Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Freestailo #35 - 5/25/12

Right Click/Ctrl-Click to Download Freestailo #35 Here

I don't even know what to say about this show. It was a lot of fun, and I feel like it went through some strange waves. I used some video game music sparingly, and I tried to have a carefree attitude about the types of genres I pick. Usually I try to pick one thing from most of the genres, but today I felt a bit glued to the electronica and rock. Honestly, I think it turned out to be a good show though, but tell me what you think.

One thing I absolutely loved was a moment of layering where I was playing the "Cave" song from Skyward Sword, a song from Niellerade, and the Robert Lax recording. Truthfully, even if a layering is good, sometimes it doesn't affect me, because it still seems like separate components. This layering in this show though was a moment I want to bottle. It was a feeling like I could close my eyes and, instead of being at WCBN, I would be in a cave, with a God-like voice echoing off the walls to speak to me. That moment in freeform radio when you are transported to a different country, continent, universe, is what I live for.

Also, because I am in love with Regina Spektor, I want to share more of her with you with this article by NPR along with her new album streaming for free.

Playlist time!

[Artist: Song - Album]
  1. Jame Kochalka Superstar: Ozzy & I - Don't Trust Whitey
  2. Ozzy Osbourne: Crazy Train - Blizzard of Ozz
  3. Tales From The Crypt: The Crypt Jame - The Crypt Jam
  4. Bonga: Ai-ue Mama - Angola
  5. Kiyoshi Yoshida: The Lucky Spirit - Samurai Collection
  6. The Luddites: Beret - There'll Be Trouble, All Right!
  7. De Boca En Boca: Svatba - Musica De Mundos
  8. Walter Slezak: Emil and the Detectives side 2 - Emil and the Detectives
  9. Kiyoshi Mizutani: Aokigahara - Bird Songs
  10. Animal Crossing: 9AM - Animal Crossing GC OST
  11. Hajime Wakai, etc.: Cave - Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword OST
  12. Niellerade Fallibilisthorstar: Upprinnelse - Hålrum
  13. Robert Lax: One moment… - Wake Up re:lax
  14. The Miles Davis Quartet & Thelonious Monk: Straight, No Chaser - Miles & Monk At Newport
  15. Summer Cats: Christopher Wren - Songs for Tuesdays
  16. Atlantic Starr: Straight To The Point - Straight To The Point
  17. Bill Laswell: La Traviata Love Theme - Operazone
  18. Drafted By Minotaurs: Blueprints For Sunbuilding - Drafted By Minotaurs
  19. Robert Lax: Searching for you… - Wake Up re:lax
  20. Paul Crossley: Poisson d'or - Debussy: Complete Works for Solo Piano vol. 1
  21. Underground Resistance: Amazon - World 2 World
  22. Wax Poetic: Dagmar não tava não - Brazil
  23. Apollo: Apollo - Apollo
  24. Radiohead: Bloom - King of Limbs
  25. Beyond The Sixth Seal: Intro & Medusan - Earth and Sphere
  26. The Gag Quartet: le Internet Medley - le Internet Medley Single
  27. Terra B: Coming Home - Soca Xplosion 2002
  28. Robert Q. Lewis: The Ugly Duckling - The Ugly Duckling and other stories
  29. Chemical Brothers: don't stop the rock (electronic battle weapon version) - elektrobank
  30. Strathclyde Police Pipe Band: Traditional Pipe Band - A Beginner's Guide to Traditional Scottish Music
  31. Megurine Luka (vocaloid): Der Hölle Rache kocht in meinem Herzen (x1.5) - Classical Megurine Luka
  32. Morton Gould: Liebesfreund - Baton & Bows
  33. Elena Duran, Stéphane Grappelli, Laurie Holloway: Fascinating Fugue (Fugue in G minor) - Brandenburg Boogie
  34. Chica and the Folder: max der differ - 42 mädchen
  35. Inhalt: Fahrzeug - Vehicle
  36. Jad Fair: Mole People - The Attack of Everything
  37. Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong: It Ain't Necessarily So - Porgy and Bess
  38. Regina Spektor: A Cannon - (unreleased demo)
  39. Small Paul: There's Gonna Be Some Crying - Eccentric Soul No. 11
  40. Coco Rosie: The Moon Asked The Crow - Grey Oceans
  41. m-.-n: ektbnag - Disco Dust
  42. Innerzone Orchestra ft. Paul Randolph: people make the world go round (c2 remix) - people make the world go round
The Attack of Everything:
  1. Cave Layer: It's worth saying again that I loved creating this for you.
  2. Emil and the Detectives pt. 2: I had a request from a listener last week that I play the other side of this vinyl, and I'm really glad I did! I had a lot of fun figuring out what to layer with it! 
  3. Chica and the Folder: This was a very pleasant surprise. Me-effing-gusta.
The Attack of Nothing:
  1. Extra long set: The DJ after me tends to come late pretty regularly, which is why this set in particular is pretty long. I think he might have come in the middle of the last song, but I've been setting long songs so that I can pack up and go.
  2. Glitches: And by glitches I mean me accidentally playing the second song on a vinyl when I didn't catch it in time. Womp womp. This happened a few times. Precision was not the name of the game tonight, folks.
  3. Too much electronica?: Now I'm wondering whether that was too much...it's ok.
Until Friday, my friends!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Freestailo #34 - 5/18/12

