Monday, May 21, 2012

Subshow #16 - 5/9/12

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Today was a bit of a strange show for me because one of my very good friends was in the studio with me, and immediately before subbing Saramin's show, I hosted the very first episode of the Sex and Tell Show, which is a public affairs show I'm doing this semester with a friend, so I was a little...crazed is the word.

Regardless, I think it was a good show, and I happened upon a few good songs! Hope you like it!

[Artist: Song - Album]
  1. Burton Green: Variations on a Coffee Machine - Variations on a Coffee Machine
  2. Kraftwerk: Trans-Europe Express - Trans-Europe Express
  3. Modern Barbershop Quartet: Tie A Yellow Ribbon Round The Ole Oak Tree - Modern Barbershop Quartet
  4. Various: Disco Mickey Mouse - Mickey Mouse Disco
  5. The East St. Louis Gospelettes: There Is No Seniority With God - Movin' On Up
  6. The Budos Band: Raja Haje - III
  7. Heartbeat of Africa: various
  8. Chica Libre: Danza Del Millonario - Canibalismo
  9. Johnny Cash: Lost On The Desert - The Sound of Johnny Cash
  10. The Shamen: Deep Psi - Make It Mine
  11. Anand Badamikar: Tintal - Anand Badamikar (tabla)
  12. Les Innocents: Les Fantomes de Lorraine - Cent Metres Au Paradis
  13. My Dear Disco: Clubbin' - My Dear Disco EP
  14. Mirah: Don't! - Don't!
  15. Ella Fitzgerald: How High The Moon - Mack the Knife Ella in Berlin
  16. Ukrainska Selka Orchestra: Polka Mazurka - Aimer Et Perdre
  17. Mato Grosso: Thunder (I) - Thunder
  18. Ruth Wallis: Cape Canaveral Blues - Boobs
  19. Shigeto: Sky of the Revolution - Full Circle
  20. Randy Grief: A Pool Of Tears - Alice In Wonderland pt. 1
  21. Celestial Navigations: It Was Our Great Romance - Chapter V
  22. Inkhav: El Inca Atahualpa - Soul of the Andes
  23. Tim Sparks: La Rosa Enflorece - Tanz
Movin' Up:
  1. Mickey Disco: I win radio with this. You're welcome. 
  2. Ruth Wallis: I love this CD so much. And now I own it. More to come on that in another post.
  3. Celestial Navigations: This never gets old. 
Movin' Down:
  1. Starting with long track: Tell me if I'm wrong, but that makes the set a little slow...right? 
  2. Premature Song Playing: As I was at the station, my friend and I were also having dinner, and she went to my apartment to grab some Nutella for our bread, and I accidentally, and in a state of panic, played the song that she had picked out to hear. I'm still sorry about that.
  3. Thunder: Not as epic as I thought. Hm. 
Until next time!

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