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Freestailo #30 - 4/11/12

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"I didn't know radio could sound like that!"
I had a couple of awesome guests on my show today: DJ Non-James, and my new friend Emily, who were lazing around the station around the time that I got locked out of my apartment and decided to come to the station early. Good thing I did, too, because they gave me a lot of inspiration for my show. It all started when James basically told me he was sabotaging my show. I didn't really know what that meant, but apparently it meant playing multiple vinyls of the same song at slightly different beats, and sometimes playing them backwards by propping them up with shot-glasses and ingenuity.

"Why now?" you might ask. When I was talking with Emily and James, he quoted Manager Ben (who was quoting me), and said, "We should start slapping our listeners in the face with WCBN!" So, we decided do try some crazy things. That's what freeform's about: experimenting. We can do anything at WCBN, and we should take advantage of it way more often. I could theoretically be using 3 vinyl, 3 CDs, 2 computers, 1 VHS, 1 DVD, 1 cassette, and 4 microphones worth of audio. And possible more that I don't know about. To me, that is absolute freedom. The only major rule is that you can't say curse words on air.

This is where I want to hear what you think, listeners. What kind of experimentation would you like to hear? What have been your favorite moments of my show?

[Artist: Song - Album]
  1. Matthew Dear: Reae - EP 1
  2. Selwyn Henry: Maturity - Mondo Soca
  3. Bio Ritmo: La Verdad - La Verdad
  4. Rossy: Mbola Tsara - Island of Ghosts
  5. Rainer Maria: Broken Radio - Look Now, Look Again
  6. Fats Waller: Go Down Moses/Ain't Misbehavin' - The Rarest of Fats Waller
  7. Quentin Tarantino: Interview/"Stuck In The Middle With You" - Truth and Fiction
  8. Sarah Vaughn: Someone To Watch Over Me - The George Gershwin Songbook
  9. Dabrye: Prefuse 73 - Payback
  10. Tony Martin: Autumn Leaves (incorrect) - A Night At The Copacabana
  11. The Red Chord: Nihilist - Fused Together in Revolving Doors
  12. Radiohead: Life In A Glasshouse - Knives Out [Single #2]
  13. Holly Prado: How To Be Nervous/15 Morning Love Stories - Word Rituals
  14. Anonymous 4: Sequence: Stond wel, modder, under roode - The Lily & The Lamb
  15. Featuring Supercat, Jr. Cat, NIcodemus, Jr. Demus: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly, The Crazy - The Good, The Bad, The Ugly, The Crazy
  16. Ruth Wallis: Boobs - Boobs
  17. Yeti: La Java Blanche - Accordion Babes
  18. Meg Christian: Ode To A Gym Teacher - Lesbian Concentrate
  19. The Ukranians: Europa - Kultura
  20. Bayette: Thabo - Mmalo-We
  21. Andreas Vollendender: Caverna Magica - Caverna Magica
  22. Bobby Darin: Dream Lover - Darin at the Copa
  23. Radiohead: Lull - Lost Treasures
  24. Marvin Gaye: Got To Give It Up - Live At The London Palladium
  25. Phillip Glass: Freezing (x2) - Songs From Liquid Days
  26. Brook Benton: The Nearness of You - It's Just A Matter Of Time
  27. The Nighthawks: Sugar Mama - The Nighthawks
  28. The Free Design: An Elegy - Kid Koala & Dynomite D.
  29. Simone Dinnerstein: Aria - Bach: Goldberg Variations, BWV 988
The Good/Crazy:
  1. Radiohead "Lost Treasures": I like to think I'm a Radiohead fan, and I couldn't believe there was an album I hadn't heard of, or that it was so good. 
  2. Boobs: Ruth Wallis is a genius. I'm going to play this entire album on the show someday, because every track was pure WCBN gold. Thanks for the tip, Rev. Andrew! 
  3. Phillip Glass x2: At this point in the show, James propped a record on a shot class, turned the needle upside down, and played the record backwards, and did the same to another record, but just an 8th-note or so off. It reminded me of when I played 3 different recordings of "Tuba miram" from Mozart's Requiem back to back. 
The Bad/Ugly:
  1. Dead air: I know there was a moment of dead air. I don't know what happened, but the Macbook I was playing off of just kind of stopped in its tracks in the middle of the first Radiohead song. I pretended like I was playing 4'33" by John Cage. That was a lie. 
  2. Quentin Tarantino Interview: That was a bit of a let-down. I was expecting some layering of the song with the interview, and what I got was 20-seconds of Tarantino, and then the song. Disappointing. 
  3. Lackluster ending: I left the rest of it to James before the next DJ came, but my ending was a I guess. Not that classical music is boring, but I like to end with a bang. 
Finally done with back-updates! Tune in next week!

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