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Latin Show #3 - 8/19/12

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Cumbia dancing
Hola chicos, ¿cómo estás? Hoy me tocan música latina para usted!

I don't normally do the Latin show, but I really love Latin music for a reason unknown to me as of yet. It could be because our Latin section is BALLER but who knows. This was an especially lively show because there were a lot of people milling about: me, my friend who visited me at the station, and about 4 random guys in the lobby who I ran into. Actually, one of them was Argentinian, and he was really enjoying the show. Yay!

Something interesting happened on the show today. I had a listener call in asking for something "cumbia." I asked him for maybe a band name, but he said, "You could probably educate me on some band names." This is something I find interesting, and I want to call attention to it. I was talking to another friend, who listens to WCBN quite a lot, and is a self-proclaimed groupie. We were talking about my process for picking out music, and she suddenly said, "Wait, you don't listen to everything before hand? I thought you only played music you knew really well." I want to say right now, listeners, that this is 100% false. Most of the tracks I play I have never listened to. When I go to the station to DJ, I intend to explore the library, and open my horizons. When I play the Latin show, I want to learn more about Latin music, and share what I'm learning with you. I'm not trying to oppress you with my choices, but work with you to create something really beautiful. If you have a request, I love to take them. If you don't have a request, I want to share what I think sounds interesting or new to me. Sometimes I'll even play tracks that I'm at first skeptical about so that I can learn more about it.

That's my two-cents. Enjoy the show.

[Artist: Song - Album]
  1. Rodriguez: Barcelona Boogie - Tell An Amigo
  2. Novalima: Guayabo - Karimba
  3. Chico Trujillo: Ahora quien - Chico De Oro
  4. José Maria Vitier: Samba al sur - Habana Secreta
  5. Las Rubias del Norte: Porque Te Vas - Ziguala
  6. Flaco Jimenez: En El Cielo No Hay Cerveza (In Heaven There Is No Beer) - Squeeze Box King
  7. Orishas: Que Se Bote - El Kilo
  8. Grupo Fantasma: Realizando - El Existential
  9. Astor Piazzolla: Hora Cero - Luna
  10. Jose Barros: La Piragua - Cumbia Cumbia
  11. Flor de Caña: Banana - ¡Muevete!
  12. Manuel Alvarez y Sus Dangers: Esclavo Moderno - Palenque Palenque
  13. Ned Sublette: Ghost Riders in the Sky - Cowboy Rumba
  14. DJ Dolores: De Dar Dó - Aparelhagem
No es tan malo:
  1. Comboy Rumba:  I had a friend from out of town visiting my show to keep me company, and told her she could help me pick out music if she wanted. She chose the Cowboy Rumba track, and then stopped because she thought she was doing a bad job. Surprise though, that track was awesome. 
  2. Cumbia: So glad my listener requested this! It was fantastic!
Radiozilla que hasta la próxima!

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