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Freestailo #15 - 11/27/11

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Mallow being told he's not really a frog.
First let me say how pleased I am with how parts of this show came out. I'm seriously, seriously really happy with it, and it's the first show where I've felt that I had a good grasp of the playlist when I went back and looked at it. The arc that I felt within the 3 hours felt tangible, rather than a little chaotic like it usually is.

After listening to the entire show, I'm especially happy with two sets of sound: my video game rant, and my whale sounds set. A lot of you probably know that I LOVE video game music, and if I could have an entire weekly hour of just video game music I totally would...this isn't a bad may be hearing more video game music in the near future. But ANYWAY, I love talking about retro video games, and it really made my night to listen to/talk about/play for you Super Mario RPG stuff. I think that the music worked really well, and after listening to it I'm sure that you'll enjoy it as well.

"Samson and Delilah" by Peter Paul Rubens
The Titanic set for me was absolutely wonderful, and I really enjoyed listening back on it properly. My original idea came from grabbing the "Titanic Music As Heard On The Fateful Voyage" CD and reading the back. Immediately I thought of the "Whale Sounds" vinyl to use for layering, and to play a clip from the actual movie. With all of these ideas. As I went to find the whale sounds I found the Bernie Krause vinyl, which I think added a strange but good variety to the set. Even listening to it I couldn't tell what was from the Krause, and what was from the whale sounds, which I think is pretty cool. They both came out of the "Sound Effects" section, so I guess I should have expected that. Then I saw that "Mon Coeur" was on the Titanic CD, and knew that I had to play that, immediately followed by a recording of the vocal version from the actual opera. This song is one of my favorite songs of all time, across all genres. This almost always makes me want to just sob. Also, did you know that Muse has a version of this?!

Oh, and because it's my blog and I do what I want, I'm going to tell you a little bit about Samson et Dalila by Saint-Saëns. The story goes that Samson, a hero of the Israelites, is threatening the livelihood of the Philistines. The High Priest asks Dalila to seduce Samson and find his weakness, and she agrees. In the opera, she does this purely for revenge against him, and for her loyalty to her gods. In the original story, she does it purely for money. I can't tell what is more tragic. Anyway, she seduces him and brings him into her bedroom. She asks him what his weakness is 3 times, and each time he lies to her. On the 4th time though, he tells her that his power lies in his hair, and that if it is cut then he is helpless. This is when she sings "Mon coeur S'Ouvre Ta Voix," and very shortly after, as he sleeps with his head in her lap, she calls the Philistine soldiers that have been hiding to come and bind him and cut his hair. The opera ends with Samson crying out in pray to God, and toppling over the pillars of the temple in his despair, crushing himself and the Philistines in the process.

Here's a video of the lovely Shirley Verrett singing the famous aria:

Here are the lyrics/translation to "Mon Coeur 'S'Ouvre A Ta Voix" which I stole from Wikipedia:

Original FrenchEnglish translation
Mon cœur s'ouvre à ta voix,
comme s'ouvrent les fleurs
aux baisers de l'aurore!
Mais, ô mon bienaimé,
pour mieux sécher mes pleurs,
que ta voix parle encore!
Dis-moi qu'à Dalila
tu reviens pour jamais.
Redis à ma tendresse
les serments d'autrefois,
ces serments que j'aimais!
|: Ah! réponds à ma tendresse!
Verse-moi, verse-moi l'ivresse! :|
Dalila! Dalila! Je t'aime!

Ainsi qu'on voit des blés
les épis onduler
sous la brise légère,
ainsi frémit mon coeur,
prêt à se consoler,
à ta voix qui m'est chère!
La flèche est moins rapide
à porter le trépas,
que ne l'est ton amante
à voler dans tes bras!
|: Ah! réponds à ma tendresse!
Verse-moi, verse-moi l'ivresse! :|
Dalila! Dalila! Je t'aime!
My heart opens to your voice
Like the flowers open
To the kisses of the dawn!
But, oh my beloved,
To better dry my tears,
Let your voice speak again!
Tell me that you are returning
To Delilah forever!
Repeat to my tenderness
The promises of old times,
Those promises that I loved!
|: Ah! respond to my tenderness!
Fill me with ecstasy! :|
Dalila! Dalila! I love you!

Like one sees the blades
Of wheat that wave
In the light wind,
So trembles my heart,
Ready to be consoled,
By your voice that is so dear to me!
The arrow is less rapid
In bringing death,
Than is your lover
To fly into your arms!
|: Ah! respond to my tenderness!
Fill me with ecstasy! :|
Dalila! Dalila! I love you!
Now I really want to watch this opera. Who wants to watch it with me? No? You want the playlist? OK.

