Sunday, April 8, 2012

Freestailo #27 - 3/21/12

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It's been a long time guys, and I'm still trying to catch up on these blog posts while memorizing things for my senior recital hearing and write a 6-page paper on a Debussy Prelude while trying to make time to see the University Production's opera "The Rake's Progress" and possibly sleeping.

I recently went to my friend Sonya Schumann's recital, which was absolutely mind-blowingly amazing, and wanted to play at least one of the songs that she had played, so I chose "Baba-Yaga" by Modest Mussorgsky from "Pictures at an Exhibition," which is based on a series of paintings by Viktor Hartmann. Baba-Yaga is described as a "Hut on Fowl's Legs," and so I got curious and tried to find a few depictions of this mythical beast. It turns out that the real monster isn't the walking house, but rather the witch that lives inside the walking house. "Baba" in Russian is a woman old enough to marry (in this case a hag), and  "yaga" is a hut that encompasses a statue

I also wanted to correct myself from my show: the song by Coldplay I was thinking of is not "Strawberry Hill," but "Strawberry Swing" and not at all like "Blueberry Hill."

Playlist time.

[Artist: Song - Album]
  1. Darkthrone: Blacksmith of the North (Keep That Ancient Fire) - Dark Thrones and Black Flags
  2. Sounds From The Ground: Drawn To The Woman - Three A.D. Future Music From The United Kingdom
  3. Preacher Boy: On And On It Goes - The Devil's Buttermilk
  4. The Ink Spots: Blueberry Hill - The Ink Spots
  5. Ibro: Wa casser - Eh! Wotan
  6. The Mulgrew Miller Trio: One's Own Room - Live At Yoshi's vol. 2
  7. Death Cab For Cutie: I Will Possess Your Heart - Narrow Stairs
  8. The Delgados: The Light Before We Land - Hate
  9. David Bowie: Love You Till Tuesday - Love You Till Tuesday
  10. David Medoff: Gevald! Di Bananas - From Avenue A To The Great White Way
  11. Ratatat: Montanita - Classics
  12. New Music Studium: Poulenc: Miel de Narbonne - Le Bal Masque
  13. Of Montreal: Spiteful Intervention - Paralytic Stalks
  14. Philharmonia Orchestra: Saint-Saëns: Danse macabre - Symphony No. 3
  15. Carlos Montoya: Soleá; Bulería por Soleá - Flamenco
  16. Miranda July: The Co-Star - The Binet-Simon Test
  17. Fourtet: Angel Echoes (Caribou Remix) - Angel Echoes + Remixes
  18. Randy Grief: A Furious Passion - Alice in Wonderland pt. 4
  19. Noriko Ogawa: IX. The Hut on Fowl's Legs, "Baba-Yaga" - Mussorgsky: Pictures at an Exhibition
  20. Handsome Family: Where The Birch Tree Leans - Through The Trees
  21. Benümb: Clouding the Source of Salvation - By Means Of Upheaval
  22. Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong: Moonlight in Vermont - Ella and Louis
  23. DJ Vadim: Fear Feats ft. Emo and Syrus - The Soundcatcher
  1. Stalker request: No, I don't mean I got a request from a stalker. I mean that I got a request from a listener for a song about stalkers! This is when I know my listeners understand me, because looking for requests like this is like a game. A puzzle. A post-tonal musical analysis. A proof. This occupied my mind for quite awhile.
  2.  The Ink Spots: Dayum boi. I like your style. I also like that the title of the song was "Blueberry Hill," which reminds me of the Coldplay song "Strawbery Swing" by the cadence of the title. I hope that's not a coincidence.
  3. Transitions: In general I think that area was really smooth today. 
  1. Very little direction: I didn't have anywhere I was really going with this, and I felt like I was mostly playing from song to song, which is rare for me. I usually have some small thread that I tie a few songs in, even if it's only for me.
  2. Lots 'o' long songs: Part of this is because...I wanted to play long songs. I was lazy for awhile and I wanted time to find songs.
  3. Loss for words: I was not doing so well with the words and sentences today, so thanks for putting up with me. Hahaha. 
Until next time, chaps. 

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