Thursday, August 30, 2012

Freestailo #44 - 8/24/12

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I don't know what was different about this day from other days, but I had a lot of fun on the show this morning. I think it must of been a combination of getting almost enough sleep, and also getting a couple of calls from listeners, which is always really encouraging/interesting, no matter what. It seems to be that starting of any set with some uptempo music from the African section really does it for me. Who knew?

A major thing in this show that I did differently than normal was that I used a huge amount of 7" records. That's not something I've ever dived head-first into, but have dabble with from time to time, and never from the metal filing cabinets in the other room. I think I had a good variety of local 45s and older 45s from the cabinets, but tell me what you think.

Thinking about 45s more, this also kind of makes me think that when WCBN trains new DJs, they should have one 45 record required for the demo tape, because I honestly didn't play a 45 until I was settled in the station for a few months, and then I was really scared and confused when I tried to do it, and didn't understand why there was a big hole in the middle of it instead of one to fit right around the center of the turntable. *headdesk*

Anyway, take a listen. I think you'll like it. 

[Artist: Song - Album]
  1. Femi Kuti: Truth Don Die - Shoki Shoki
  2. Le Hammond Inferno: C.K.-T-Shirts - My First Political Dance Album
  3. Shonen Knife: Flying Jelly Attack - Let's Knife
  4. Afrika Bam-Baa-Taa and Family: Bambaataa's Theme (Assault on Precinct 13) - Beward (The Funk Is Everywhere)
  5. Tolga Çandar: Hisardan Inmem Diyor (Türkü) - Türküleri Ege'nin III
  6. Matthew Dear: Hammers - EP1
  7. Kim Gunmo: (track 6) - ka.m4
  8. Radiation 4: John vs. The Elephant - Wonderland
  9. State: Spießbürger - Verboten German EP
  10. Nilla Pizzi: L'amore è una cosa meravigliosa (Love is a many splendored thing) - Love Me If You Want To
  11. Ensemble of Traditional Musical Instruments of Japan: The sun sets on the Temple - Traditional Music of Japan
  12. Elba Ramalho: Légua tirana - Brazilian Popular Music
  13. Atari Teenage Riot: Riot 1996 - Riot 1996
  14. Salif Keita: Wamba - Soro
  15. Lyrics Born: Bad Dreams - Later That Day...
  16. Motorpsycho: The Hollow Lands - The Death Defying Unicorn
  17. Witch Gardens: Aunt Shae/Mean Colleen - R-I-P
  18. Kozilek: Last Dance of the Giants [Majora's Mask] - 25YEARLEGEND: A Legend of Zelda Indie Game Composer Tribute
  19. Alain Souchon: Pays industriels - J'veux du cuir
  20. Ali Ahmad Hussain Khan: Raga Manhj (Dhun in tintal) - Ali Ahmad Hussain Khan (shehnai)
  21. Ed Sheeran: Small Bump - +
  22. Placido Domingo: Besame Mucho (Spanish Version) - Besame Mucho
  23. Theo Katzman: Brooklyn - Romance Without Finance
  24. Quiet Cloud: I Am A Lightning Tower (Feel My Power) - Suitcase
  25. Teach Me Tiger: Won't U Come Around? - Won't U Come Around?
  26. Kona Triangle: Toybox (Kona Remix) - Sing A New Sapling Into Existence
  27. Psychic Feline: Non Dot - White Walls/Non Dot
  28. Janis Siegel: How High The Moon - How High The Moon
  29. Meat Beat Manifesto: No Echo In Space - RUOK?
  30. Stereo Total: Komplex Mit Dem Sex - Paris-Berlin
  31. Tammy Lynn: Walking After Midnight - Walking After Midnight
  32. Ramon: Chica Donde Estas - Chica Donde Estas
  33. The End: The Asphyxiation of Lisa-Claire - Transfer Trachea Reverberations From Point: False Omniscient
  34. Sigur Rós: Hoppipolla - Inni
  35. Starlight Mints: Power Bleed - Change Remains
  36. Mouse On Mars: Mine Is In Yours - Radical Connector
  37. Sunday Morning Einsteins: Rakna Med Bräk - Kängnäve
  38. Brazil: Forro: Balanço Da Canoa - Music For Maids and Taxi Drivers
  39. Legowelt: Strange Girl - Classics 1998-2003
  40. halc, Insixfour: Serious Moon Business - LoZ Majora's Mask
  41. Norbert Stein: - Graffiti Suite
  1. LoZ: Who else noticed I used a couple of Legend of Zelda remix tracks? I've been on a video game remix kick lately (more than usual at least), and these are a couple of tracks I've been listening to maybe more than I should. They're just soooo good, and I'm happy to share them with you.
  2. Placido Domingo: Ummmm so this is a Spanish disco song starring one of the opera world's most famous tenors. WHAT?! I'm obsessed, and I hope someone had the same violent reaction to it that I did.
  3. Lyrics Born: I really digged this track, and now I have to play a lot more Lyrics Born on my show. 
  1. Theo Katzman: Something happened during the track that was not so legit. Oh well!
  2. Brazil Forro: Eh this was kind of lackluster but OK.
  3. Shonen Knife: You know, I was expecting something more. I really want to like Shonen Knife, but I'm not sure I did. 

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