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Freestailo #43 - 8/17/12

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You'll understand why I chose this picture
if you listen to the show. 
Today's show was very special, because I had a special guest artist on the show! John Boyle asked me maybe a month ago if he could come on the show, talk a bit, and play his music. He had a show at the Canterbury house the next day, which unfortunately I didn't get to go to, but I hope some of you went.

It was really refreshing to talk to someone with a different sensibility about music than I have, but with similar philosophies about music in general. After talking to John, I learned that he's been to quite a few radio stations across the country, and loves the kind of freeform we do (yaaay!). Since John stayed during the rest of my show after the interview, I also got a chance to use his music in some layering, which couldn't have turned out better. I really want to thank John for creating this music that gave me the opportunity to create a radio piece like on today's show, and I very much hope that you enjoy listening to it as much as I did creating it.

To the music!

[Artist: Song - Album]
  1. John Boyle Interview
  2. Korean Orphan Choir: Various - Enchanting Korean Orphan Choir
  3. Ramon Lopez: Various - Eleven Drums Songs
  4. Shujaat Khan: Vilambit gat in tintal - Schujaat Khan (sitar)
  5. Linde: Depths - Lander
  6. Tim Sparks: At The Rebbe's Table - At The Rebbe's Table
  7. Michael Leviton: I Only Want The Sky - Songs From The Big Top
  8. Mantovani: You Only Live Twice - Hollywood
  9. John Boyle: Kontinuum 1 - Kontinuum
  10. Lucian Rebay: Various - Invitation to Italian Poetry
  11. Dexter: Various - Fever Dreams
  12. Trayer: Supernumeraries - Afterlife An Abandoned Theme Park
  13. Gregg Bendian: The Mother Box - Requiem For Jack Kirby
  14. Fabolous: Breathe
  15. From Ashes Rise: The Noise - Nightmares
  16. Frank Sinatra: My Baby Just Cares For Me - Strangers In The Night
  17. Daniele Lombardi: Sonata No. 4, Op. 11 - Russian Futurism
  18. The Black Angels: Black Grease
  19. Calvin Owens: Stop Lying In My Face - Stop Lying In My Face
  20. High Llamas: Get Into The Galley Shop - Buzzle Bee
  21. Amadou Kiénou: Tiriba - Amadou Kiénou
  22. Dorothée: Le Tour Du Monde - Dorothée
  23. Laura Bell Bundy: Giddy On Up
  24. The Waikiki's: Strangers in the Night - A Taste of Hawaii
  25. Malacoda: Into The Fold - Cascade
  26. Walter Wanderly: Rain - Rain Forest
  27. From A Second Story Window: The Challenge of Caring - Not One Word Has Been Omitted
  28. Kris Kristofferson: The Silver Tongued Devil And I - The Silver Tongued Devil And I
  29. Chuck Willis: Change My Mind - My Story
  30. Gloria Estefan: Me Odio - 90 Millas
  31. Quasimojo: Jetlag-4 - Acoustic Coupler
Giddy on up:

  1. Dat layer: That incredibly long layer that I did with John Boyle's material was absolutely stunning to do, and I'm still a little floored by how well it went. I think the best part was when the Mantovani record started to skip, which allowed me so much more to work with. AND THEN when it randomly came out of its groove to finish the song, exactly when I would have liked it to. It was magical, so take a listen. 
  2. Trayer: I'm really obsessed with this album, guys. I ripped it and took it home, and it's been in my ears ever sense. 
Giddy on down:

  1. Dead air: There were a few times when there was just flat-out dead air, and no excuse at all. Sometimes I'd be running around the station. There was that time I was making coffee. There was that time I was on the phone with a listener. Everything.
  2. Misplays: There were a few times that I wanted to play something in particular, but then I played something else. I'm really not too upset after the fact, but when it happens it's like THE END OF ZE WORLD. 
Thanks for listening! Check out John Boyle, and tune in for the next show!

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