Right Click/Ctrl-Click to Download Freestailo #34 Here

How's it going, my freeform minions? I heard that you like listening to the radio...is that right? Well, you're pretty lucky, because I'm a DJ at WCBN. THAT'S SO COOL RIGHT?! I must be, like, the coolest person you know. Also, I'm really useful to you, because I have some information for you:

Did you know that the hot girl on all of the Messer Chups covers...

...is actually the leader singer/guitarist in the band?!

Anyway, this was a good show, and I have not too much to report about it, except that I'm really enjoying my 9-noon slot for the summer, and I hope that I can keep something like this during the coming year. I'm not really missing songs with curse words, and it's actually more of a challenge because I can't just grab ANYTHING. It also makes me realize how much of the library needs to have reviews for FCCs (curse words and generally inappropriate content).

All right, now stop being lazy and go listen to my show.

[Artist: Song - Album]
  1. Neo Geo: Wakamaka (Freestailo Remix) - YouTube
  2. Manowar: Hail and Kill - The Hell of Steel
  3. Elf Power: The Concrete and the Walls - Elf Power
  4. Gotan Project: interfearance remix vocal - La Cruz Del Sur
  5. Messer Chups: Srubi Derevo, Sovrati Rebenka, Sozhgi Dom - Russkie Wig-Out!
  6. Tom Jones: The Rose - What's New Pussycat?
  7. M. Ward: A Wasteland Companion - A Wasteland Companion
  8. Funkadelic: March To The Witch's Castle - Cosmic Slop
  9. Brown Bird: Danger and Dread - The Devil Dancing
  10. Maria Callas: Seguidilla & Duet - Carmen Highlights
  11. Oliver Mtkudzi: Ndima Ndapedza - The Oliver Mtukudzi Collection
  12. David Watson: Descension - Skirl
  13. Uchuuhikoushi: Liquid Crystal - We Exist!
  14. Jan DeGaetani: Pierrot Lunaire pt. 1 - Pierrot Lunaire, Op. 21
  15. Ghost In The House: Stormville - Ghost In The House
  16. Billie Holiday: I Wished On The Moon - The Voice of Jazz, Volume Three
  17. Freaky Chakra: Automatic - Blacklight Fantasy
  18. Bar-Kays: Get Up 'N Do It - Light of Life
  19. Theodore Bikel: Yamshchik Gani-Ka K Yaru (Coachman, Away To The Fair) - Songs of Russia Old and New
  20. Mynta: The Last Forest - Hot Madras
  21. Dexter Gordon: Cake - Great Encounters
  22. Arj Snoek: Spaziergang - Wir
  23. The Makers: Matter of Degrees - Everybody Rise!
  24. Walter Slezak: Emil and the Detectives - Emil and the Detectives
  25. Joseph Celli: Celli Plays Niblock - Niblock
  26. Emaciator: Perserverence & Recurring - Coveting
  27. Radiohead: Morning Mr. Magpie - King of Limbs
  28. Booker T.: She Breaks - Potato Hole
  29. Rufus Harley: More - The Pied Piper of Jazz
  30. Balkan Beat Box: Smatron - Blue Eyed Black Boy
  31. Mathematicians: Weapons of Math Destruction - Level Two
  32. Mano Negra: Bring The Fire - King Of Bongo
  33. Kellog Cereal: "No more Rice Crispies!" - Commercial
  34. Bad Fate: Lung - Lung
  35. Mazinga: Satana - Mazinga
  36. New York Philharmonic and Leonard Berstein: I-IV - Holst: The Planets
  1. Pierrot Lunaire Layer: Eeeeee I love scary layers! I've noticed something from my past layers, is that I find it easier to create a spooky, atmospheric layer, rather than a super exact one, but perhaps that's also the nature of doing live layering with the materials I have. Either way, my favorite part was when I played the Billie Holiday. Love that shit. So scary.
  2. Messer Chups: All of the reincarnations of the Messer Chups are absolutely brilliant. They're in the good-life section, and if you're a DJ at WCBN reading this, you should go look at it right now. 
  3. Freestailo Remix: Ummmm this was baller. I should play more remixes of this, or make one.
  1. YouTube: Why do I use YouTube? I hate myself every time I do, but sometimes I feel like it's so necessary. Oh the Internet.
  2. Manowar: I was really into this for a hot second, and I think I could be in the future, but for what I wanted at this moment, it felt a little...overdone, shall we say.
  3. When I forced my random ideas on you: Remember that time that I tried to create a cart for you live? That was kind of weird. 
Update complete. Now go listen to more radio. 

