Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Freestailo #29 - 4/4/12

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Welcome to Freestailo Movie Night Teil Zwei!

"Dayum, gurl. WCBN is the shit."
I think this is the shortest playlist I've ever had, thanks to all of the SUPER long tracks on this list. I was really pleased with 'The Maltese Falcon' movie night, so I figured I'd repeat it with some kung-fu in the mix and see what would happen. It turns out this was pretty different from the show before, despite mostly the same formula. I think I could have done a little more with it, but I like where this train of experimentation is going, don't you? If not, let me know, and I still won't stop until the train has reached full-out crazy. Like this kid.

So anyway, I'm done talking. To the playlist!

[Artist: Song - Album]
  1. Bruce Lee: Enter the Dragon - movie
  2. Various: Gending Bonang Babar Layar - Court Gamelan, Volume II
  3. Koji Asano: Spring Estuary IV - Spring Estuary
  4. Glenn Gould: Bach: The Well-Tempered Clavier Book I - The Well-Tempered Clavier
  5. Thomas Schultz: Walking, Walking - Hyo-Shin Ma: All The Noises
  6. COMA: Taciturnity Master - ornamental urban shrubbery
  7. The Cure: Burn - The Crow
  8. Sutekh: urchin - every dot and tittle
  9. Krishnamurthy: Djembe solo - Layopasana 2: Rhythmic Explorations
  10. Kylesa: Delusion on Fire - A 100 Heat Index EP
  11. Kiln: Isthmus - SMM Vol. 1
  12. Two Warriors: Standing Alone - Coova and little-scale
  13. Dexter Gordon & Slide Hampton: My Blues - A Day In Copenhagen
  14. Bootsy Collins: Sound Crack - Ultra Wave
The Well-Tempered Freestailo:
  1. Enter the Dragon: I don't think I really need to explain why this is awesome, but let me break it down for you: kung fu sounds, strange smooth soul music, heavy lines with heavy accents.
  2. Gamelan music: I really loved the gamelan music I found, and I think I'll pull from there in the future, since there seemed to be many volumes of gamelan music to choose from. It integrated well with the beginning of the movie, and then with the Koji Asano stuff. 
  3. The Crow: I had a caller requesting/reminding of the existence of The Crow, and its weird connections to Bruce Lee's death and his son Brandon Lee's death. That went very smoothly with what I was playing, so thanks. 
The Mis-Tempered Freestailo:
  1. When did the movie end?: Yeah I don't know either. I was not paying attention, and if I had been, I would have aurally zoomed in on the ending more. 
  2. Little stability: I felt a bit unstable during this show, I think mostly because there weren't a lot of structured songs to follow throughout, and a lot of the movie was covered up by white noise from the avant-garde music. 
  3. Needs energy: The energy was really placid during the whole show, which was kind of cool, but it needed more moments of high energy to balance out the strangeness. 
We'll be all updated soon guys, so thanks for your patience. 

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