giving it a listen, it's a good wintery mix of things.

Although I didn't have too many layering moments, I felt very solid about what I did do. The V for Vendetta layering and the Robert Frost layering I felt really good about. I do wish that I had slowed down my speech for the V for Vendetta quote. I think I did so about half way through, but I started a bit too fast, as my normal speaking voice is. The best moment was absolutely after I finished the speech and started to layer the 1812 Overture with Oumou Sangare, because for a majority of it, they were in the SAME TEMPO. Moments like this are why I'm a DJ. And then the fennesz after that while the cannons were going off?!  Now that I think about it, this was a damn good layering folks.

EDIT: You know what, I've been listening to this set, and I think I like it more listening to it than I did actually DJing it, which is pretty rare for me. I didn't fully get to appreciate the music I was actually playing, so thank Zeus for the WCBN archiving system.

I also have a question for you all: do you enjoy my variety? I really mean it. Do you enjoy that I throw in dashes of metal after long sets of Tchaikovsky? Do you find chiptunes pleasant to the ear?

Either way crew, a jolly good set. Enjoy!

[Artist: Song - Album]
  1. Fourcolor: Iris (Familiar) (featuring Moskitoo) - As Pleat
  2. Panda Bear: IM           NOT - Person Pitch
  3. Nelson Riveros: It's All Right With Me - Camina Al Barrio
  4. The Bar-Kays: Feelin' Alright - Money Talks
  5. Shaky Jake Harris: Sawed Off Harris - The Devil's Harmonica
  6. James Brown: There It Is, Pt. 1 - The Godfather of Soul
  7. Tori Amos: Precious Things - Tales Of A Librarian
  8. Bela Fleck and the Flecktones: Hoe Down - Outbound
  9. Tøyen: In space - Did You Bring Me On National Television...
  10. Mazhar/Fuat/Özkan: Vak the Rock - Vak the Rock
  11. Redman: Boodah Break - Doc's Da Name 2000
  12. The Appleseed Collective: Honeybones - Baby To Beast
  13. Beirut: Port of Call - Live at WFUV
  14. Radio Zumbido: 8 hermanos - Los últimos días del AM
  15. The Real Tuesday Weld: (I Always Kill) The Things I Love - The Last Werewolf Soundtrack
  16. The Cossacks of Volga: Kalinka - The Cossacks of the Volga Sing
  17. Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra: "1812" Overture, Op. 49 - Tchaikovsky: 1812
  18. Oumou Sangare: Djama Kaissoumou - Moussolou
  19. fennesz: Menthol - Field Recordings 1995-2002
  20. High On Fire: Waste of Tiamat - Death Is This Communion
  21. Brad Mehldau Trio: Anything Goes - Anything Goes
  22. Robert Frost: The Witch of Coos - Robert Frost Reads His Poetry
  23. Peter Case: It Don't Matter What People Say - Six-Pack of Love
  24. Tosca: Amalienbad - Opera
  25. Lair of the Minotaur: Hades Unleashed - War Metal Battle Master
  26. Komeda: Flabbergast - What Makes It Go?
  27. Led Er Est: CC Exit - Dust_On_Common
Anything Goes:
  1. 1812 epic layering: I already gushed about this. I'm super happy about this. 
  2. Robert Frost: I'm very pleased with this LP that I found in the spoken word section. I will file that information away for future shows.
  3. High On Fire: I don't think I have enough metal in my life, especially because I actually really enjoy metal, and really enjoy Jack's University of Metal show as well. This song in particular was a nice mix for the set, methinks. 
Nothing Goes:
  1. Slow start: The beginning of this show felt a little sluggish to me, probably because I started out with some ambient electronica...and then played more ambient electronica. Womp womp. 
  2. Tori Amos: Sorry Tori, but you kind of let me down. Apart from having a really killer title like "Tales of a Librarian," you kind of let me down.
  3. Port The Call: I got this as a request from a friend, but I couldn't find a good recording of it except a YouTube clip of a live recording at another radio station. Still a good song, but I think I failed the challenge of finding this song in a purer form. 
Thanks for listening and keep doing your thing, listeners!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

What It Is #2 - 1/20/12

Right Click/Ctrl-Click to Download What It Is #2 Here

What is up, listeners? I've been jammin' in the studio with some good ol' soul jams.

This show is one that I FORGOT TO POST for all of you, and I am SO SORRY. I posted the 6 O'Clock Shadow hour that I did that day, but not this one. Some exciting things happened on this episode of What It Is, including having a special guest, my very good friend Sarah, in the studio taking some documentary photography while I did my thang.

I really have nothing else to say, so let's get to it!

[Artist: Song - Album]
  1. The Bar-Kays: Let's Have Some Fun - Flying High On Your Love
  2. Bootsy Collins: 1st One 2 The Egg Wins (The Human Race) - What's Bootsy Doin'?
  3. Charles Bradley: In You (I Found A Love) - No Time For Dreaming
  4. Goldenrod: Death of Concept of Future - Painting for Prophets
  5. Ginuwine: Pony (album version) - Pony
  6. The Fifth Dimension: We Could Fly - Star Dancing
  7. Al Green: I'd Fly Away - Full of Fire
  8. Marvin Gaye: Right On - What's Going On?
  9. Maze: The Look In Your Eyes - Joy And Pain
  10. Nino Moschella: Are You For Real - The Fix
  11. Janelle Monae: Many Moons - Metropolis: The Chase
  12. Microphone Mathematics: Quasimoto - Peanut Butter Wolf's Jukebox 45's
  13. Musiq: Stoplayin - Juslisen
  14. The Dell-Vikings: Whispering Bells - Doo Wop Uptempo
  15. Earth Wind and Fire: Electric Nation - Electric Universe
  16. Charles Earland: Cornbread - Coming To You Live
  17. Diana Ross and the Supremes: How Long Has That Evening Train Been Gone - Love Child
  18. Roy Davis Jr.: Take A Ride - Water For Thirsty Children
  19. Andre Williams: Hear Ya Dance - Can You Deal With It?
  20. The Bucketheads: The Bomb! [These Sounds Fall Into My Mind] - All In The Mind
  21. The Mackrosoft: Enclavia de Labia - Journey to Vaginus
  22. Bautista: Elena - The Heat of the Wind
  23. George Clinton: He Dance Funky - Our Gang Funky
  24. Reminiscence Quartet: batucada de carioca pt. 2 - Psychodelico
  25. Aretha Franklin: Don't Say You're Sorry Again - After Hours
  26. Chaka Khan: Tell Me Something Good (Live) - Epiphany
  27. Tyrone Davis: Can't Help But Say - I Can't Go On This Way
  28. Jimmy Thomas: Feelin' Good - Ike and Tina Turner Revue
Feelin' Good:
  1. Balance: I really like the balance of the different kinds of soul music I played this time. Sometimes I tend to lean one way or the other, but I pretty much hit everything this time.
  2. The Bar-Kays: Always a good way to start a set. Second only to Bootsy.
Feelin' Bad:
Keep listening! Leave comments with suggestions!