Monday, February 13, 2012

Freestailo #22 - 2/8/12

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One of my favorite things about my new 11pm-1am Wednesday slot is that I have the chance to chat with some of the other DJs, rather than the inevitability of being alone from 3-6am. And during fundraiser, there's the cozy comfort that you will never be alone in the studio, because someone will always be answering the phone to take pledges. And tonight I had the pleasure to be accompanied by our co-development director James.

Clara Rockmore, rocking a theremin
You will hear various tropical rain forest sounds layered with a lot of songs, and I quite literally screamed when I realized how good this layering was going to be. It took me a second to realize that the bird sounds were not part of the track, because it was so well timed, and the tempo of the two tracks integrated so well with each other. And then later with the Michel Wintsch song, everything felt very natural while I was listening, which is ultimately what I like to achieve. Something feasible, but pushing the limits. These moments are what I do freeform for, and why radio stations like WCBN need more credit.

The best moment of the entire set, without a doubt, is the Isao Tomita and Before Sunrise layering, which goes in my Top 3 Moments of my own layering history. If you follow my Facebook page, I posted the actual YouTube clip. I regret nothing about this, but if you're interested to hear some of the dialogue from Before Sunrise that you might have missed because of the layered theremin, you can watch the clip here.

[Artist: Song - Album]
  1. High Rise: Ikon - Live
  2. The Brooklyn Funk Essentials: You Don't Know Nothing - In The BuzzBag
  3. Tulku: Journey of the Warrior Original Mix - Journey of the Warrior
  4. American Museum of Natural History: various sounds - Sounds of a Tropical Rain Forest in America
  5. Elsa Lanchester: Lola's Saucepan - Bawdy Cockney Songs (on 45rpm)
  6. Michel Wintsch and Crew: Link - Identity
  7. Xiu Xiu: Hello From Eau Claire - The Air Force
  8. Sexteto Habanero: Coralia - The Roots of Salsa Vol. 2
  9. New York Phil and Leonard Berstein: Salome's Dance - Leonard Bernstein Conducts Richard Strauss 
  10. Joshua Gabriel: RebelForTheNewMillenium I - Movement No. II
  11. Pete Handy: Snow Deer Rag - Honky Tonk Piano
  12. Zeni Geva: Dead Sun Rising - Live in Amerika
  13. Scarlet: No One's Getting Out Alive - Cult Classic
  14. The Five Satins: In The Still of the Nite - Best of Doo-Wop Ballads
  15. Billie Holiday: Prelude To A Kiss - Billie Holiday SIngs
  16. DJ Wally: Ridiculous Sound - Genetic Flaw
  17. Boneheads: Shake That Demon out - Donkey
  18. Space Streakings: Youngman II - 7-Toku
  19. Clara Rockmore: The Swan - Gravikords Whirlies & Pyrophones
  20. Brave Old World: Moskowitz Meets Beckerman - Klezmer Music
  21. Man or Astroman?: Many Pieces of Large Fuzzy Mammals Gathered Together At A Rave and Schmoozing With A Brick - A Spectrum of Infinite Scale
  22. Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra: Johann Strauss: Wiener Bonbons Waltz - Viennese Bon-Bons
  23. Isao Tomita: Debussy: Claire de Lune - YouTube
  24. Before Sunrise Scene
  25. Jedi Mind Tricks: Speech Cobras - Violent By Design
  26. Peabo Bryson: Minute By Minute - Paradise
  27. Guitar Wolf: Fire Ball Red - UFO Romantics
You Know Everything:
  1. Itao Tomita + Before Sunrise: This layering was practically orgasmic, and listening back later was like eating a slice of pie made in radio heaven. I'm going to thank James specifically because he is the one who sent me this clip.
  2. Rain Forest Sounds layering: 
  3. High Rise: UGH. It's been awhile since I really got into some loud, noisy, garage rock, and James had the perfect cure for that. Not only that, but a perfect start to my show. 
You Don't Know Nothing:
  1. Bawdy Cockney on 45rpm: I really need to check the RPM before I play pretty much anything on any of the turntables. I have no idea when I will stop doing this.
  2. Man or Astroman?: Not that I disliked this, but the title of this song almost caused me to make a rage comic based on my frustration.
  3. More risks: I think I need to go for more layering and crazy stuff on my show. What do you think?
Thanks for listening guys. It really means a lot. 

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