Sunday, January 29, 2012

Freestailo #20 - 1/25/12

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Wie geht's, leute? Alles gut?

This show I had a grand old time playing straight up music. I didn't do any layering, and I enjoyed myself immensely. If you were looking forward to some messed up sounds from the WCBN Dungeon, you may be disappointed. What you will hear is a very nice mix of songs from all the genres, with quite a few gems from albums that I will hopefully revisit. Although I'm generally happy with the variety of the set in genre, the lack of balance as far as track length was a little strange for me. I'm usually pretty good about creating some sort of arch for my set, with 1-3 minute songs, 4-6 minute songs, and then 6+ minute songs. I fear most of my tracks were much longer this time, and that

On another note, there's something that's been on my mind, and I would love your opinion (if you have one): would you listen to/hire a freeform DJ for a party/event/whatever? For example, let's say you're having a wedding reception, and you don't want to put up with only rap music at awkward dancing tempos, or your drunk best man playing "The Safety Dance" for the 32nd time.

Here's the thing gang: I've been thinking about learning to DJ for gigs. For parties, clubs, whatever. I want to be able to share this music with people in a setting they don't expect. I want to play Ike & Tina Turner, then some good old polka, then some Ghostly electronica, and smooth it out into some danceable blues. No one wants this to happen. Does this happen though? When I think about someone DJing for a club or a party, I think about a lot of pop music, a lot of electronica, and a lot of rap. But the world of music is immense, mes amis.

Anyway, it's a dream, right? To the list. Also, go Google "baby headphones" right now.

[Artist: Song - Album]
  1. Vince Vincent: Woman Love - The Bop That Just Won't Stop
  2. Calypso King & The Soul Investigators: Brand New Potatoes - Soul Strike
  3. Professor and Maryann: House By The Water - Lead Us Not Into Penn Station
  4. Four Tet: (track 9) - Everything Ecstatic
  5. La Chat: If They Hating On You - Ultimate Revenge
  6. Billie Holiday: What A Night, What A Moon, What A Girl - The Billie Holiday Story vol. II
  7. Manowar: The Dawn of Battle - The Dawn of Battle
  8. Ali Akbar Khan and John Handy: The Soul and the Atma - Karuna Supreme
  9. Pikoboy: Twilight City featuring Haruka - Piko@Lab V1.0
  10. Serge Lama: Les Ballons Rouges - Prestige
  11. Björk: Virus - Biophilia
  12. Thumbs Tubby: Yes, We Have No Bananas - Honky Tonk Piano
  13. !!!: Jamie, My Intentions Are Bass - Jamie, My Intentions Are Bass
  14. Funkstöring: Test - Appetite for Destruction
  15. The Louie Belogenis Trio: Alabama - Tiresias
  16. The Erkose Ensemble: Taksim on the Clarinet - Izigane
  17. A Return Reservation - Paris Blues Soundtrack
  18. Dave Tarras: Romania - TANZ!
  19. Jacob Obrecht: Ic graghe de mutse clutse - In A Medieval Garden
  20. Andrew Bird: Waiting To Talk - The Swimming Hour
  21. The Picketts: Should I Stay Or Should I Go? - Euphonium
  22. Ozomatli: Pá Lante - Embrace the Chaos
  23. Yoko Kanno: Shadow of Doubt - Vision of Escaflowne OST 2
  24. Manta Ray: Ébola - Estratexa
  25. Taraf de Haïdouks: Waltz From Masquerade - Maskarada
  26. Quadrophonia: Elektrik Chair Mix - Schizofrenia - The Worst Day of My Life
Should I stay:
  1. Pikolab chiptunes: I saw this group live at Lab Cafe on Liberty in Ann Arbor, and they were pretty stellar. I didn't get to stay long, but they had free CDs, so I grabbed one to play on the show. If you're into chiptunes, you'll love these guys, and I was happy to give them some exposure. I'm hoping to ask a few of them in to perhaps do a video game/chiptune themed show. Whatcha think?
  2. Manowar: You know, I didn't really mean to play this when I did, but this was one of my favorite tracks of the night. I thoroughly enjoy some good metal music, so if you have suggestions, give them to meeee.
  3. Taraf de Haïdouks: Yum. These guys are absolutely delicious nourishment for my 21st century-weary ears. I love the old soul in it, and they made me want to dance around the station. 
Or should I go:
  1. Quadrophonia mix-up: I didn't tell Cory that I had announced this track, and so he assumed that I hadn't, and announced it again at the end. It shouldn't bother me, and the audio file I put up has it edited out, but it irked me a bit, since I like to have a neatly laid out show.
  2. Lack of layering: Although I really enjoyed doing a straight-up music show, I always regret not doing some sort of layering just a little bit. It's always easier than you think.
  3. Too long of tracks?: The set list seems pretty short to me, and I'm used to having sometimes twice as much as this. This makes me think that perhaps I played too many 6+ minute songs, which for me is a little unusual. I usually try to vary up the set with 1-2 minute songs. 
For the freedom and the power and the glory is ours, now and forever. 


  1. "the clouds in the air" felt early '60s and felt good. the ragtime selections were refreshing and made me want to dance. Loved the French song with the flowing piano sounds. Always love your choices in poetry, you had the pace of the haiku just right, slow, clear, concise...nice.