Friday, January 13, 2012

Freestailo #18 - 1/11/12

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My first regular show in my new slot, guys! Huzzah!

So right before this show I was at WCBN's official movie night at Arbor Brewing Co., where we premiered our new beer, "The Listenership Pale Ale," and watched "Jailhouse Rock" with Elvis Presley. Right near the end of the movie though I had to jet out to come play music for you all, and it ended up being a great night. I started off with an Elvis tune, and the vaguely Elvis themed show ensued.

Immediately after playing some Elvis, I got a few calls, and some AIM messages from Rev. Andrew, and it really helped me fill out the show. A few of the guys from the station came and gave me a few albums to play as well after they finished watching the movie, which was super helpful. I also learned that we have an enormous Elvis collection, and it's labeled in rockabilly, which I had to kind of search for. I also found Elvis Hitler, which is a local band, and pretty excellent.

I'm also pleased with my findings of metal music in the library, which has been increasing since Jack has come to the station with his show "University of Metal." Something you might not know about me is that I secretly really love metal music. It's a little distressing to me that the WCBN library doesn't have a section marked off just for metal music, because I think it's a specific enough genre to warrant it, just like rockabilly is. Slowly though I've noticed that the metal albums have a yellow sticker at the bottom, and a red sticker at the top. A SECRET CODE! Haha, not really, but that's what it felt like.

Anyway, to the music!

[Artist: Song - Album]
  1. Elvis Presley: Doncha' Think It's Time - 50,000,000 Elvis Fans Can't Be Wrong
  2. Dion & The Belmonts: Where Or When - Best of Doo-Wop Ballads
  3. Elvis Hitler: Green Haze - Elvis Hitler
  4. Celestial Navigations: There Was A Time - Romance
  5. Les Crane: Desiderata - 
  6. Mojo Nixon Skidroper: Elvis Is Everywhere - Bo Day Shus!!!
  7. Al Green: Chariots of Fire - The Belle Album
  8. Pig Destroyer: Carrion Fairy - Terrifyer
  9. Jane Ira Bloom: Blue Poles - Sometime The Magic
  10. UCLA Madrigal Singers: Like as the Culver on the Baréd Bough - Choral Music of Twentieth Century Americans
  11. Empire: Jailhouse Cock Rocks The Most - Empire vs. Elvis Presley
  12. Möl Treffid: I Wanna See Pretty People Doin' Ugly Things - Touch The Monkey
  13. Chiwoniso: Matsotsi - Rebel Woman
  14. m-.-n: arbnown - Disco Dust
  15. G&D: Ye Olde Skit - The Message
  16. Elvis Presley: Treat Me Nice - Elvis at the Movies
  17. +/-: Surprise! - Promotional
  18. Nitzer Ebb: Lovesick - As Is
  19. Bielefelder Kinderchor: Hebe Deine Augen Auf - Bielefelder Kinderchor
  20. Jean-Pierre Rampal: Hirota: Hamachidori (Beach Plover) - Japanese Folk Melodies
  21. Dead Kennedys: Viva Las Vegas - Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables
  22. Marvin Gaye: Cleo's Apartment - Trouble Man
  23. Yosefa: My Beautiful One - Yosefa
  24. Pinkerton Thugs: Brighter Day - End of an Era
  25. Neurosis: Water Is Not Enough - Given To The Rising
  26. Plush: Virginia - More Becomes You
  27. James Chance and the Contortionists: James Brown Covers - James Chance @ Secret Robot Project on Halloween Weekend in Brooklyn
  28. The Soft Boys: Heartbreak Hotel - 1976-81
  29. Dread Zeppelin: Black Dog - UN-led-ED
  30. minusbaby: São Roque (Bella/Boa) - Saudade for Beginners
  31. The Smiths: Ask - Louder Than Bombs
Treat Me Nice:
  1. METAL: Möl Treffid, Neurosis, Pig Destroyer...felt pretty damn good to play those. Thanks for the label system Jack.
  2. Chiptunes: m-.-n and minusbaby are two of my favorite chiptune artists in my personal library, so I was very glad to share them with you.
  3. Rampal Japanese Folk Melodies: This was a treat to find in the classical section! I think because it's a French artists doing them it's correctly labeled, but I never would have found these if I was hosting Radiozilla and looking for Japanese albums. NOTED!
Treat Me Not So Nice:
  1. Lull?: right around the Kinderchor I felt like there was a bit of a lull in the show, but not in the good way like I normally like. Instead of an intentional downing of the tempo, it was an unintentional drop of adrenaline because I didn't grab enough material for the last hour before hand. 
  2. Not enough Elvis: I think I could have tried harder to really make this an Elvis themed show, but I usually shy away from playing too much of one person, so I just didn't do it. A listener called in and was surprised not to hear more Elvis as well.
  3. Juggling act: I realize after today's show that I need to get much better at talking on the phone and DJing at the same time. I had so many calls and people and things going on that it was hard to concentrate. This really just requires more focus on my part.
Listen more! Radio more! Viva la WCBN!

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