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Freestailo #45 - 8/31/12

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I wish there was a Pokemon anatomy book.
Good morning!

I had an interesting show this morning, and one that kept me on my toes. I had a large variety, as usual, but more so since I used my VERY FIRST reggae vinyl today! I might have at some point accidentally played some reggae, or something very genre-crossing, but I usually don't pick anything from reggae for reasons unknown to me. I liked very much the one I picked though, so I should probably explore that section more.

Regarding the layering, I wanted to say that I felt really good about it today. Sometimes I get in ruts when it comes to layering things, but I think I had a really great groove with the one today. I had a good grasp of what materials I was working with, and how to create a full radio piece with them. It was a much more analytical process today than it usually is when I layer. Often times when I layer, I either am running around the station looking frantically for something that I need, or I have set everything up to go at the same time, which has its virtues and faults. Today though, because of the slow pace and build of the layer, I was able to play one song, then add another, and had the time to mentally process whether it was working or not, and had the time to switch songs if I needed to. I felt very much in control, which is a pleasant feeling, I think. Haha.

Anyway, let's get to it.

[Artist: Song - Album]
  1. Ragnarok: Rites of Geburah - Blackdoor Miracle
  2. Cédric Stevens: The Siamese Level Linear Enlightenment Mix - The Syncopated Elevators Legacy
  3. Bollywood Brass Band feat. Rafaqat Ali Khan: Kehnde Ne Naina - Chaiyya Chaiyya
  4. Brian Eno: Somber Reptiles - Another Green World
  5. Charmander - Pokemon Gameboy Sound Collection
  6. Dead Poetz Society: Lick A Shot Remix - AftaLife
  7. Jack de Johnette & Foday Musa Suso: Kaira - Music From The Hearts Of The Masters
  8. Pokey Oaks - Music From Powerpuff Girls
  9. South Rakkas Crew: Fake Blood Remix - Mad Again
  10. Paul Pena: Alash Hem (The Alash River) - Genghis Blues OST
  11. Yeti: La Java Blanche - Accordion Babes 2011
  12. Galaxie 500: Snowstorm - On Fire
  13. April in the Orange: Siva Casting Dice on Herbrus Edge - Siva Casting Dice
  14. De La Soul: Shopping Bags (She Got From You) - The Grind Date
  15. Sofins Voskopoulos: Den Ei∑ai Kypio∑ - Voskopoulos
  16. Melt-Banana: Like a white bat in a box, dead matters go on - Cell-Scape
  17. Pikachu - Pokemon Gameboy Sound Collection
  18. Autechre: Side A - Autechre
  19. i, cactus: yellow cactus - i, cactus
  20. Ukrainska Selska Orchestra: Marusia (Little Mary) - Aimer et Perdre (To Love & To Lose)
  21. Nensi: Chistyy List - Misc. Songs
  22. Hot Chip: Let Me Be Him - In Our Heads
  23. Hajime Wakai, etc.: Flooded Forest ~Faron Woods~ - The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword
  24. All Out War: Two Thousand Years - Condemned To Suffer
  25. Elf Power: Green Sea Days - The Winter Is Coming
  26. Benny Goodman: Caprice XXIV Paganini - Volume II: Clarinet a la King
  27. Wayne Smith: Under Me Sleng Teng - Sleng Teng
  28. Thelonious Monk: Getting Sentimental Over You - Live! At The Village Gate
  29. Steve Miller: Dime-A-Dance - Sailor
  30. Kid Koala: More Dance Music - Some Of My Best Friends Are DJs
  31. Sven-Åke Johansson: Cymbals in the Night - Cymbals in the Night
  32. Koji Asano: Rabbit Room Reservation Center III - Rabbit Room Reservation Center
  33. Gazel: Sabreyle gönül - Gazel
  34. Empire Brass Quintet with William Kuhlman: J.S. Bach: Contrapunctus I from The Art of Fugue - Baroque Music for Brass and Organ
  35. Lama Gyurme: Hope for Enlightenment - Songs of Awakening
  36. Play-Along Sound Effects - Play-Along Sound Effects
  37. Shakespeare: Othello - Othello
  38. Edith Farnadi: Vallée d'Obermann - Lizst: Années de Pelerinage
  39. Satyricon: With Ravenous Hunger - Volcano
  40. Café Tacvba: 11 - Reves
  41. 101 Strings: Orbit Fantasy - From Beyond The Year 2000
  42. Hanggai: Yuan Ding Cap - He Who Travels For
  43. Fela Kuti: Let's Start - With Ginger Baker Live!
  1. Koji Asano Layering: I've used Asano-san's music before for layering, and I've never been disappointed. I really like the ambiance he creates, and especially the gradual build to it. 
  2. Pokemon: This should always happen. Using these sounds makes me think that I should use more small sound interludes in general, whether they are Pokemon or not...but they should preferably be Pokemon. 
  3. Powerpuff Girls: This is pure aural gold. Hip-hop style remixes of the Powerpuff Girls? Yes, please. Always, please. The best part is that I thought it was just going to be straight-up music from the show, but it turned out to be remixes coupled with quotes and sound effects. 
  1. Speaking was ehhh: I was pretty close to the mic, wasn't I? It sounded a little distorted to me, so sorry about that. It sounded good in my ear, but that's good to know that it was too much. 
  2. Request awkwardness: With no fault to the wonderful person who requested Steve Miller, I wasn't expecting to get a request, and I was just about to put on a long layering, but knew that I couldn't wait until after the layer.
  3. Pauses: There was more dead air than I normally like to have, and it was purely because I wasn't paying attention. I usually have a really good sense of when songs end, but today I was just zoning out a lot. At one point I think I was standing in the FM studio, looking at the computer, and realized I had nothing cued up for what I needed to play in 30-seconds. *headdesk*
Well, hope you enjoyed the show, and I'll see you next Friday! And if you can't get enough of me, you should listen to my public affairs show

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