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Freestailo #19 - 1/18/12

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Hey future WCBN lovers.

I had a lot of fun with this week’s show, gang. A friend came into the studio, helped me pick out some music, and kept me company for my shift, so I had a lot of new music that I probably wouldn’t have grabbed myself. It was like having a listener constantly calling in requests, except that my listener had a face, and I didn’t have to actually find the requests! It also helps my perspective and understanding of the station to have a helper.

I had an interesting arch in my set that I’ve never had this time: from records to CDs, to records. Usually I try to have a very even mix between records and CDs (and occasionally my personal library) throughout my show, but I used a lot more records than usual, and when I did use CDs, it was later in the set, right before I started using records again. I didn’t mix and match too much. Seeing how smooth my set was, I’ll have to experiment with whatever it was I did, since there were a few variables to this equation.  

Also, shout out to my mom with the Harry Belafonte song. She used to sing this to me all the time, and (even though I played it at 45rpm) it’s fun to find nostalgia in the studio, you know?

[Artist: Song - Album]
  1. Soloman Burke: I'm Gonna Stay Right Here - The Bishop Rides South
  2. Boston Symphony Orchestra: Bach: Brandenburg Concerto No. 5 - Brandenburg Concertos No. 4, 5, 6
  3. Disney: Various sounds - Chilling, Thrilling Sounds of the Haunted House
  4. Arif Sag: Ayrilik Hasretlik - Insan Olmaya Geldim
  5. Kim Song-Jin: Sangnyongsan from Yuch'osinjigok (Taegum Solo) - Korean Traditional Music
  6. Boiled in Lead: The Man Who Was Boiled in Lead - Boiled in Lead
  7. Elf Power: Owl Cut (White Flowers in the Sky) - In A Cave
  8. Suppa Micro: Chipinyanko Ra - Obake
  9. Hartford Grisman: Hound Dawg - Retrograss
  10. Sandy and Eddie Oliver: Shaggy Dog Cha Cha Cha - Dog Songs
  11. Nikki and the Corvettes: I Wanna Be Your Girlfriend - Nikki and the Corvettes
  12. The Rollers: Knockin' At The Wrong Door - Eccentric Soul 017
  13. Telefon Tel Aviv: Bubble and Spike - Map Of What Is Effortless
  14. Eddie Harris: These Foolish Things - Eddie Harris Goes To The Movies
  15. Tino's Breaks: Bats in my Belfry Dub - Hallowe'en Dub
  16. The Aislers Set: Emotional Levy - How I Learned To Write Backwards
  17. Justin Brewer: A Rotting Corpse - DEATH
  18. U.K. Subs: Hey! Santa - Japan Today
  19. The King's Singers: Ecce vidimus eum - Gesualdo: Tenebrae Responsories For Maundy Thursday
  20. Harry Belafonte: Jamaica Farewell - Belafonte '89
  21. Jerry Lee Lewis: Great Balls of Fire - Don't You Step On My Blue Suede Shoes
  22. The Homosexuals: Divorce Proceeding (From Reality) - Astral Glamour
  23. "Big Voice" Odom: Mother-In-Law Blues - Feel So Good
  24. Ultravox: Slow Motion - Three Into One
  25. Sara Bareilles & Ingrid Michaelson: Winter Song - Winter Song
  26. Cristina Perri: A Thousand Years - Breaking Dawn
  27. Rob Macht: Vishnu - Vishnu
  28. Simón Díaz: La Vaca Mariposa/El Becerrito (Venezuela) - Quetzalcoatl
  29. Forcefield: ??? - Lord of the Rings Modulator
  30. Matthew Dear: Tide - Backstroke
Knockin’ At The Right Door:
  1. Haunted house sounds: I’m pretty happy with the layering that I did so early on! It usually takes me awhile to warm up to sets of layering, but this came very easily to me.
  2. Shaggy Dog Cha Cha Cha: My friend picked this out, and it was a GEM. I’m always looking for new children’s stories and things to play from our library, but sometimes it takes new perspective to find it.
  3. Forcefield: Once again, my friend picked this out. As I was playing it the next DJ came in to get some music and was really digging it.
Knockin’ At The Wrong Door:
  1. The Rollers: I’m pretty sure I played “Knockin’ At The Wrong Door” for one of my other shows, and I really hate playing repeats. I meant to find a different song on this album, but Nikki and the Corvettes ended early, and I panicked.
  2. Accidental 45s: Turntable 1 has a glitch where if you switch it to 45rpm, then you have to first turn it off, and then back on to use it on 33rpm. Me being a derp, I did not check this beforehand, and played most of the records on Turntable 1 at 45rpm. Bach, the Korean music, Harry Belafonte…all but the Matthew Dear record.
  3. Long set is long: Perhaps it was because I had a friend in the studio, but the last hour was…an hour. I didn’t have to play any PSAs or Promos in the middle, so I just kept playing music because I didn’t feel like stopping. In my experience, this creates frustrated listeners.
 Now go listen to more radio!

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