Monday, September 12, 2011

Long Time No Post

Hey guys.

I have a lot of updates that are a long time in coming, and I'm terrible for not being more attentive. I went to France for a few months, so my 4th Freestailo has yet to be uploaded. Since then I have also done two more Freestailo and a sub-show. Unfortunately, my August 26th--aka my birthday--Freestailo is lost in space, because the archiving system at my station went down because of power. I was still able to do a show, but you will not get to hear it.

I'm also in the process of hosting my audio files through Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service)--which if you're looking for a good place to host audio files, this is it. A friend of mine who worked at Amazon over the summer told me about it, and so far I think it's pretty fantastic. You can upload as much as you want, link it wherever you want, and you only get charged for what people actually download. It's incredibly inexpensive too. End advertisement.

The WCBN mass meeting was tonight as well, so I'm very excited to say that I'm still DJing, and at my same time-slot from 3-6am on Sunday mornings! As I well know, most people can't listen at that time, so I will still be updating my blog regularly. Another piece of news is that I will soon be heading the WCBN blog, which sorely needs updating.

Worth mentioning is that I recently discovered that I can upload all of my shows to a Spotify playlist, so that anyone can listen to them that has Spotify. SO, click the link on the right side of the blog, and add me on Spotify!

Can't wait to be back in the game, folks. I really appreciate the constant support.

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