Monday, May 21, 2012

Subshow #16 - 5/9/12

Right Click/Ctrl-Click to Download Subshow #16 Here

Today was a bit of a strange show for me because one of my very good friends was in the studio with me, and immediately before subbing Saramin's show, I hosted the very first episode of the Sex and Tell Show, which is a public affairs show I'm doing this semester with a friend, so I was a little...crazed is the word.

Regardless, I think it was a good show, and I happened upon a few good songs! Hope you like it!

[Artist: Song - Album]
  1. Burton Green: Variations on a Coffee Machine - Variations on a Coffee Machine
  2. Kraftwerk: Trans-Europe Express - Trans-Europe Express
  3. Modern Barbershop Quartet: Tie A Yellow Ribbon Round The Ole Oak Tree - Modern Barbershop Quartet
  4. Various: Disco Mickey Mouse - Mickey Mouse Disco
  5. The East St. Louis Gospelettes: There Is No Seniority With God - Movin' On Up
  6. The Budos Band: Raja Haje - III
  7. Heartbeat of Africa: various
  8. Chica Libre: Danza Del Millonario - Canibalismo
  9. Johnny Cash: Lost On The Desert - The Sound of Johnny Cash
  10. The Shamen: Deep Psi - Make It Mine
  11. Anand Badamikar: Tintal - Anand Badamikar (tabla)
  12. Les Innocents: Les Fantomes de Lorraine - Cent Metres Au Paradis
  13. My Dear Disco: Clubbin' - My Dear Disco EP
  14. Mirah: Don't! - Don't!
  15. Ella Fitzgerald: How High The Moon - Mack the Knife Ella in Berlin
  16. Ukrainska Selka Orchestra: Polka Mazurka - Aimer Et Perdre
  17. Mato Grosso: Thunder (I) - Thunder
  18. Ruth Wallis: Cape Canaveral Blues - Boobs
  19. Shigeto: Sky of the Revolution - Full Circle
  20. Randy Grief: A Pool Of Tears - Alice In Wonderland pt. 1
  21. Celestial Navigations: It Was Our Great Romance - Chapter V
  22. Inkhav: El Inca Atahualpa - Soul of the Andes
  23. Tim Sparks: La Rosa Enflorece - Tanz
Movin' Up:
  1. Mickey Disco: I win radio with this. You're welcome. 
  2. Ruth Wallis: I love this CD so much. And now I own it. More to come on that in another post.
  3. Celestial Navigations: This never gets old. 
Movin' Down:
  1. Starting with long track: Tell me if I'm wrong, but that makes the set a little slow...right? 
  2. Premature Song Playing: As I was at the station, my friend and I were also having dinner, and she went to my apartment to grab some Nutella for our bread, and I accidentally, and in a state of panic, played the song that she had picked out to hear. I'm still sorry about that.
  3. Thunder: Not as epic as I thought. Hm. 
Until next time!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Freestailo #33 - 5/11/12

