Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Freestailo #7 - 9/18/11

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What's the up, hot stuffs?

Somehow I got an adequate amount of sleep before my radio show (impromptu 3-hour nap huzzah) and was in some sort of sane state of mind to host this show. It turned out better than I thought it would be, partially because I really restrained myself from doing too much layering, which forced me to think a little more critically as to the kinds of selections I put together, so that when I DID layer, it was a little bit more meaningful, I hope. In another sense, this may be against the nature of total freeform and total experimentation, but for this show I think it was a good way to go for the way I was feeling.

Something interesting that I've never done before is to use 7" singles LPs for the first time! I'm a little appalled I didn't think of using them before, but I think simply because they use a different setting on the turntable, and because I don't know that section very well, I stayed away. Tonight though, I thought, "To hell with it," and went ahead and grabbed a few, and it turned out to be a lot of fun. Our 7" LP section is really diverse, and it's such an easy way to play singles, rather than searching on a larger record. 

I feel really happy about the variety of the set, and I tried to minimize my talking time. How did I do?

[Artist: Song - Album]
  1. Hot Club of Cowtown: Mission to Moscow - Hot Jazz, Hot Swing, Hot Club
  2. My Dear Disco/Ella Riot: All I Do - Dancethink LP
  3. Poulenc: Cello Sonata: Cavatine, mvt. 2 - Violin/Clarinet/Cello Sonata
  4. Cat Power: The Sleepwalker - Dear Sir
  5. Frog Pocket: Séa Angel Lament - Gonglot
  6. Akiko Yano: Out of the Grey - Piano Nightly
  7. Xeno & Oaklander: 4th Wall - Sentinelle
  8. John Lewis and Svend Asmussen: Winter's Tale - European Encounter
  9. Angelique Kidjo: Tatchédogbè - Ayé
  10. Danny Cohen: Astral Rag - Museum of Dannys
  11. Four Tops: Reach Out I'll Be There - Tour Tops' Greatest Hits
  12. Helge Schneider: Eine rose ist eine rose ist eine rose... - und meine kleine band hardcore
  13. Dalal: Sigalia - Al Ol
  14. Kassav': Rosa - Vini Pou
  15. Dinah Washington: Stardust - For Lonely Lovers
  16. Ed Kenney: Wind, Sea, and Stars - Adventures in Paradise
  17. Tom Waits: Invitation to Blues - Small Change
  18. mtn. high: Witch Hunting Memoirs - wicked wanderer
  19. Randy Grief: A Very Difficult Game, Indeed - Alice in Wonderland pt. 4
  20. Marilyn Manson: 15 - The High End of Low
  21. April in the Orange: Crystal Rose - Siva Casting Dust
  22. Kronic: Summertime (album version) - Summertime
  23. Heartsrevolution: wolves+libertines - Switchblade EP
  24. Chirglich: Teve-Khaya (Camel Rock) - The Wolf and The Kid
  25. Paul Hersch and Laurette Goldberg: Sonata no. 2 - The Leipzig Sonatas
  26. Tim Berne: The Shell Game - The sublime and sciencefriction live
  27. Eddy Clearwater: Very Good Condition - Cool Blues Walk
  28. Russ Morgan: Red Roses for a Blue Lady - Red Roses for a Blue Lady
  29. Kraftwerk: The Robots - The Man Machine
  30. Prehensile Monkeytailed Skink: I Hate You - Skink
  31. Solomon Burke: These Arms of Mine - The Bishop Runs South
  32. Elf Power: The New Mythology - In A Cave
  33. Jim Hall/Roland Hanna/Ron Carter/Steve Gadd/Chet Baker/Paul Desmond - You'd Be So Nice To Come Home To - Concierto
  34. Peter Garland: Dance no. 4 - Matachin Dances
  35. Yann Tiersen: La Valse d'Amelie - music box
  36. Erkin Koray: Krallar (Kings) - Devlerin Nefesi (Breath of Giants)
  37. Alloy: Underground - Alloy
  38. Cirque de Soleil: Carrousel - Quidam
  39. LeRoy Larson and the Minnesota Scandinavian Ensemble: Nidelven - Saturday Night Old Time
  40. Dr. Dog: the girl (beck remix) - Dr. Dog
  41. Messer für Frau Müller: Intimate Service Cosmique - Triangle, Dot, & Devil
  42. Jeff Sharel: tribute final (original mix) - tribute final
  43. Deltron: Battlesong - 3030
  44. The Strange Boys: You Can't Only Love When You Want To - Be Brave
  45. Tom Weisgerber: Clarinet Polka - COTFA
  46. Jiminy Cricket: When You Wish Upon A Star - Pinocchio
  47. The Vampires of Dartmoore: Hallo, Mister Hitchcock - Dracula's Music Cabinet
  48. Boiled in Lead: The Gypsy - Music from The Gypsy
The Good:
  1. Using singles LPs: Definitely doing that again, for multiple reasons, 1) they're interesting and always different, a lot of times local, 2) they're easy to grab from the soundboard, 3) they're cute.
  2. J.S. Bach+Tim Berne Layering: This was my favorite layering of the night, and it was satisfying to do as well, because while the Bach had been playing for awhile, I was very, VERY slowly raising the volume of the Berne, until it integrated into an uncomfortable, unsettling feeling. 
  3. Music box: I bought a music box that plays "La Valse d'Amelie" from the movie 'Amelie', so I brought it in case I was inspired, which I was. It was a bit hard to time, and to maneuver between the 2 or 3 things I had been playing, but I loved the minimalism in comparison with the noise that I had before. 
The Bad:
  1. Transitions: I'm still working on really tightening up my transitions, and today they were a bit lazy, with a bit too much space in between tracks, especially near the end of my set. 
  2. Dinah Washington on Helium: Even though it always sounds INTERESTING when I put a 33 LP on a 45 setting, I definitely didn't plan for that to happen, and it's a good lesson for me to check the settings on the turntables before I play anything.
  3. Last track: It was a good track, but I didn't feel great ending with it for some reason. C'est la vie. 
 Glad to be back in the swing of things, and I hope to learn a lot over the next semester so that you all can really enjoy my show as much as possible. As usual, please feel free to leave comments/questions/suggestions/etc.

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