Sunday, September 18, 2011

Subshow #3 - 6/26/11

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Welcome to Part Trois of my crazy adventures in DJing for 9 hours in a single day. On this particular day, I DJed from 3-6am, 6-9am, and THOUGHT that I was DJing from 11am-1pm. Guess what though, folks? In my zealousness, I accidentally signed up for the 11pm-1am slot instead! Because of my early morning excursions, I was also so tired that I decided it was a good idea to take a nap right before my show so I would be chipper. This is what I have learned: don't do that, you will oversleep and be MORE tired rather than LESS tired. Thus I don't actually know the track to the first song I played because I threw it in the CD tray to find other songs.

Despite this hiccup, I quite liked this set of songs, and I had a few requests from friends I was intermittently chatting with online, so it was interesting for me. Rarely do I get requests, but I think it always throws something extra into the show, because then it's almost like a collaborative work. Anyway, here's the set:

[Artist: Song - Album]
  1. Flying Lotus: ? - Cosmogramma
  2. Lucky Peterson: Pounding of My Heart - Lucky Strikes
  3. Guy Davis: Long Train - Call Down the Thunder
  4. Ella Fitzgerald and the Tommy Flanagan Trio: One Note Samba - Montreux '77
  5. The Cleveland Orchestra: O Fortuna - Carl Orff: Carmina Burana
  6. Cat Power: I Can't Get No Satisfaction - The Covers Record
  7. The Beatles: From Me to You Fantasy - Help! Soundtrack
  8. Tetuzi Akiyama: Ascension - Proletarian Drift
  9. Exit 245: Fix You - YouTube
  10. Ben Folds Five: Julianne - Ben Folds Five
  11. Peggy Lee: Black Coffee - Black Coffee
  12. Vienna Philharmonic Quartet: Quartet in D Minor "Death and the Maiden" - Schubert Quartets
  13. Geographer: Kites - Kites
  14. The Smiths: Frankly, Mr. Shankly - The Queen is Dead
  15. Cardinal: If You Believe in Christmas Trees - Cardinal
  16. Carrigan: The Flood - Carrigan
  17. John Coltrane: Ascension - Ascension
  18. Laurie Anderson: The Geographic North Pole - The Ugly One With Jewels
  19. Bratko Bibic: Sackamra - Rough Guide to the Music of the Alps
  20. Rilo Kiley: Science vs. Romance - Take Offs and Landings
  1.  Black Coffee by Peggy Lee: I LOVE this song, and her version of it is absolutely sex. 
  2. Carmina Burana + Ella: Somehow adding Ella to the mix always makes things better...or at least more interesting. 
  3. The Queen is Dead by The Smiths: I haven't listened to The Smiths much, which is kind of a tragedy, so I figured I'd grab something. This turned out to be one of my favorite tracks, so I think I'll revisit the rock section more to play them.
  1. Coming late: I've only done this once and I don't think I'll ever do it again. It's real bad to put your fellow DJ in that position where they have to wait, because they have stuff to do. They're tired. They're ready to go home. 
  2. Not knowing the first track I played: It's kind of sad that that track is lost in space and time now. I really like Flying Lotus though, so I don't doubt I'll revisit that album again.
  3. Fix You by Exit 245: I had this as a request from a friend, and it was a good sounding track, but it sounded a bit too much like the original for my taste, and it broke up the set strangely.

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