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Freestailo #34 - 5/18/12

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How's it going, my freeform minions? I heard that you like listening to the that right? Well, you're pretty lucky, because I'm a DJ at WCBN. THAT'S SO COOL RIGHT?! I must be, like, the coolest person you know. Also, I'm really useful to you, because I have some information for you:

Did you know that the hot girl on all of the Messer Chups covers... actually the leader singer/guitarist in the band?!

Anyway, this was a good show, and I have not too much to report about it, except that I'm really enjoying my 9-noon slot for the summer, and I hope that I can keep something like this during the coming year. I'm not really missing songs with curse words, and it's actually more of a challenge because I can't just grab ANYTHING. It also makes me realize how much of the library needs to have reviews for FCCs (curse words and generally inappropriate content).

All right, now stop being lazy and go listen to my show.

[Artist: Song - Album]
  1. Neo Geo: Wakamaka (Freestailo Remix) - YouTube
  2. Manowar: Hail and Kill - The Hell of Steel
  3. Elf Power: The Concrete and the Walls - Elf Power
  4. Gotan Project: interfearance remix vocal - La Cruz Del Sur
  5. Messer Chups: Srubi Derevo, Sovrati Rebenka, Sozhgi Dom - Russkie Wig-Out!
  6. Tom Jones: The Rose - What's New Pussycat?
  7. M. Ward: A Wasteland Companion - A Wasteland Companion
  8. Funkadelic: March To The Witch's Castle - Cosmic Slop
  9. Brown Bird: Danger and Dread - The Devil Dancing
  10. Maria Callas: Seguidilla & Duet - Carmen Highlights
  11. Oliver Mtkudzi: Ndima Ndapedza - The Oliver Mtukudzi Collection
  12. David Watson: Descension - Skirl
  13. Uchuuhikoushi: Liquid Crystal - We Exist!
  14. Jan DeGaetani: Pierrot Lunaire pt. 1 - Pierrot Lunaire, Op. 21
  15. Ghost In The House: Stormville - Ghost In The House
  16. Billie Holiday: I Wished On The Moon - The Voice of Jazz, Volume Three
  17. Freaky Chakra: Automatic - Blacklight Fantasy
  18. Bar-Kays: Get Up 'N Do It - Light of Life
  19. Theodore Bikel: Yamshchik Gani-Ka K Yaru (Coachman, Away To The Fair) - Songs of Russia Old and New
  20. Mynta: The Last Forest - Hot Madras
  21. Dexter Gordon: Cake - Great Encounters
  22. Arj Snoek: Spaziergang - Wir
  23. The Makers: Matter of Degrees - Everybody Rise!
  24. Walter Slezak: Emil and the Detectives - Emil and the Detectives
  25. Joseph Celli: Celli Plays Niblock - Niblock
  26. Emaciator: Perserverence & Recurring - Coveting
  27. Radiohead: Morning Mr. Magpie - King of Limbs
  28. Booker T.: She Breaks - Potato Hole
  29. Rufus Harley: More - The Pied Piper of Jazz
  30. Balkan Beat Box: Smatron - Blue Eyed Black Boy
  31. Mathematicians: Weapons of Math Destruction - Level Two
  32. Mano Negra: Bring The Fire - King Of Bongo
  33. Kellog Cereal: "No more Rice Crispies!" - Commercial
  34. Bad Fate: Lung - Lung
  35. Mazinga: Satana - Mazinga
  36. New York Philharmonic and Leonard Berstein: I-IV - Holst: The Planets
  1. Pierrot Lunaire Layer: Eeeeee I love scary layers! I've noticed something from my past layers, is that I find it easier to create a spooky, atmospheric layer, rather than a super exact one, but perhaps that's also the nature of doing live layering with the materials I have. Either way, my favorite part was when I played the Billie Holiday. Love that shit. So scary.
  2. Messer Chups: All of the reincarnations of the Messer Chups are absolutely brilliant. They're in the good-life section, and if you're a DJ at WCBN reading this, you should go look at it right now. 
  3. Freestailo Remix: Ummmm this was baller. I should play more remixes of this, or make one.
  1. YouTube: Why do I use YouTube? I hate myself every time I do, but sometimes I feel like it's so necessary. Oh the Internet.
  2. Manowar: I was really into this for a hot second, and I think I could be in the future, but for what I wanted at this moment, it felt a little...overdone, shall we say.
  3. When I forced my random ideas on you: Remember that time that I tried to create a cart for you live? That was kind of weird. 
Update complete. Now go listen to more radio. 

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