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Freestailo #33 - 5/11/12

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Horowitz: HEY GUYS! What's up?!
This is the first post of the summer term guys! As such, I decided to start off with a remix of my show's namesake. I'm really happy with this show, and I think it pretty much speaks for itself, and is a solid example of freeform as far as using various music selections.

I don't know if you know this, but there's a lot of thought that goes into what time slot a DJ wants. I happened to get my first choice, which is great, but just choosing what my first choice should be is a hard thing for me. Not only is there the dilema of sleep vs. availability, but the bigger issue for me is censorship. I might have mentioned this in another post, but the difference of how a show feels during "safe harbor" (when we can't play curse words), and non-safe harbor (between 10pm-6am), is pretty big for me. That also has to balance with the difference between having a show late at night, which will have less listeners, and a show in the morning, which will have more.

That all said, I'm ultimately really pleased with my spot, and it's really amazing what a new time slot can do for the morale and energy of a show. Each time my time slot has changed, it has taught me a little bit more about what kind of DJ I am.

All right, onto the list!

[Artist: Song - Album]
  1. Ebeb: Freestailo Ebeb Jumpstyle Remix - EbebPL
  2. Bootsy's Rubber Band: Bootsy Get Live - This Boot Is Made For Fonk-N
  3. Mike Shannon: Blind Love - State of the Union 2 EP
  4. Rodrigo y Gabriela and C.U.B.A: Diablo Rojo - Area 52
  5. Slavic Soul Party: Baltika - Taketron
  6. Odetta: Black Woman - To Ella
  7. Ella Fitzgerald: Stompin' At The Savoy - Ella in Rome The Birthday Concert
  8. Foxdye: Girl - Nothing To Lose But My Stomach
  9. Eugene Ormandy and The Philadelphia Orchestra: Moderato - Shostakovich: Symphony No. 5
  10. Huun Huur Tu and Carmen Rizzo: Mother Taiga - Eternal
  11. Evgeny & Anastasia Masloboeva: Arros - Russian Folksongs in the Key of Rhythm
  12. Andrew Bird: Anonanimal - Noble Beast
  13. Alioune Kassé: Exsina - Exsina
  14. Pinetop Perkins: For You My Love - Pinetop Perkins with the Blue Ice Band
  15. Juichi Masuda: Team Rocket Hideout - Pokemon Red/Blue
  16. Judy Garland: How Long Has This Been Going On? - That's Entertainment!
  17. Livaneli: Mektup - Zor Yillar
  18. Vladimir Horowitz: J.S. Bach: Toccata BWV 564/565, Adagio - Carnegie Hall May 9, 1965
  19. Sarah Vaughn: The Blues - Sassy
  20. knife city: just trash - knife city
  21. Diana Ross & The Supremes: Ask Any Girl - Greatest Hits
  22. Narwhals Collide: Song of the Grizzly - Attack of the Facts
  23. Amon Düül II: C.I.D. In Uruk - Carnival In Babylon
  24. Tom Waits: On A Foggy Night - Nighthawks At The Diner
  25. Akitaka Tohyama: You Are Smart - Katamari Damacy Soundtrack
  26. Ruth White & Jim Mandell: In The Summertime (Vacation) - Action Songs For Holidays and Special Days
  27. Noir Desir: Aux Sombres Héros De L'Amer - Veuillez Rendre L'Ame (A Qui Elle Appartient)
  28. Doctor Striker: Burn Out - Doctor Striker
  29. Mickey Hart Band: Starlight Starbright - Mysternum Tremendum
  30. Black Joe Lewis & The Honeybears: Gunpowder - Black Joe Lewis
  31. Astor Piazzola: Leonora's Love Theme - The Rough Dancer And The Cyclical Night
  32. Touch: To Take Away - D'Soca Zone
  33. Mazinga: Blonde Zombies - Open The Blast Doors
  34. Gemma Ray with The Sparks: How Do I Get To Carnegie Hall? - Gemma Ray Sings Sparks
  35. Errors: Pleasure Palaces - Have Some Faith In Magic
  36. Lucky Tubb & The Modern Day Troubadours: Never Shoulda Fell in Love - Lucky Tubb & The Modern Day Troubadours
  37. Clear Plastic Masks: Pegasus In Glue - Working Girl/Pegasus In Glue
  38. Jean-François Paillard Chamber Orchestr: Vivaldi: Gloria - Gloria/Kyrie/Lauda Jerusalem
You are smart:
  1. Horowitz: Dear Lord, that man could play the piano. 
  2. First chunk: The beginning of the show just felt absolutely amazing. I've never had a 9-noon show before, and the energy after eating breakfast and coming straight to the station is amazing. I'm more of a morning person, so that helps, but even so, I think that the first 30 minutes solid felt awesome.
  3. Pokemon: Always a good decision.
You are dumb:
  1. Talking over Tom: I'm sorry KMFR. I didn't mean to talk over Tom Waits. I really don't know what possessed me. Please forgive me.
  2. Less layering: I think it's fine when I layer less, but sometimes I think, "Someday when you can't do freeform radio anymore, you're going to kick yourself for not layering everything all the time.
  3. Shostokovich/Huun Huur Tu Layer: Usually I'm pretty satisfied with my layers, but...this time I'm not so sure. It was a
See you soon for another back-update! 

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