Right Click/Ctrl-Click to Download Freestailo #33 Here

Horowitz: HEY GUYS! What's up?!
This is the first post of the summer term guys! As such, I decided to start off with a remix of my show's namesake. I'm really happy with this show, and I think it pretty much speaks for itself, and is a solid example of freeform as far as using various music selections.

I don't know if you know this, but there's a lot of thought that goes into what time slot a DJ wants. I happened to get my first choice, which is great, but just choosing what my first choice should be is a hard thing for me. Not only is there the dilema of sleep vs. availability, but the bigger issue for me is censorship. I might have mentioned this in another post, but the difference of how a show feels during "safe harbor" (when we can't play curse words), and non-safe harbor (between 10pm-6am), is pretty big for me. That also has to balance with the difference between having a show late at night, which will have less listeners, and a show in the morning, which will have more.

That all said, I'm ultimately really pleased with my spot, and it's really amazing what a new time slot can do for the morale and energy of a show. Each time my time slot has changed, it has taught me a little bit more about what kind of DJ I am.

All right, onto the list!

[Artist: Song - Album]
  1. Ebeb: Freestailo Ebeb Jumpstyle Remix - EbebPL
  2. Bootsy's Rubber Band: Bootsy Get Live - This Boot Is Made For Fonk-N
  3. Mike Shannon: Blind Love - State of the Union 2 EP
  4. Rodrigo y Gabriela and C.U.B.A: Diablo Rojo - Area 52
  5. Slavic Soul Party: Baltika - Taketron
  6. Odetta: Black Woman - To Ella
  7. Ella Fitzgerald: Stompin' At The Savoy - Ella in Rome The Birthday Concert
  8. Foxdye: Girl - Nothing To Lose But My Stomach
  9. Eugene Ormandy and The Philadelphia Orchestra: Moderato - Shostakovich: Symphony No. 5
  10. Huun Huur Tu and Carmen Rizzo: Mother Taiga - Eternal
  11. Evgeny & Anastasia Masloboeva: Arros - Russian Folksongs in the Key of Rhythm
  12. Andrew Bird: Anonanimal - Noble Beast
  13. Alioune Kassé: Exsina - Exsina
  14. Pinetop Perkins: For You My Love - Pinetop Perkins with the Blue Ice Band
  15. Juichi Masuda: Team Rocket Hideout - Pokemon Red/Blue
  16. Judy Garland: How Long Has This Been Going On? - That's Entertainment!
  17. Livaneli: Mektup - Zor Yillar
  18. Vladimir Horowitz: J.S. Bach: Toccata BWV 564/565, Adagio - Carnegie Hall May 9, 1965
  19. Sarah Vaughn: The Blues - Sassy
  20. knife city: just trash - knife city
  21. Diana Ross & The Supremes: Ask Any Girl - Greatest Hits
  22. Narwhals Collide: Song of the Grizzly - Attack of the Facts
  23. Amon Düül II: C.I.D. In Uruk - Carnival In Babylon
  24. Tom Waits: On A Foggy Night - Nighthawks At The Diner
  25. Akitaka Tohyama: You Are Smart - Katamari Damacy Soundtrack
  26. Ruth White & Jim Mandell: In The Summertime (Vacation) - Action Songs For Holidays and Special Days
  27. Noir Desir: Aux Sombres Héros De L'Amer - Veuillez Rendre L'Ame (A Qui Elle Appartient)
  28. Doctor Striker: Burn Out - Doctor Striker
  29. Mickey Hart Band: Starlight Starbright - Mysternum Tremendum
  30. Black Joe Lewis & The Honeybears: Gunpowder - Black Joe Lewis
  31. Astor Piazzola: Leonora's Love Theme - The Rough Dancer And The Cyclical Night
  32. Touch: To Take Away - D'Soca Zone
  33. Mazinga: Blonde Zombies - Open The Blast Doors
  34. Gemma Ray with The Sparks: How Do I Get To Carnegie Hall? - Gemma Ray Sings Sparks
  35. Errors: Pleasure Palaces - Have Some Faith In Magic
  36. Lucky Tubb & The Modern Day Troubadours: Never Shoulda Fell in Love - Lucky Tubb & The Modern Day Troubadours
  37. Clear Plastic Masks: Pegasus In Glue - Working Girl/Pegasus In Glue
  38. Jean-François Paillard Chamber Orchestr: Vivaldi: Gloria - Gloria/Kyrie/Lauda Jerusalem
You are smart:
  1. Horowitz: Dear Lord, that man could play the piano. 
  2. First chunk: The beginning of the show just felt absolutely amazing. I've never had a 9-noon show before, and the energy after eating breakfast and coming straight to the station is amazing. I'm more of a morning person, so that helps, but even so, I think that the first 30 minutes solid felt awesome.
  3. Pokemon: Always a good decision.
You are dumb:
  1. Talking over Tom: I'm sorry KMFR. I didn't mean to talk over Tom Waits. I really don't know what possessed me. Please forgive me.
  2. Less layering: I think it's fine when I layer less, but sometimes I think, "Someday when you can't do freeform radio anymore, you're going to kick yourself for not layering everything all the time.
  3. Shostokovich/Huun Huur Tu Layer: Usually I'm pretty satisfied with my layers, but...this time I'm not so sure. It was a bit...off.
See you soon for another back-update! 

