Friday, December 30, 2011

So about those posts...

Hey guys. I'm really sorry for not getting those posts up in any kind of timely manner. I've had half-written posts sitting around for about a week, but I didn't have as much time to go on the internet and post them as I thought I would while I was in Turkey,'re getting them like tonight. And if I fall asleep (which might happen because I'm jetlagged) then you'll get them tomorrow morning.

I've failed you! I'll be better about that.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

6 O'Clock Shadow #1 - 12/16/11

Right Click/Ctrl-Click to Download 6 'O Clock Shadow #1 Here

Hey future CBNers.

Have you ever heard of the "6 O'Clock Shadow" on WCBN? The idea is that for one hour, a friendly DJ (like yours truly), does an hour of freeform and waits for a few guests to come knocking on the station's shady, metal door so that prospective DJs might try picking some music out and get a feel for how it's done. You call. I let you in. You come pick out ANYTHING YOU WANT. I play it. It also gives you a chance to talk to the DJ and ask them ANYTHING YOU WANT.

Today I also had a guest, who is my mother. Who picked out a few of the songs, like Marvin Gaye and Diana Ross. She took a lot of pictures too. Unfortunately for her, I was really busy pretty much the entire hour, and was running around constantly because I ended up playing a bunch of short songs. BUT I think the set came out really well because of it!

[Artist: Song - Album]
  1. Marvin Gaye: Dream Of A Lifetime - Dream Of A Lifetime
  2. Dan Deacon: The House I Was Isn't My Girlfriends Porsche - Silly Hat vs. Egale Hat
  3. Sounds of the Tropical Rain Forest in America
  4. Black Joe Lewis: I'm Gonna Leave You - Scandalous
  5. Randy Grief: Sneezing and Howling - Alice in Wonderland pt. 3
  6. Ella Fitzgerald: Cottontail - Duke Ellington Songbook
  7. Heartbeat of Africa: African Bird Sounds - Heartbeat of Africa
  8. Angela Hewitt: English Suite No. 1 in A major BWV806 - Bach: the English Suites
  9. Metro: A pénz - Well Hung
  10. Fred Houn and the Afro-Asian Music Ensemble - We Refuse to Be Used and Abused
  11. Tuvan singers: It Began With An Echo - Heart of Tuva
  12. Eugene Mirman: Hello My Name Is Trevor - God is a 12-year-old Boy With Asperger's
  13. KMFDM: I Can't Reject This Empty Hole - The Juke-Joint Jezebel: The Giorgio Moroder Mixes
  14. Cee Lo Green: I Want You - YouTube
  15. Diana Ross: Doobedood'ndoobe, Doobedood'ndoobe, Doobedood'ndoo - Everything Is Everything
  16. Wordsound I-Powa: Dungeon of Dub - Axiom Dub - Mysteries of Creation
  17. Anna Oxygen: Scientist - All Your Faded Things
  18. Otis Rush: You Don't Have To Go - Lost in the Blues 
I Want You:
  1.  Transition from Houn to Tuvan singers: As I was layering these tracks, I literally could not distinguish the two aurally. I had to simply watch for the first track to end to know which sounds had stopped. These are the moments for why I'm a DJ.
  2.  Marvin Gaye: Thank my mom for this actually. I asked her if she wanted to her anything in particular and she said Marvin Gaye. 
I Don't Want You:
  1. Doobedoobedoobedoobedobedoo...: I am not joking when I say this is the longest title to a song that I have ever seen or entered into the playlist, and I hope that I never see anything longer. This was horrible to type in. Maybe I could have stuck with one "Doobedood'ndoobe," but I'm dedicated to you, listeners. 
  2. There's not enough to hate about this. Deal with it.
I hope you like it! And if you want to DJ, shoot me an e-mail. I'd be glad to point you in the right direction. 

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Subshow #10 - 12/17/11

Right Click/Ctrl-Click to Download Subshow #10 Here

Hey lovers.

