Saturday, July 21, 2012

Radiozilla #4 - 7/15/12

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Le Polysics
Did you know that I really like DJing Radiozilla? I do. It's only an hour, and I still have to read concert information right in the middle of it, but it's really fun. Having the freedom to play all Japanese music for you is something that I wouldn't allow myself on my freeform show, so sometimes I wonder if it still sounds like me, you know? Does it sound like MY radio? I would love to hear what you think about it.

Also, I've come to realize that I play a song by Polysics every single Radiozilla. I also play it on my freeform show. And you know, I think I realized that I'm kind of obsessed with them. Sometimes I can't listen to an entire album in one sitting, but they are the perfect mix for freeform-style radio. Thank you for existing, Polysics.

[Artist: Song - Album]
  1. Polysics: Married To A Frenchman - Hey! Bob! My Friend!
  2. Asobi Seksu: Coming Up - Fluorescence
  3. Koenjihyakkei: Guoth Dahha - Viva Koenji!!
  4. Oorutaichi: (track 11) - Jurasy Human
  5. Matally: Four Seasons VS YoYo-C - Japan For Sale Vol. 3
  6. Thee Machine Gun Elephant: Citroën No Kodoku (The Loneliness of Citroën) - Rodeo Tandem Beat Specter
  7. Joe Hisaishi: Kaonashi (No Face) - Spirited Away OST
  8. Ken Ishii: Iceblink (main mix) - Japan For Sale Vol. 2
  9. The Pillows: Tiny Boat - The Pillows Acoustic
  10. Tokyo Jihen: FAIR - 2012???
  11. Takemoto Akira: Island in Video Casset - Serial Experiments Lain
  12. Gackt: Vanilla - Vanilla
  1. New Polysics album: Yay! More Polysics for you! This new album's really fun, and kind of more of the same style as other Polysics albums,'s perfect basically.
  2. Spirited Away: Mmmm I'm so glad I found this album in the soundtrack section. I love the music to this movie, and I wish that we had more Miyazaki movie OSTs in the library! Like My Neighbor Totoro? I would kill someone for that.
  1. Too much online music: In retrospect I realize that 3 out of the last 4 songs were from a computer online, which I don't normally do at such frequency, and especially for such a short show. I'll be more careful next time, although I really did want to play those artists for you.
Thanks for listening! Stay tuned for more updates!

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