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Open Sign-Up #2/Sounds of the Sub-Continent #1 - 5/6/12

Right Click/Ctrl-Click to Download Open Sign-Up #2/Sounds of the Subcontinent #1 Here

So I went into the station with the intention of playing freeform, because it's open sign-up, right? Well, that didn't seem to sit well with the guys there, and said that a lot of people would get angry if I didn't play the regularly scheduled programming of Sound of the Sub-Continent. I didn't really think anything of this, because my gut reaction is, "Don't tell me what to do. I play what I want. This is WCBN." Immediately after thinking this though, and hitting play on my interview with Sahar, I got a call from a listener who wanted to know when the schedule changed, and when Sounds of the Subcontinent was on now. Kind of surprised I told him it hadn't gone anywhere, but that it was open-sign up, and that I would play some Sounds after the interview.

That's when I really realized how much people love us, without us knowing it sometimes. That man probably tunes in every week to hear Sounds of the Subcontinent, and he probably doesn't get to listen to Indian music most of the week otherwise. The moral I learned is that people are listening whether you think they are or not.

Also, I previously wrote a review for Sahar Nouri's master's recital, and here is the interview that I conducted with her!

[Artist: Song - Album]
  1. Heidi Madagame and Sahar Nouri: Interview with Sahar Nouri
  2. P. Suseela/S. Rajeswari/S. Janaki: Isaiyarasi - Doob Doob O' Rama
  3. Unknown: Radio Calcutta #2 - Radio India Vol. 2
  4. K.S. Chithra: Kaiyodu Ennai - K.S. Chithra
  5. Pandit Shivkumar Sharma (santoor), Zakir Hussain (tabla): Drut Gat - Shivkumar Sharma
  6. Arati Ankalikar-Tikekar: Drut Bandish In Tintal - Arati Ankalikar-Tikekar
  7. Sumkali: Tala Thali - Mandali
Thanks for listening! Keep checking back for updates! 

Freestailo #32 - 4/25/12

Right Click/Ctrl-Click to Download Freestailo #32 Here

Hey, heavenly monkeys.