I know it took a really long time, and that Christmas has past, and for failing you in that regard, I am truly sorry. The thing is, is that I've been in Istanbul for the past week, and didn't have internet as consistently as I thought I might. But please feel no guilt when you listen to the Christmas songs included on the playlist, because it's my fault, not yours, and you deserve more Christmas music than the year allows.

This episode of "Robot Pasta" turned out to be pretty fun, because I also had a guest with me who is training to become a DJaaaaaay! Cool, right? His name's Cameron, and he chose out a lot of the material you see before you. I won't tell you what, so you'll just have to listen.

Also, you will notice a handful of dub-step artists on the playlist, so for those that asked for it, you're welcome. Now that I know that there's a need for dub-step, I'll keep searching it out in the library. 

[Artist: Song - Album]
  1. Elvin Jones Quintet: Santa Claus Is Coming To Town - Holiday Jazz Improvisations
  2. Bjork: Bükolla - Björk Gudmundsdóttr
  3. Jackson 5: Whatever You Got, I Want - Get It Together
  4. Trayer: Aernsatz - Afterlife An Abandoned Theme Park
  5. The Ventures: Frosty the Snowman - Christmas Album
  6. Osborne: In Gear - Afrika EP
  7. Jean Metcalfe and Ann Todd: Little Red Riding Hood - Little Red Riding Hood
  8. Osborne: Graphite - Afrika EP
  9. The Glitch Mob: How To Be Eaten By A Woman - Drink The Sea
  10. Bootsy Collins feat. Samuel L. Jackson: After These Messages - The Funk Capitol of the World
  11. The Irish Rovers: Cold Winter Shadows - All Hung Up
  12. George Winston: Walking in the Air - Forest
  13. Hungarian State Opera Orchestra: Cantus in memory of Benjamin Britten for strings and bell - Arvo Pärt: Fratres
  14. Zomby: Natalia's Song - Dedication
  15. My Brightest Diamond: There's A Rat - All Things Will Unwind
  16. The Evolution Control Committee: I Want A Cookie - Plagiarythm Nation
  17. The Dynatones: Soul Twist - Chopped & Channeled
  18. Akira Jimbo: Carnival De Rio Grande - Palette
  19. Allied Radio: Code Course - International Morse
  20. Radiosonde: Equinox - Radiosonde
  21. Youth Lagoon: Daydream - The Year of Hibernation
  22. Weather Report: Plaza Real - Live and Unreleased
  23. Steven Rucker/Thomas Chase: Dexter's Laboratory Opening Theme - The Hip-Hop Experiment
  24. Secrets - Dexter's Laboratory: The Hip-Hop Experiment
  25. The Evolution Control Committee: The Shakes - All Rights Reserved
  26. Burial: Ghost Hardware - UNTRUE.HOBCD002
  27. Duke Ellington and His Orchestra: The Volga Vouty (Russian Dance) - The Nutcracker Suite
  28. Duke Ellington and His Orchestra: Chinoiserie (Chinese Dance) - The Nutcracker Suite
  29. Cristian Vogel: La Isla Piscola For the Traveling Fish Lover Version - La Isla Piscola
  30. The Roger Wagner Chorale: Vivaldi: Magnificat - Magnificat
  31. Star Wars Gang: R2-D2 We Wish You A Merry Christmas - Star Wars Christmas
--. --- --- -..
  1.  Morse code: This was definitely the highlight for me. I was practically doing backflips when I saw that we had a morse code sound effect LP, and started playing it immediately. I actually had a listener call in and ask if there was something wrong with our system, or whether it was intentional.
  2. Duke's Nutcracker Suite: Mmm this was absolutely delicious for my ears. I'm sad that it has to go back into the reaches of the Christmas collection, otherwise I would play it all the time.
  3. Dexter's Lab: Do you remember this show?! Because Cameron and I did. I even remember this song. And the music video. I miss Cartoon Network. I miss having cable...anyway. This is genius and I was literally screaming in the studio while it was playing.
-... .- -..
  1. Osborne meets Little Red: I'm really unsure about this. I had a very uncomfortable feeling the whole time this was playing. How did it make you feel?
  2. F*** up: Yup, I think I played an FCC. And by "I think," i mean that I definitely played an FCC. I tried to correct it as quickly as I could after I heard it, but that's hard sometimes. 
I usually try to have three things for each category, good and bad, but I thought this was a pretty good show besides those few things I mentioned. C'est la vie. Keep listening folks! Give me comments if you can!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Radiozilla #1 - 12/11/11

Right Click/Ctrl-Click to Download Radiozilla #1 Here

I recently got drafted into the Radiozilla rotation list, guys. Radiozilla is WCBN's all Japanese music show. Does that seem oddly specific? Maybe it is, but I really don't care, because I could play this stuff all day.

