Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Subshow #9 - 12/3/11

Did you know that pretty much every show I pick something from the hip-hop section? I try really hard to have an immense amount of eclecticism in my sets, and I think that it usually pays off. That said, there are certain sections that I still don't have a good feel for because I only pick one or two things from the section. Hip-hop/rap is one of them. That's why when I saw that Chill Will was going to be gone for his show, I snagged it. 

WCBN has a surprising amount of hip-hop, and guys: it's really good. Tons of vinyls with a lot of great sampling opportunities for freeform. I had no idea. And I don't think I really knew how hip-hop albums worked either. With rock/soul/folk/whatever you get lots of tracks on one side, and lots of tracks on another. All different. But with hip-hop the vinyl is one track, and there are like 4 different versions of that track on one side, and 4 different versions of a different track on the other. This is how you get radio versions, album versions, instrumental versions, etc. All perfect for my freeform-beating heart. 

I talked to a friend Kim from home (who's also a fan of my freeform show), and he gave me some great suggestions, some of which I played: Brother Ali, Flying Lotus, Atmosphere, Sage Francis, and Eyedea+Abilities. I'm really happy with his suggestions, and the request I got of the Triforce of Js: Jurassic 5, J Dilla, Jedi Mind Tricks. I'm learning so much, guys!

Let's do this thing, shall we? 

[Artist: Song - Album]
  1. Helis: Popular Thug (Radio Mix) - Popular Thug
  2. Akrobatik: Remind My Soul (clean) - Remind My Soul
  3. Talib Kweli: Joy feat. Mos Def - Quality
  4. Lupe Fiasco: I Gotcha (radio edit) - I Gotcha
  5. De La Sol: U Can Do (Life) - ///Aoi
  6. Aesop Rock: The Greatest Pac-Man Victory in History - Bazooka Tooth
  7. Kid Koala: slew test 2/mosquito vs. water buffalo/slew test 3 - Your Mom's Favorite DJ
  8. Brother Ali: Star Quality - Shadows On The Sun
  9. G&D: War Drums - The Message
  10. Flatlinerz: Satanic Verses (radio edit) - Satanic Verses
  11. Danger Mouse: Take Care of Business - Take Care of Business
  12. Flying Lotus: Golden Diva - Los Angeles
  13. Saul Williams: Coded Language - Amethyst Rock Star
  14. Jurassic 5: W.O.E. Is Me (World of Entertainment) - W.O.E. Is Me
  15. J Dilla: (track #26) - Dilla Doughnuts
  16. Jedi Mind Tricks: Heavy Metal Kings feat. Ill Bill - Servants in Heaven, Kings in Hell
  17. Dream Warriors: Voyage Through The Multiverse - And Now The Legacy Begins
  18. Gusto: Materialistic Girl (dub) - Materialistic Girl
  19. Dove Shack: Summertime In The LBC (LP Version) - Summertime In The LBC
  20. 44 Max: Pussh + Shove (Max Mix) - Pussh + Shove
  21. Toshi Kubota: (All Star Street Funk Mix) - Funk It Up
  22. The Black Keys with Mos Def: On The Vista - Blackroc
  23. Atmosphere: Panic Attack - The Fun EP
  24. Black Czer: Who Got The Glock (album version) - Who Got The Glock/Stick Up
  25. Cannibal Ox: Pidgeon - The Cold Vein
  26. Psyche Origami: Wherever You Are - The Standard
  27. Wiley: Boom Boom Da Na - 100% Publishing
  28. Sage Francis: Broken Wings - Personal Journals
  29. Madvillain: Accordian - Madvillain
  30. Cypress Hill: Make A Move - Temples of Doom
  31. Mathambo: Mshini Wam - Mshini Wam
  32. Raashan Ahmad: Heavenbound - The Push
  33. Eyedea + Abilities: Paradise - E&A
  34. Dark Sun Riders: Zoneweilders Groove - Seeds of Evolution
  35. Material (Extrakd/Eddie Def): Who Wake the Rooster? - Intonarumori
  36. Hami: Keep On Usin' Me (I Must Like It) - The Funky Descendant
  37. Cee Lo Green: Brighter Lights, Bigger City - The Lady Killer
  38. Deltron 3030: Turbulence remix by Mark Bell (Depeche Mode) - Positive Contact
  39. Ladae!: Ghetto Flava - Party 2 Nite
U Can Do:
  1. Triple J Request: These three were great artists to put together, and I'm happy with the songs that I picked. I can't wait to play more of their stuff on my freeform show. 
  2. Cannibal Ox: I had no idea what this was, but I really like it. This and a few other albums really pushed my perceptions of hip-hop into something that I can understand. It's really like any other genre with lots of sub-genres attached to it, and Cannibal Ox kind of sounds like a nerdier, grittier hip-hop. Like the metal of rock. 
  3. Cee Lo Green: This was a request by a friend, and I was kind of astounded at how good it was. It was perfect for the near end of my set, so thanks!
U Can't Do:
  1. Umm...: Not that it was "the perfect show" or anything, but I really can't think of much I disliked about it. I don't know enough about hip-hop to really think I've done anything wrong. 
  2. Oh I know!: I really didn't do anything risky on this show. Like, at all. I pretty much played from track to track, and that was it. I'm glad that I did, because I just don't know how I would have layered all hip-hop music, and I have a better sense of the library now, but that's something I would like to be better at in the future. 
Feedback, guys. I want it.

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