So I was hanging out with my friend Sohpie, and I flat-out asked her, "What theme should I have for my show in an hour?" And she said, "Monk." She meant Thelonious Monk, but that sprung both of us into a series of song suggestions regarding monks and monkeys. Then she suggested "Flowers" for the second topic, and this is how this show exists.

I big contribution to this show in particular was you. Yes, YOU. I had quite a few calls with suggestions for the theme, and I don't think I could have kept the theme going without it. It's moments like those that makes me realize how important listeners are, if I ever forget.

[Artist: Song - Album]
  1. Thelonious Monk: Blue Monk - At The Five Spot
  2. Arctic Monkeys: Piledriver Waltz - Suck It And See
  3. Pixies: Monkey Gone To Heaven - Doolittle
  4. Monks of Doom: Eldridge Street - Soundtrack to the Film "Breakfast on the Beach of Deception"
  5. Recorded by David Lewiston: Explorer Series - Festival of the Himalayas
  6. Dust Bros.: Space Monkey - Fight Club OST
  7. Gorillaz: Phoner To Arizona - The Fall
  8. Misha Mengelberg Quartet: Monk's Mood - Four In One
  9. Coin: Monkey Kunckles - Architects of Character
  10. The Budos Band: Monkey See, Monkey Do - The Budos Band
  11. The Monks: Monk Time - Black Monk Time
  12. Matthew Dear: Monkey - Black City
  13. Joanna Newsom: Monkey And Bear - Ys
  14. Yuka Tsujiyoko: Flower Fields Rondo - Paper Mario OST
  15. Einstürzende Neubauten: Blume - Strategies Against Architecture III
  16. Andrew Bird: Fatal Flower Garden - The Swimming Hour
  17. Animal Collective: In The Flowers - Merriweather Post Pavilion
  18. Regina Spektor: The Flowers - Soviet Kitsch
  19. Air: Cherry Blossom Girl - Talkie Walkie
  20. Anamanaguchi: Flora/Fauna - Power Supply
  21. Neutral Milk Hotel: The Kind of Carrot Flowers Pt. One - In The Aeroplane Over The Sea
  22. Urata Keishi: A Flower Without A Glimmer Of Kindness - Texhnolyze: Music Only Music But Music
  23. Cibo Matto: Flowers - Pom Pom The Essential Cibo Matto
  24. Victoria De Los Angeles & Miriam Pirazzini: Flower Duet (Il cannone del porto!") - Puccini: Madama Butterfly
  25. The Monochrome Set: Wallflower - Chaps
  26. unkonwn: Flower blossoming maidens' burdock's root dish - R.O.D. the TV OST
  27. Slovak Philharmonic Orchestra: Waltz of the Flowers - Tchaikovsky: Nutcracker Suite
Monkey Do:
  1.  Themes: I've said this before, but having themes is a great way to connect a set, and having two themes was a great way to have a variety of sounds. As I was listening, the change from Monks to Flowers was clear, and created a whole new soundscape.
  2. Paper Mario: Video game music really makes me happy in general, but Paper Mario is a game very dear to my heart, and it's always a pleasure hearing waves of MIDI goodness streaming over the airwaves. 
  3. Joanna Newsom: Apparently many more people have love for Joanna Newsom than I thought. Immediately when I said that the topic was Monks/Monkeys, my friend Sophie gave me this song, and I got 2 calls about it! Thus, I had to play it, even though it ran into the flower set a bit.
Monkey Don't:
  1. I honestly don't have a lot of bad things to say about this show. Perhaps I could have layered somethings, but I don't regret a thing. 
Finally catching up on updates! Stay tuned!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Freestailo #31 - 4/18/12

Right Click/Ctrl-Click to Download Freestailo #31 Here

I feel like a horrible, horrible friend for having waited so long to post this for you. I really do. But I have a few good excuses:
  1. My senior recital
  2. Graduation
  3. 40-hour a week job
  4. Catching up on a year's worth of sleep
Maybe only a couple of those are valid, but either way, I'm finally able to update this bad-boy.