There's not much else to say except that I had a fantastic time searching through the WCBN library for the Japanese stuff. There was a list of Japanese musicians that I was e-mailed beforehand so that I wasn't so overwhelmed (which is really a life-saver), but throughout my search I also found a lot of other names that weren't on the list, so I'm really excited to do another Radiozilla show!

[Artist: Song - Album]
  1. Gontiti: Coconut Basket - Sunday Market
  2. Takako Minekawa: Fantastic Cat - Roomic Cube
  3. Polysics: E.L.T.C.C.T. - Absolute Polysics
  4. Nobukazu: White Sheep and Small Light - Hoshi No Koe
  5. Sadao Watanabe: Echo - A Night With Strings
  6. Yoko Kanno: Pu Qua O - Macross Plus OST II
  7. Junko Sumi: (track #1) - Junko Sings Japanese Nursery Rhymes
  8. Thee Michelle Gun Elephant: God Jazz Time - Rodeo Tandem Beat Specter
  9. Hiromi: Keytalk - Brain
  10. Chocolat: Blue Mint Blue - Japan Not For Sale vol. 2
  11. Tokyo Kid Brothers: (track #3) - Golden Bat
  12. Polysics: New Wave Jacket - Japan For Sale vol. 2
  13. Yoko Solo: don't fall asleep i'm warning you don't fall asleep - The Beeps
  14. Akiko Yano: Angler's Summer - Love Life
  15. unknown: (track #8) - Tenchi Muyo Christmas
Fantastic Cats:
  1. Polysics: I love all things by Polysics. They were one of the first Japanese bands I ever listened to. 
  2. Yoko Kanno: Always a pleasure, m'dear. I'm so obsessed with you.
  3. Tenchi Muyo Christmas: I used to watch Tenchi Muyo alllll the time when I was a kid. It was one of my first animes actually, and I would sometimes watch it with friends who had taped it off of Cartoon Network so I wouldn't miss it. Haha! 
Not so fantastic cats:
  1. Nothing: This was perfect. Practically. Also, it was just too short to mess up. 

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Freestailo #16 - 12/11/11

Right Click/Ctrl-Click to Download Freestailo #16 Here

This was a long night for me guys, because guess who has exams this week. This guy. Truthfully, as I was DJing, I was also trying to glue tiny print-outs of photographs for my history of photography flash cards after an hour of sleep beforehand.

On the show I read the Edgar Allan Poe poem "The Bells" to go with the various bell-themed songs I played. I suggest you take another look at the poetry if you like it.