[Artist: Song - Album]
  1. The Temptations: Cloud Nine - Great Songs and Performances That Inspired the Motown 25th Anniversary T.V. Special
  2. Jon Gillock and Kathleen Bride: Charles Tournemire: Improvisation on the "Te Deum" for Organ - Organ and Harp
  3. Skeleton Key: Watch The Fat Man Swing - Fantastic Spikes Through Balloon
  4. DJ Vadim: Bath in Bleach ft. Monte Smith - The Soundcatcher
  5. Nancy Lesh: Raga Multani: Dhrupad in Chautal - Nancy Lesh, cello
  6. Foster the People: Waster - Torches
  7. Skylab: Seashell - Skylab #1
  8. Urbie Green: On Green Dolphin Street - The Lyrical Language of Urbie Green
  9. Nu-Spirit Helsinki: Afro-Cuban Sunshine - Mundial Muzique
  10. Tom Brosseau: Chandler - Posthumous Success
  11. Bjork: Frosti - Vespertine
  12. Chet Baker: 'Round Midnight (vocal version) - 'Round Midnight
  13. Damu the Fudgemunk: To RBI - Spare Time
  14. Sarolta Zalatnay: Egyser (with Skorpio) - Sarolta Zalatnay
  15. Schneider: Peanut - Skoda Mluvit
  16. REM: Hollow Man - Accelerate
  17. Richard Crandell: Diagonal - Wayfaring Strangers (Guitar Soli)
  18. Sacred Harp Singers At Liberty Church: I'm Going Home - Cold Mountain Soundtrack
  19. Lesser vs. Venetian Snares: Mensa Disco Queers - Return Of The Fight Club
  20. M.I.A.: Bamboo Banga - Kala
  21. Black Heat: Chicken Heads - Declassified Grooves
  22. Nintendo: My Paradise & Monstro Town - Super Mario RPG OST
  23. Nintendo: Still, Road Is Full Of Dangers - Super Mario RPG OST
  24. Nintendo: Super Pipe House - Super Mario RPG OST
  25. Nintendo: Happy Parade, Delightful Parade - Super Mario RPG OST
  26. Nintendo: Sad Song - Super Mario RPG OST
  27. BrandonFX: Waltz of Pain (Sad Song) - Newgrounds Audio Portal
  28. Whales: various whale sounds - Deep Voices
  29. Ian Whitcomb: The Convergence of the Twain - Titanic Music As Heard On The Fateful Voyage
  30. Bernie Krause: Fish Wrap - Jungle Shoes
  31. Ian Whitcomb: Mon Coeur S'Ouvre A Ta Voix - Titanic Music As Heard On The Fateful Voyage
  32. Olga Borodina: Mon Coeur S'Ouvre A Ta Voix - Saint-Saëns: Samson Et Dalila
  33. Leonardo DiCaprio & Kate Winslet: Jack Dies - Titantic
  34. Leo Kottke: Watermelon - Leo Kottke
  35. Com Truise: VHS Sex - Galactic Melt
  36. Aras Ensemble: Sevk-Efzâ: Nûmân Aga - Works by Turkish Composers
  37. Wild Beasts: We Still Got The Taste Dancing On Our Tongues - Two Dancers
  38. Komeda: Elvira Madigan - Kokomemedada
  39. Kononono No. 1: Wumbanzanga - Assume Crash Position
  40. Solvent: Instructograph - Apples and Synthesizers
  41. Les Rosemary's Babies: Les Marins, Les Rats Et La Baleine (Fable) - Lutte de Classe
  42. Tea: Vibration - Dreams
  43. Black Fiction: I spread the disease - Ghost Ride
Good things:
  1. Super Mario RPG set: It seriously makes me so happy to play video game music for you, and I really like the selections that I picked, and how they kind of morphed into what I was talking about. 
  2. Titanic set: I'm so excited for you to hear this so just go download the file. 
  3. Cold Mountain Soundtrack: I was pleasantly surprised with this. Did you know Jack White composed/recorded about half of this album? Wow. 
Bad things:
  1. Huge pause after Titanic: The whale sounds record was actually still playing, but it didn't really sound like it was because the overtones were sooooo low, and the Titanic video cut out earlier than I thought it would. Bu then again, maybe that's cool. Maybe you liked it. I don't know. 
  2. Elvira cutting out: UGH. I HATE doing this. I was swearing like a sailor in the station when this happened. Sorry about that. 
  3. Absolutely slaughtering the pronunciation of "Mon Coeur S'ouvre A Ta Voix": One of my friends in particular is going to really make fun of me for that and I think you know who you are, asshole. I have been mentally kicking myself since then, and it's recorded for all to hear. I am ashamed.
As always, I encourage you to leave me comments/suggestions/requests, and to keep listening to the show. I love the feedback I've been getting, and I can't wait to hear what you think of this show in particular. 

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