Sunday, September 18, 2011

Subshow #4 - 8/26/11 - BIRTHDAY SPECIAL!

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So guys. Here's the deal. This show is all about me today, because this show was on MY birthday!


This show was a lot of fun for multiple reasons:
  1. It was my birthday
  2. My inhibitions were down
  3. I played a lot of video game music and I liked it. 
I should probably do all of these more often...or at least the latter two. Being able to relax and do whatever I wanted for a show without care for anyone else but me turned out to be a really great show. Maybe not the mentality I want to have all the times, but sometimes you have to throw caution to the wind and do what you're feeling in the moment to get a good performance, which I've learned through singing.

I really don't have much else to say about this except that I got to use some field recordings during the show that I recorded in France, which I think added a lot, and I think that I will repeat in the future. I will need to make more recordings for that methinks. Anyway, onto the set!

[Artist: Song - Album]
  1. Sesame Street: Happy Birthday from Sesame Street - Happy Birthday!
  2. Serge Gainsbourg: Bonnie and Clyde (avec Brigitte Bardot) - A Gainsbarre
  3. Various: Hurricane - The Hurricane
  4. Ella Fitzgerald: Indian Summer - Live at Carnegie Hall
  5. Toxic Lipstick: Thunderdome - Poopin
  6. Cookie and the Cupcakes: Got You On My Mind - By Request
  7. D.A.F.: Mein Herz Macht Bum - Alles Ist Gut
  8. Richard Strauss/Philedelphia Orchestra: A Hero's Life (Ein Heldenleben) - A Hero's Life
  9. Philip Glass: Two Pages - Two Pages etc. 
  10. The Irish Rovers: Cold Winter Shadows - All Hung Up
  11. Tatsu Aoki: Eye to Eye - Trio
  12. CocoRosie: Here I Come - Grey Oceans
  13. Sesame Street: A Cat Had a Birthday - Happy Birthday!
  14. Junko: ?? - Sings Japanese Nursery Rhymes
  15. Bonga, Marisa Monte, Carlinhas Brown: Mulemba xangóla - Onda Sonora
  16. Rachmaninoff: Piano Concerto no. 2, op. 18 - Piano Concerto no. 2
  17. IAM: Libére Mon Imagination - L'ecole du Micro D'argent
  18. Tartanic: Ringworm - uncivilized
  19. Akakage: She is a pretty girl - Ursula 1000
  20. Anamanaguchi: Fast Turtle - Power Supply
  21. Otis Clay: Love Don't Love Nobody - Soul Man: Live in Japan
  22. Mireille Mathieu: Pourquoi le monde est sans amour - Grand Succés de Mireille Mathieu
  23. Nico Muhly: Mothertongue, archive - Mothertongue
  24. Nine Inch Nails: Even Deeper - The Fragile
  25. Hot Club of Cowtown: More Than A Dream - Dev'lish Mary
  26. Animal Crossing: 5AM - Animal Crossing OST
  27. Kleenex: Hedi's Head - YouTube
  28. Henri Salvador: Jardin d'Hiver - Chambre Avec Vue
  29. Carlos Giffoni: Comfort and Pleasure - Adult Life
  30. Nintendo: The End - Super Mario RPG
  31. Nintendo: Mario and Peach's Theme - Paper Mario OST
  32. Nintendo: Graaaaandma - The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker OST
  33. The Baby Namboos: Late Night Antics - Ancoats2zambia
  34. Telemann: Concerto in B Major - Baroque Masterpieces for Violin
  1. Video game music: It's no secret to anyone who knows me that I really love video game music. I have lots of soundtracks on my computer, and I'm constantly finding more from other friends. Being able to share it was such a fun experience, and I'm thinking I should do it more often. 
  2. Birthday songs!: I'm happy I got to play some birthday songs from an actual ALBUM of birthday songs. Yay!
  3. Field recording layering: I loved using my field recording of the bells of the Perigueux cathedral, and I love even more that they were layered with something as elegant and beautiful as the Rachmaninoff Piano Concerto no. 2. Major eargasm for me. 
  1. Carlos Giffoni: I'm so sorry for that. Even though it was my birthday, I didn't mean to play a purely noise piece like that. Thankfully it righted itself, but I should preview tracks more often when I pick out CDs.
  2. Even Deeper by NIN: Although a good friend of mine requested this, it kind of broke up my set weirdly because I knew the track so well, and I think it was one of their singles. I usually try to stay away from really popular tracks.
  3. 'Poopin' by Toxic Lipstick: That was a weird track. It looked really cute, but was not quite. Oh well!
I really hope you liked the set, and please feel free to leave comments/complaints/suggestions/etc. for my future shows! 

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