I really have very little to say about this show, except that I'm happy that I got to play some Christmas music, and I really hope that you like it.
[Artist: Song - Album]
  1. Taraf de Haïdouks: The Return of the Magic Horses - Band of Gypsies
  2. Quintron: Stray Cat Strut - The Frog Tape
  3. Apollo: Space Cannibals - Apollo
  4. Hungry March Band: Asphalt Tango - On the Water Front
  5. Johnny Copeland: Cut Off My Right Arm - Live In Australia
  6. Masloboevs: Ivan's matka - Russian Folksongs In The Key of Sadness
  7. Barbra Streisand: O Little Town Of Bethelehem - A Christmas Album
  8. Kanda Bongo Man: Zing-Zong - Zing-Zong
  9. Yokota Susumu: Live Echo - The Boy And The Tree
  10. The Slew: Southeast Soliloquy - 100%
  11. Ferrante and Teicher: Santa Claus is Coming to Town - Best of Christmas vol. 2
  12. Paddy Blackin and Michaél Ó Domhnaill - Celtic Christmas III
  13. Clare Fischer: Pensativa - Hub Art
  14. The Orb: Requiem pour un c... - I <3 Serge
  15. American Boychoir: Carol of the Bells - In The Park: Christmas
  16. The Muppets: Ringing of the Bells - YouTube
  17. United States Airforce Singing Sergeants: Carol of the Bells - Caroling
  18. Children of St. Judge: St. Jude Carol of the Bells - YouTube
  19. La Petite Bande de Montreal: Noel Ukrainien - En la Fete de Noel - O Holy Night
  20. Benedictine Monks of the Abbey of Saint-Maurice & Saint-Maur, Clervaux
  21. Umich University Symphony Orchestra, Chamber Choir, University Choir, Orpheus Singers: The Bells, Op. 35 (Rachmaninoff) - University of Michigan School of Music
  22. Amon Tobin: Bedtime Stories - Isam
  23. Tubuai Choir - Te Pererau No Te Maitai - Polenesian Odyssey
  24. The Mexicali Brass: Winter Wonderland - Jingle Bells
  25. Boozoo Chavis: Suzy-Q - Zydeco Homebrew
  26. Quadron: Samba De Varão - Red Hot + Rio 2
  27. Currer Bells: Two Winters - Currer Bells
  28. Michael Robinson: Rainbow Thunder (Vasanta) - Rainbow Thunder
  29. Nat King Cole: O Tannenbaum - The Christmas Song
  30. Nighthawks: Hound Dog - Nighthawks Live at the Psyche Delly
  31. Soul Town: Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas - Soul Town Christmas
  32. The Dust Brothers: Space Monkeys - Fight Club Soundtrack
  33. Yosefa: Taj Mahal - The Desert Speaks
Santa Claus is coming to town...:
  1. Bells: I think that the entire "bells" section of my show was very interesting, and I think that it took an interesting direction, and one that I didn't expect. I like the story that I told by doing this. Thanks for my friend Sophie for inspiring this!
  2. Cassette Town: I used a cassette guys! My first cassette use ever! And it sounded REALLY GOOD. Cassette's are higher quality than I thought. 
  3. Mexicali Brass: Dayum, this is good stuff. I can't wait to play more. 
You better watch out...:
  1. Bells: I love and hate what I did with the "bells" section of my show, to be honest. I love Carol of the Bells, and I'm glad I had a story to share with you, but my choice to play Rachmaninoff's "The Bells" without any layering whatsoever is dubious though. What do you think?
  2. Not enough layering: I don't know what was wrong, but I was not feeling the layering tonight. I'm so sorry. I hope you will still listen to my show.
Gib mir feedback!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Subshow #9 - 12/3/11

Did you know that pretty much every show I pick something from the hip-hop section? I try really hard to have an immense amount of eclecticism in my sets, and I think that it usually pays off. That said, there are certain sections that I still don't have a good feel for because I only pick one or two things from the section. Hip-hop/rap is one of them. That's why when I saw that Chill Will was going to be gone for his show, I snagged it. 

WCBN has a surprising amount of hip-hop, and guys: it's really good. Tons of vinyls with a lot of great sampling opportunities for freeform. I had no idea. And I don't think I really knew how hip-hop albums worked either. With rock/soul/folk/whatever you get lots of tracks on one side, and lots of tracks on another. All different. But with hip-hop the vinyl is one track, and there are like 4 different versions of that track on one side, and 4 different versions of a different track on the other. This is how you get radio versions, album versions, instrumental versions, etc. All perfect for my freeform-beating heart. 

I talked to a friend Kim from home (who's also a fan of my freeform show), and he gave me some great suggestions, some of which I played: Brother Ali, Flying Lotus, Atmosphere, Sage Francis, and Eyedea+Abilities. I'm really happy with his suggestions, and the request I got of the Triforce of Js: Jurassic 5, J Dilla, Jedi Mind Tricks. I'm learning so much, guys!

Let's do this thing, shall we? 

