Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Freestailo #4 - 6/26/11

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Bonjour, Listeneurs.

This show represents the first half of a very, very, VERY long night for me. It was right before I left for France and I knew that I wasn't going to be able to DJ for a long time, so I signed up for 3. Count 'em: THREE slots with a 24-hour period. Not one of my better ideas. BUT, I ended up learning a lot, playing some cool music, and finding out how long I can function without sleep.

Something oddly interesting about this show is how little I layered anything throughout it. I was completely content to play exactly the songs that I had found, and trying to transition between them as smoothly as possible. The variety was balanced, and I tried to pick things that I felt a little uncomfortable with sometimes, purely because I was unfamiliar with them. Lesson learned: unfamiliar things are probably more interesting for both you and your audience.

Anyway, here's the playlist, folks: 
[Artist: Song - Album]
  1. Hot Club of Cowtown: It Stops With Me - Ghost Train
  2. Erich Kunzel and King's Singers: Let It Be - Music of the Beatles
  3. King Missle: Nietsche Sneezes - Happy 14 1/2
  4. Inle Myint Maung and Yi Yi Thant: A Huntsman Enchanted - Mahagità: Harp and Vocal Music of Burma
  5. Kyrgyzstan Superstar: Futfutfutfut Freestailo! - YouTube
  6. George Benson: Cast Your Fate to the Wind - Good King Bad
  7. End: World Went Down - Sounds of Disaster
  8. Slasher Risk: Mastering - Obsolete
  9. Mary Martin: Lonely Goatherd - The Sound of Music
  10. Arthur Lyman: Moon Over A Ruined Castle - Taboo
  11. Time Berne: Manatee Woman - Science Fiction
  12. Smith/Bradley/Hughes: Great Speckled Bird - Tone Poems III
  13. The Irish Rovers: The Unicorn - The Unicorn
  14. Cat Power: Werewolf - You Are Free
  15. Louise Attaque: Toute cette histoire - Louise Attaque
  16. Bell: Rhythm Machine - Seven Types of Six
  17. Randy Grief: You Shan't Be Beheaded - Alice in Wonderland pt. 4
  18. Citizen Cope: The Rackett - Citizen Cope
  19. Memphis Slim: Sassy Mae - USA
  20. Lalo Schifrin: Blues in the Bassment - Jazz Meets the Symphony
  21. Cabbageboy: Mod You - Bento/Box
  22. Man or Astro_Man?: After ALl The Prosaic Waiting...The Sun Finally Crashes into the Earth - A Spectrum of Finite Scale
  23. Yann Tiersen: La Valse d'Amélie (piano) & La Dispute - Amelie Soundtrack
  24. Zakir Hussain: Tabla solo in Jhaptal (10 beats) - Master Drummers of India
  25. Natalia Dudkina: Doktor Olya - The Rough Guide to the Music of Russia
  26. Caterpillars: The Buddy Ballantine - "a thousand million micronauts" 
  27. Food For Animal: Grapes - Food For Animal
  28. Mika Miko: Zombies Take One - 666!
  29. Chris Proctor: October's Window - Only Now
  30. Antoine Roney: Blues for Leslie - Whirling
  31. Dizzee Rascal feat. Calvin Harris and Chrome: DJ Rap Remix - Dizzee Rascal Dance Wiv Me
  32. Müncher Bach-Orchester: Brandenburgische Konzerte no. 5 - Bach: 6 Brandenburgische Konzerte
  33. b.fleishmann: pass by - Welcome Tourist
  34. Zeena Parkins: Monestary of Kenadsa - Isabelle
  35. Kiila: Fireburnfoot - Heartcore
  36. Simbi: Pwazon Rat - Vodou Beat
  37. L'Orchestre de la Suisse Romande: Ritual Dance - Stravinsky: Le Sacre du Printemps
  38. JWagosi Wa Kaya f/ The First Mack: Wauguzi - Bongo Flava: Swahili Rap from Tanzania
Chill stuff I did:
  1. 'The Unicorn' by The Irish Rovers: This LP was a great find, and I was so excited to find 'The Unicorn' on there. That's my childhood right there guys. Now I know that they're in the lounge/ukulele section and NOT the folk section.
  2. Futfutfutfut Freestailo! by Kyrgyzstan Superstar: I have been wanting to play this song for sooooo long. This is essentially the theme song to my show. This is the namesake of my show. This is what cheers me up when I'm down. Glad we get to share this thing.
  3. Letting songs play out: I'm really glad that I did minimal layering during this show, because it reminded me that music I play over the airwaves will be beautiful no matter what. I need to appreciate the natural state of a CD sometimes, and listen to it more closely so that when I DO layer, it's important. 
Not so chill stuff I did:

  1. 'Let It Be' by the King's Singers: Yeaaaaaaaah, not my proudest moment. Despite my instinct telling me that it was going to be truly awful, I decided to jump on it anyway. Honestly though, it made me laugh pretty hard, so maybe it wasn't such a bad decision after all. 
  2. Playing a song before playing the promo/PSA: I need to quit doing that. I come into the station early to make sure I can grab lots of records and CDs, and then I get all flustered once I sit down and just put on a CD, when really I should play a promo and PSA right away. Maybe it doesn't bother anyone else, but I think it would really clean up my show, and would stabilize me mentally. 
Thanks again for listening/reading. Keep checking back because I'll have a bunch of posts ready for you soon.

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