Saturday, December 17, 2011

Subshow #10 - 12/17/11

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Hey lovers.

I know it took a really long time, and that Christmas has past, and for failing you in that regard, I am truly sorry. The thing is, is that I've been in Istanbul for the past week, and didn't have internet as consistently as I thought I might. But please feel no guilt when you listen to the Christmas songs included on the playlist, because it's my fault, not yours, and you deserve more Christmas music than the year allows.

This episode of "Robot Pasta" turned out to be pretty fun, because I also had a guest with me who is training to become a DJaaaaaay! Cool, right? His name's Cameron, and he chose out a lot of the material you see before you. I won't tell you what, so you'll just have to listen.

Also, you will notice a handful of dub-step artists on the playlist, so for those that asked for it, you're welcome. Now that I know that there's a need for dub-step, I'll keep searching it out in the library. 

[Artist: Song - Album]
  1. Elvin Jones Quintet: Santa Claus Is Coming To Town - Holiday Jazz Improvisations
  2. Bjork: Bükolla - Björk Gudmundsdóttr
  3. Jackson 5: Whatever You Got, I Want - Get It Together
  4. Trayer: Aernsatz - Afterlife An Abandoned Theme Park
  5. The Ventures: Frosty the Snowman - Christmas Album
  6. Osborne: In Gear - Afrika EP
  7. Jean Metcalfe and Ann Todd: Little Red Riding Hood - Little Red Riding Hood
  8. Osborne: Graphite - Afrika EP
  9. The Glitch Mob: How To Be Eaten By A Woman - Drink The Sea
  10. Bootsy Collins feat. Samuel L. Jackson: After These Messages - The Funk Capitol of the World
  11. The Irish Rovers: Cold Winter Shadows - All Hung Up
  12. George Winston: Walking in the Air - Forest
  13. Hungarian State Opera Orchestra: Cantus in memory of Benjamin Britten for strings and bell - Arvo Pärt: Fratres
  14. Zomby: Natalia's Song - Dedication
  15. My Brightest Diamond: There's A Rat - All Things Will Unwind
  16. The Evolution Control Committee: I Want A Cookie - Plagiarythm Nation
  17. The Dynatones: Soul Twist - Chopped & Channeled
  18. Akira Jimbo: Carnival De Rio Grande - Palette
  19. Allied Radio: Code Course - International Morse
  20. Radiosonde: Equinox - Radiosonde
  21. Youth Lagoon: Daydream - The Year of Hibernation
  22. Weather Report: Plaza Real - Live and Unreleased
  23. Steven Rucker/Thomas Chase: Dexter's Laboratory Opening Theme - The Hip-Hop Experiment
  24. Secrets - Dexter's Laboratory: The Hip-Hop Experiment
  25. The Evolution Control Committee: The Shakes - All Rights Reserved
  26. Burial: Ghost Hardware - UNTRUE.HOBCD002
  27. Duke Ellington and His Orchestra: The Volga Vouty (Russian Dance) - The Nutcracker Suite
  28. Duke Ellington and His Orchestra: Chinoiserie (Chinese Dance) - The Nutcracker Suite
  29. Cristian Vogel: La Isla Piscola For the Traveling Fish Lover Version - La Isla Piscola
  30. The Roger Wagner Chorale: Vivaldi: Magnificat - Magnificat
  31. Star Wars Gang: R2-D2 We Wish You A Merry Christmas - Star Wars Christmas
--. --- --- -..
  1.  Morse code: This was definitely the highlight for me. I was practically doing backflips when I saw that we had a morse code sound effect LP, and started playing it immediately. I actually had a listener call in and ask if there was something wrong with our system, or whether it was intentional.
  2. Duke's Nutcracker Suite: Mmm this was absolutely delicious for my ears. I'm sad that it has to go back into the reaches of the Christmas collection, otherwise I would play it all the time.
  3. Dexter's Lab: Do you remember this show?! Because Cameron and I did. I even remember this song. And the music video. I miss Cartoon Network. I miss having cable...anyway. This is genius and I was literally screaming in the studio while it was playing.
-... .- -..
  1. Osborne meets Little Red: I'm really unsure about this. I had a very uncomfortable feeling the whole time this was playing. How did it make you feel?
  2. F*** up: Yup, I think I played an FCC. And by "I think," i mean that I definitely played an FCC. I tried to correct it as quickly as I could after I heard it, but that's hard sometimes. 
I usually try to have three things for each category, good and bad, but I thought this was a pretty good show besides those few things I mentioned. C'est la vie. Keep listening folks! Give me comments if you can!

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