[Artist: Song - Album]
  1. Helis: Popular Thug (Radio Mix) - Popular Thug
  2. Akrobatik: Remind My Soul (clean) - Remind My Soul
  3. Talib Kweli: Joy feat. Mos Def - Quality
  4. Lupe Fiasco: I Gotcha (radio edit) - I Gotcha
  5. De La Sol: U Can Do (Life) - ///Aoi
  6. Aesop Rock: The Greatest Pac-Man Victory in History - Bazooka Tooth
  7. Kid Koala: slew test 2/mosquito vs. water buffalo/slew test 3 - Your Mom's Favorite DJ
  8. Brother Ali: Star Quality - Shadows On The Sun
  9. G&D: War Drums - The Message
  10. Flatlinerz: Satanic Verses (radio edit) - Satanic Verses
  11. Danger Mouse: Take Care of Business - Take Care of Business
  12. Flying Lotus: Golden Diva - Los Angeles
  13. Saul Williams: Coded Language - Amethyst Rock Star
  14. Jurassic 5: W.O.E. Is Me (World of Entertainment) - W.O.E. Is Me
  15. J Dilla: (track #26) - Dilla Doughnuts
  16. Jedi Mind Tricks: Heavy Metal Kings feat. Ill Bill - Servants in Heaven, Kings in Hell
  17. Dream Warriors: Voyage Through The Multiverse - And Now The Legacy Begins
  18. Gusto: Materialistic Girl (dub) - Materialistic Girl
  19. Dove Shack: Summertime In The LBC (LP Version) - Summertime In The LBC
  20. 44 Max: Pussh + Shove (Max Mix) - Pussh + Shove
  21. Toshi Kubota: (All Star Street Funk Mix) - Funk It Up
  22. The Black Keys with Mos Def: On The Vista - Blackroc
  23. Atmosphere: Panic Attack - The Fun EP
  24. Black Czer: Who Got The Glock (album version) - Who Got The Glock/Stick Up
  25. Cannibal Ox: Pidgeon - The Cold Vein
  26. Psyche Origami: Wherever You Are - The Standard
  27. Wiley: Boom Boom Da Na - 100% Publishing
  28. Sage Francis: Broken Wings - Personal Journals
  29. Madvillain: Accordian - Madvillain
  30. Cypress Hill: Make A Move - Temples of Doom
  31. Mathambo: Mshini Wam - Mshini Wam
  32. Raashan Ahmad: Heavenbound - The Push
  33. Eyedea + Abilities: Paradise - E&A
  34. Dark Sun Riders: Zoneweilders Groove - Seeds of Evolution
  35. Material (Extrakd/Eddie Def): Who Wake the Rooster? - Intonarumori
  36. Hami: Keep On Usin' Me (I Must Like It) - The Funky Descendant
  37. Cee Lo Green: Brighter Lights, Bigger City - The Lady Killer
  38. Deltron 3030: Turbulence remix by Mark Bell (Depeche Mode) - Positive Contact
  39. Ladae!: Ghetto Flava - Party 2 Nite
U Can Do:
  1. Triple J Request: These three were great artists to put together, and I'm happy with the songs that I picked. I can't wait to play more of their stuff on my freeform show. 
  2. Cannibal Ox: I had no idea what this was, but I really like it. This and a few other albums really pushed my perceptions of hip-hop into something that I can understand. It's really like any other genre with lots of sub-genres attached to it, and Cannibal Ox kind of sounds like a nerdier, grittier hip-hop. Like the metal of rock. 
  3. Cee Lo Green: This was a request by a friend, and I was kind of astounded at how good it was. It was perfect for the near end of my set, so thanks!
U Can't Do:
  1. Umm...: Not that it was "the perfect show" or anything, but I really can't think of much I disliked about it. I don't know enough about hip-hop to really think I've done anything wrong. 
  2. Oh I know!: I really didn't do anything risky on this show. Like, at all. I pretty much played from track to track, and that was it. I'm glad that I did, because I just don't know how I would have layered all hip-hop music, and I have a better sense of the library now, but that's something I would like to be better at in the future. 
Feedback, guys. I want it.