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Freestailo #21 - 2/2/12

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I finally got around to listening to this show, and I'm actually very happy with it. Although the beginning was pretty different from how I usually start a set (with a bang/with a Bootsy), as I was walking through the snow to get to my car, I felt oddly comforted by it. After giving it a listen, it's a good wintery mix of things.

Although I didn't have too many layering moments, I felt very solid about what I did do. The V for Vendetta layering and the Robert Frost layering I felt really good about. I do wish that I had slowed down my speech for the V for Vendetta quote. I think I did so about half way through, but I started a bit too fast, as my normal speaking voice is. The best moment was absolutely after I finished the speech and started to layer the 1812 Overture with Oumou Sangare, because for a majority of it, they were in the SAME TEMPO. Moments like this are why I'm a DJ. And then the fennesz after that while the cannons were going off?!  Now that I think about it, this was a damn good layering folks.

EDIT: You know what, I've been listening to this set, and I think I like it more listening to it than I did actually DJing it, which is pretty rare for me. I didn't fully get to appreciate the music I was actually playing, so thank Zeus for the WCBN archiving system.

I also have a question for you all: do you enjoy my variety? I really mean it. Do you enjoy that I throw in dashes of metal after long sets of Tchaikovsky? Do you find chiptunes pleasant to the ear?

Either way crew, a jolly good set. Enjoy!

[Artist: Song - Album]
  1. Fourcolor: Iris (Familiar) (featuring Moskitoo) - As Pleat
  2. Panda Bear: IM           NOT - Person Pitch
  3. Nelson Riveros: It's All Right With Me - Camina Al Barrio
  4. The Bar-Kays: Feelin' Alright - Money Talks
  5. Shaky Jake Harris: Sawed Off Harris - The Devil's Harmonica
  6. James Brown: There It Is, Pt. 1 - The Godfather of Soul
  7. Tori Amos: Precious Things - Tales Of A Librarian
  8. Bela Fleck and the Flecktones: Hoe Down - Outbound
  9. Tøyen: In space - Did You Bring Me On National Television...
  10. Mazhar/Fuat/Özkan: Vak the Rock - Vak the Rock
  11. Redman: Boodah Break - Doc's Da Name 2000
  12. The Appleseed Collective: Honeybones - Baby To Beast
  13. Beirut: Port of Call - Live at WFUV
  14. Radio Zumbido: 8 hermanos - Los últimos días del AM
  15. The Real Tuesday Weld: (I Always Kill) The Things I Love - The Last Werewolf Soundtrack
  16. The Cossacks of Volga: Kalinka - The Cossacks of the Volga Sing
  17. Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra: "1812" Overture, Op. 49 - Tchaikovsky: 1812
  18. Oumou Sangare: Djama Kaissoumou - Moussolou
  19. fennesz: Menthol - Field Recordings 1995-2002
  20. High On Fire: Waste of Tiamat - Death Is This Communion
  21. Brad Mehldau Trio: Anything Goes - Anything Goes
  22. Robert Frost: The Witch of Coos - Robert Frost Reads His Poetry
  23. Peter Case: It Don't Matter What People Say - Six-Pack of Love
  24. Tosca: Amalienbad - Opera
  25. Lair of the Minotaur: Hades Unleashed - War Metal Battle Master
  26. Komeda: Flabbergast - What Makes It Go?
  27. Led Er Est: CC Exit - Dust_On_Common
Anything Goes:
  1. 1812 epic layering: I already gushed about this. I'm super happy about this. 
  2. Robert Frost: I'm very pleased with this LP that I found in the spoken word section. I will file that information away for future shows.
  3. High On Fire: I don't think I have enough metal in my life, especially because I actually really enjoy metal, and really enjoy Jack's University of Metal show as well. This song in particular was a nice mix for the set, methinks. 
Nothing Goes:
  1. Slow start: The beginning of this show felt a little sluggish to me, probably because I started out with some ambient electronica...and then played more ambient electronica. Womp womp. 
  2. Tori Amos: Sorry Tori, but you kind of let me down. Apart from having a really killer title like "Tales of a Librarian," you kind of let me down.
  3. Port The Call: I got this as a request from a friend, but I couldn't find a good recording of it except a YouTube clip of a live recording at another radio station. Still a good song, but I think I failed the challenge of finding this song in a purer form. 
Thanks for listening and keep doing your thing, listeners!

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