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6 O' Clock Shadow #2 - 1/20/12

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IT'S 18:00 GUYS!!! Do you know what that means? In American it means 6:00pm, and on a Friday that means that it's 6 O'Clock Shadow time. When you come into the station and pick out music to play on the 88.3 FM airwaves.

Today I actually had a Shadower! His name is Tom, and apparently he's been wanting to come to the 6:00 Shadow for awhile, but just hasn't been able to get there because of work or life or whatever. He picked out songs #10-17. He came in to the studio and was immediately overwhelmed by all of the choices, and especially the local artist section, which is pretty stellar. At the same time Tom was in the studio, Winnie was training a new DJ as well! Anyway, that particular trainee was one that James and I grabbed in the Union at Winterfest, so it was pretty gratifying to see someone that I snagged in the station and making a mix tape! Like a monster that I helped to create!

Freeform! It's alive! It's ALIVE! Mwahahahahaha!
With such a short list there's not much to say, but I hope I've piqued your interest enough to make you want to check out the studio. You are always welcome.

[Artist: Song - Album]
  1. Edwin Birdsong: Funtaztik - Giant Single
  2. Eydie Gorman: The Coffee Song - Blame It On The Bossa Nova
  3. Metal Urbain: Panik - L'Age D'Or
  4. Lungfish: Necrophones - Necrophones
  5. Various Taiwanese Artists: ??? - Taiwanese Folk Songs
  6. Don Paterson: Luing -
  7. Cockatiel Training: Various Cockatiel Training Phrases - The Complete Cockatiel Training Album
  8. Merengue from Dominican Republic: Apágame la Vela (Put Out My Candle) - Raíces Latinas
  9. Kid Koala: slew test 2 - Your Mom's Favorite DJ
  10. Earth 2: Teeth of lions rule the divine - Earth 2
  11. Henry Flynt: Sky Turned Red - Back Porch Hillbilly Blues
  12. Godzuki: ??? - Free Wade
  13. Outrageous Cherry: Sign of the Times - Stereo Action Rent Party
  14. Nersès Nalbandian: Eyèyè - Ethiopiques
  15. Faruq Z. Bey: Fountain - 19 Moons
  16. Royal Trux: The Sewers of Mars - Thank You
  17. Sun City Girls: Man Without A Harmonica - Carnival Folklore Resurrection
Thank you:
  1. My friend who visited yesterday gave me the link to this website, which is where the Don Paterson poem came from. I will be utilizing this every day of my life now, so thank you. 
  2. Cockatiel Training Album: This makes my life better knowing that this record exists, and especially that it exists at WCBN. Whoever donated this to the station deserves warm cookies and my undying love. 
  3. Tom: Thanks for coming Tom. You made my 6:00 Shadow so much more interesting. 
No thank you:
  1. Nothing: Freeform for the win. Good job Tom. 
Now go be free! 

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