By Ray Young Chu
Dinosaurs were a big part of the set today, and I want to explain something to all of you in regards to this request: I want more. I want more requests like this. I love specific song requests, that's great, artist requests too, but my favorite game to play in the WCBN library is, "Find the Theme." Even if you don't hear the theme viscerally in the music, it helps me to link my entire set together, and give it an extra punch. You know how you can request themes, my friends? In order of certainty:
  1. Call the station: (734) 763-3500
  2. Post on my Facebook page
  3. E-mail me
And if I don't get it, then you've given me a new theme for next week! 

[Artist: Song - Album]
  1. Xiu Xiu: Boy Soprano - The Air Force
  2. Pyramaze: A Beautiful Death - Immortal
  3. Secret Twins: Dead Heart - Ill Fit
  4. Xeno & Oaklander: Ransack - Vigils
  5. TypeQueen: Charlie the Unicorn - Newgrounds
  6. Birdsongs of the Mesozoic: The Beat of the Mesozoic - The iridium Controversy
  7. King Crimson: Dinosaur - Thrak
  8. Blue Oyster Cult: Godzilla - Extraterrestrial Live
  9. Alexander Zonjic: Romance With You - Romance With You
  10. Shilpa Ray And Her Happy Hookers: Liquidation Sale - Teenage Torture
  11. Aretha Franklin: Gimme Your Love - Through The Storm
  12. Busdriver: Swandive into a Drinking Glass - Beaus $ Eros
  13. Count Basie & Sarah Vaughn: You Go To My Head - Count Basie & Sarah Vaughn
  14. Gary Graffman: Schumann: Romance in F-Sharp, Op. 28, No. 2 - Graffman Plays Schumann
  15. Yppah: Golden Braid - Eighty One
  16. Johnny Cash: Dinosaur Song - The Johnny Cash Children's Album
  17. DJ Me DJ You: Zodiac Ape - Can You See The Music
  18. Rancid: Lulu - Let The Dominoes Fall
  19. Was Not Was: Walk The Dinosaur - What Up Dog
  20. Lost Cat: Lip Lover - Lost Cat
  21. Xiu Xiu: No friend oh! - Women As Lovers
  22. Bar-Kays: Woman Of The Night - Flying High On Your Love
  23. Nintendo: Dinosaur Fossil Display Room - Animal Crossing
  24. Machetazo: Muerte Helada - Mundo Cripta
  25. Antony And The Johnsons: Daylight And The Sun - The Crying Light
Oh friend oh!:
  1. Xiu Xiu: I need to listen to more Xiu Xiu for xiure, but "Boy Soprano" in particular will always be stuck in my head. The kinds of instrumental layering that Xiu Xiu does is just insane, and I feel like I'm listening to a Salvador Dali painting.
  2. Dinosaurs!: Thank you, listener, for requesting songs about dinosaurs. I had a lot of fun finding songs, and I got a couple of good requests from other DJs and listeners for songs to play. It's like a game for me, so thanks for playing along. Charlie the Unicorn in particular was a lot of fun to listen back to.
  3. Schumann: That Romance in F-Sharp was definitely one of my favorite moments on the entire set, and it truthfully made me stop what I was doing and listen.
No friend no!:
  1. Romance With You: Perhaps this was so bad it was good, but I really feel it was just baaaad.
  2. Johnny Cash: I can only say I liked it because it was Johnny Cash. Nothing else. 
  3. Too Two Xiu Xiu: I hadn't forgotten that I had played Xiu Xiu at the beginning of the set, but for some reason I felt compelled to play another Xiu Xiu song.
See you next time!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Open Sign-Up Soon!

Dear Dedicated Listeners:

Open sign-up is coming soon, which is the time of year when I can pick whatever slots I want to DJ, and do whatever I want, and also fill out preferences to when I want my weekly radio show to be. Things will change. I will have a different time. Everything will be OK. You will still get some Freestailo in your life. 

This week I will be DJing on Sunday, May 6, from 3-5pm, so make sure to tune in then.