Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Freestailo #6 - 9/10/11

Right Click/Ctrl-Click to Download Freestailo #6 Here

Dearly loved listeners, welcome! This week was an interesting show for these reasons:

  1. It was not my normal time! Instead of 3-6am, I got to DJ from 9pm-12am, which was a very nice change for both my creativity and for my sleep schedule.
  2. I had a guest! Although she was silent, my sister's good friend Mariel came to check out the radio station and listen to my DJ, since she happens to work for NPR. It was great to have some insight from her about the kind of job that she does, and how me DJing at WCBN both applies directly and is very different from the kind of work that she does and that NPR does. I also got to pick her brain about the kinds of satisfaction she gets doing radio, and how I might be able to achieve that DJing at WCBN. Recently I've been thinking a lot about doing a radio internship, and she gave me some tips on how I can achieve that as well. It was absolutely enlightening, and I'm so thankful that Mariel was so honest and willing to help me. 
  3. Everything seemed to go wrong! No joke, every possible thing that could happen to me did: I couldn't find the program that plays the promos/PSAs, my entrance was a little weird, I didn't prepare as much music as usual, phones going off while I read poetry, etc. The list goes on. 
  4. I read a lot of Rainer Maria Rilke poems today, both in English and in German. This was especially exciting for me, because I love speaking in German, even though I'm not fluent. It's a beautiful language, and Rilke is a genius. I also read an Erika Meitner poem, whom I've gotten to like the more I read. 
The poems that I read:
  • Rainer Maria Rilke (from Ahead of All Parting)
    • The Magician (Der Magier)
    • Sonnets to Orpheus XXIX
    • Sonnets to Orpheus XXII
  • Erika Meiner (from Ideal Citites)
    • January
[Album: Song - Album]

  1. Pinetop Perkins: Got My Mojo Workin' - After Hours
  2. Original Chorus of the Cossacks of the Volga: Nights of Moscow - Cossacks of the Volga
  3. Ella Fitzgerald: How High The Moon - Ella In Berlin
  4. Tarantella: Mexican Wine - Esqueletos
  5. Celestial Navigations: Arrangar V - Chapter V The Connection
  6. Ane Brun: Armour - Changing of the Seasons
  7. Sexmob: Come Sunday - Din of Inequity
  8. Leonard Bernstein: Prokofiev: Symphony no. 5 - Symphony no. 5
  9. Igor Stravinsky: The Clock That Went Backwards - The Clock That Went Backwards
  10. Ticklah: Pain of Loving You - Polydemic
  11. The Papercuts: Summer Long - Can't Go Back
  12. Whales: Whale Sounds - Deep Voices
  13. Tony Bennet: Indian Summer - Perfectly Frank
  14. Kid Koala: Slew test 3B etc. - Your Mom's Favorite DJ
  15. JP Ghosh: MRIDANGAM - Rhythm on Indian Drums
  16. Ike and Tina Turner: It's All Gonna Work Out Fine - Ike and TIna Turner Revue
  17. Maxime Le Forestier: Frisson d'avril - Maxime Le Forestier
  18. Hiromi: Keytalk - Brain
  19. Shigeto: Brown Eyed Girl, French Kiss Power Up, Ann Arbor pt. 2, Children at Midnight - Full Circle
  20. Ella Fitzgerald: Sophisticated Lady - Duke Ellington Songbook
  21. Ken Nordine: The Whistler - Best of Word Jazz
  22. Glenn Gould: Best of Glenn Gould's Bach - Best of Glenn Gould's Bach
  23. Bubby Krane: Stompin' at the Savoy - Teen Age Dance Party
  24. Glen Gould: (more of above)
  25. Phon.O: The Weird Soap - Mokkastübchen EP
  26. Kickball: Polarbears - Everything is a miracle nothing is a miracle everything is
  27. Happy: Thoughts from the grey - Kiss. Bang
  28. Sathima Bea Benjamin: Winnie Mandela-Beloved Heroine - Lovelight
  29. John Legend and The Roots: Wholy Holy - Wake Up!
  30. New York Pro Musica and Noah Greenberg: The Play of Daniel - The Play of Daniel
  31. Myra Melford: Some Kind of Blues - Alive in the House of Saints
  32. Jan DeGaitani: Pierrot Lunaire op. 21 - Schönberg: Pierrot Lunaire op. 21
  33. Owusu and Hannibal: Lonnie's Secret - Living With...
  34. Fred Hersch Quintet: Cat's Paws - Point in Time
  35. Zeti Müren: asf

Thing I would like to repeat perhaps:
  1. Whistling+Bach: This was probably the most appropriate and smoothly integrated layering that I have ever done. I did not know that the spoken track would reference Bach, and I had only by coincidence grabbed a Bach piano CD.
  2. Phon.O: All of this album was really great for many reasons. It was great for layering, it was great to just listen to, it had interesting sounds...everything. This was a gem. 
  3. Shigeto+German poetry: Mmmm, I just really love Shigeto, and I'm glad I had it to layer under the Rainer Maria Rilke poems I was reading. 
Things I would never want to repeat:
  1. Losing the promos/PSAs: I have no idea why those weren't already opened, and I don't know why I couldn't open any of the files to view them normally, but I think I need to figure that out for future reference. 
  2. Layering Two Classical Pieces: I really did not mean to layer Prokofiev and Stravinsky together...and just writing this I realized that I not only layed two classical pieces, but two RUSSIAN classical pieces. I need to be more careful.
  3. Skipping LPs: There was probably a 3-5 minute period where the Phon.O album was skipping. Luckily, the music is such that it sounded normal for awhile, but it took waaaaay longer than it should have for me to realize what was happening. 
Keep listening guys, and feel free to leave comments/suggestions/criticisms/whatever for me. I would love some feedback. 


  1. you posted this file twice. it is also posted under your birthday post. so basically you never posted your birthday radio file.

  2. lol np. at first i thought it was a naming problem with linux so it was rather confusing at first...