Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Freestailo #35 - 5/25/12

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I don't even know what to say about this show. It was a lot of fun, and I feel like it went through some strange waves. I used some video game music sparingly, and I tried to have a carefree attitude about the types of genres I pick. Usually I try to pick one thing from most of the genres, but today I felt a bit glued to the electronica and rock. Honestly, I think it turned out to be a good show though, but tell me what you think.

One thing I absolutely loved was a moment of layering where I was playing the "Cave" song from Skyward Sword, a song from Niellerade, and the Robert Lax recording. Truthfully, even if a layering is good, sometimes it doesn't affect me, because it still seems like separate components. This layering in this show though was a moment I want to bottle. It was a feeling like I could close my eyes and, instead of being at WCBN, I would be in a cave, with a God-like voice echoing off the walls to speak to me. That moment in freeform radio when you are transported to a different country, continent, universe, is what I live for.

Also, because I am in love with Regina Spektor, I want to share more of her with you with this article by NPR along with her new album streaming for free.

Playlist time!

[Artist: Song - Album]
  1. Jame Kochalka Superstar: Ozzy & I - Don't Trust Whitey
  2. Ozzy Osbourne: Crazy Train - Blizzard of Ozz
  3. Tales From The Crypt: The Crypt Jame - The Crypt Jam
  4. Bonga: Ai-ue Mama - Angola
  5. Kiyoshi Yoshida: The Lucky Spirit - Samurai Collection
  6. The Luddites: Beret - There'll Be Trouble, All Right!
  7. De Boca En Boca: Svatba - Musica De Mundos
  8. Walter Slezak: Emil and the Detectives side 2 - Emil and the Detectives
  9. Kiyoshi Mizutani: Aokigahara - Bird Songs
  10. Animal Crossing: 9AM - Animal Crossing GC OST
  11. Hajime Wakai, etc.: Cave - Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword OST
  12. Niellerade Fallibilisthorstar: Upprinnelse - Hålrum
  13. Robert Lax: One moment… - Wake Up re:lax
  14. The Miles Davis Quartet & Thelonious Monk: Straight, No Chaser - Miles & Monk At Newport
  15. Summer Cats: Christopher Wren - Songs for Tuesdays
  16. Atlantic Starr: Straight To The Point - Straight To The Point
  17. Bill Laswell: La Traviata Love Theme - Operazone
  18. Drafted By Minotaurs: Blueprints For Sunbuilding - Drafted By Minotaurs
  19. Robert Lax: Searching for you… - Wake Up re:lax
  20. Paul Crossley: Poisson d'or - Debussy: Complete Works for Solo Piano vol. 1
  21. Underground Resistance: Amazon - World 2 World
  22. Wax Poetic: Dagmar não tava não - Brazil
  23. Apollo: Apollo - Apollo
  24. Radiohead: Bloom - King of Limbs
  25. Beyond The Sixth Seal: Intro & Medusan - Earth and Sphere
  26. The Gag Quartet: le Internet Medley - le Internet Medley Single
  27. Terra B: Coming Home - Soca Xplosion 2002
  28. Robert Q. Lewis: The Ugly Duckling - The Ugly Duckling and other stories
  29. Chemical Brothers: don't stop the rock (electronic battle weapon version) - elektrobank
  30. Strathclyde Police Pipe Band: Traditional Pipe Band - A Beginner's Guide to Traditional Scottish Music
  31. Megurine Luka (vocaloid): Der Hölle Rache kocht in meinem Herzen (x1.5) - Classical Megurine Luka
  32. Morton Gould: Liebesfreund - Baton & Bows
  33. Elena Duran, Stéphane Grappelli, Laurie Holloway: Fascinating Fugue (Fugue in G minor) - Brandenburg Boogie
  34. Chica and the Folder: max der differ - 42 mädchen
  35. Inhalt: Fahrzeug - Vehicle
  36. Jad Fair: Mole People - The Attack of Everything
  37. Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong: It Ain't Necessarily So - Porgy and Bess
  38. Regina Spektor: A Cannon - (unreleased demo)
  39. Small Paul: There's Gonna Be Some Crying - Eccentric Soul No. 11
  40. Coco Rosie: The Moon Asked The Crow - Grey Oceans
  41. m-.-n: ektbnag - Disco Dust
  42. Innerzone Orchestra ft. Paul Randolph: people make the world go round (c2 remix) - people make the world go round
The Attack of Everything:
  1. Cave Layer: It's worth saying again that I loved creating this for you.
  2. Emil and the Detectives pt. 2: I had a request from a listener last week that I play the other side of this vinyl, and I'm really glad I did! I had a lot of fun figuring out what to layer with it! 
  3. Chica and the Folder: This was a very pleasant surprise. Me-effing-gusta.
The Attack of Nothing:
  1. Extra long set: The DJ after me tends to come late pretty regularly, which is why this set in particular is pretty long. I think he might have come in the middle of the last song, but I've been setting long songs so that I can pack up and go.
  2. Glitches: And by glitches I mean me accidentally playing the second song on a vinyl when I didn't catch it in time. Womp womp. This happened a few times. Precision was not the name of the game tonight, folks.
  3. Too much electronica?: Now I'm wondering whether that was too much...it's ok.
Until Friday, my friends!

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