Saturday, October 22, 2011

Subshow #6 - 10/21/11

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Doo be da bi dow bidibidibidibi doooow. That's me scatting "greetings" to you all.

I got a call late Thursday night from my good friend Lady K, and she said that she needed some help desperately, otherwise she might lose her job. "I need you to sub for the 'Jazz 'Til Noon' show from 9am-12pm. Would you mind terribly?"
"Hurry Batman! To WCBN!"
Hell to the no I don't mind. I've secretly been plotting to snag a sub for that slot for a long time, but haven't told anyone about it. When I go in at 3am I often stare longingly at the jazz section, waiting for the day when I can raid and pillage and take entire piles of jazz records all for myself (and consequently my listeners).

Some interesting things happened on the show today though, friends. Many, many interesting things. To name a few: the power went out, the iPod input was not working momentarily, I left a lot of dead air space randomly, I had to do an EAS test for the first time, the next DJ was 20-minutes late. When the power went off, I literally screamed every curse word at the top of my lungs and started ripping through the log book to find out what to do next when Rob (a fellow DJ) came in and scared me and told me everything was going to be fine. Truthfully, I think it was a great learning experience, because now I will never be surprised by ANY of these things. I also learned that, in general, doing the jazz show is more laid back, because jazz tracks average at 7-minutes. A lot are 15-minutes, and some are just a few minutes (if they're straight standards with no improvisation).

Unfortunately, because of the power going out, I lost a good 45-minutes of my show, and a lot of tracks just didn't get recorded onto the automatic recording archive, which I'll indicate on the playlist. Fortunately (or annoyingly, depending on how you look at it), I was able to add an extra 20-minutes because of the next DJ's tardiness, so you get almost a full show anyway!
So anyway, let's get listening.

[Artist: Song - Album]
  1. Marc Ribot: Break On Through - Party Intellectuals
  2. Rouge Ciel: L'Occupation - Veuillez procéder
  3. Ella Fitzgerald: Wave - Montreux
  4. James Morrison & Adam Makowics: Indiana - At The Montreux Jazz Festival
  5. Mark Kirschemann: Feed The Meter - This Electric Trumpet
  6. Yoko Kanno & The Seatbelts: Tank! (Live @Shibuya AX) - Cowboy Bebop OST
  7. Golden Arm Trio: He LIes Like An Eyewitness & Disco - The Tick Tock Club
  8. Charles McPherson: Evidence - Manhattan Nocturne
  9. Hiromi: Brian - Brian
  10. Billie Holiday: Ain't Misbehavin' - The Voice of Jazz
  11. Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey: Black Wall Street - The Race Riot Suite
  12. Stan Getz: Rainy Afternoons - Children of the World
<power outage>
  1. Benjamin Yee: Matt Steckler Interview @ Edgefest - WCBN Interviews
  2. Bob Brookmeyer: The Magic Shop - Through A Looking Glass
  3. Indigenous People: Indigenous People pt. II - Captures Live in Brazil
  4. The Funk Ark: A Blade WOn't Cut Another Blade - From The Rooftops
  5. Sarah Vaughn: City Called Heaven - Favorites
  6. Hadouk Trio: Hadouk Blues - Shamanimal
  7. Thelonious Monk: Blue Monk - At The Five Spot
 </power outage>
  1. Misha Mengelberg Quartet: Die Berge schützen die Heimat - Four In One
  2. Benjamin Yee: Matt Steckler Interview @ Edgefest - WCBN Interviews
  3. Duke Ellington: Star Cross Lovers (aka Pretty Girl) - Love Songs
  4. Duchese: Naître à jonquière (un vendredi soir après le souper) - Cordes à Danswer...suite saguenayenne
  5. Amanda Monaco 4: Procrastination - Intention
  6. John Lewis: The Queen's Fancy - European Windows
  7. Terumasa Hino: Cherry Hill Angel - Double Rainbows
  8. Urbie Green: Foxglove Suite - The Fox
  9. Joelle Leandre/William Parker: Duet one - Contrabasses
  10. Ella Fitzgerald: Ella abraça Jobim - He's a Carioca (Ele é Carioca)
  11. Dead Cat Bounce: Silent Movie, Russia 1995 - Chance Episodes
  12. Drew Gress: Low SLung/High Strung - 7 Black Butterflies
Badass moments:
  1. Ella singing Jobim?!: This was a really nice surprise. I've heard a lot of Ella, but I've never heard her sound like this, and hearing later Ella is always a joy anyway. I'll definitely be pulling this out again. 
  2. Misha Mengelberg: Hehehehe I literally squealed with glee when I heard this track. It was a nice, cute way to break up the set/unknowingly start the second half of my set. 
  3. Urbie Green: Oh man, this was some good stuff. If I had to pick a favorite track of the show, it would be this one. I think I placed it well in that section of the set, and it was a good long track as well.
Questionable moments:
  1. iPod input: I wanted so badly to start off my set with "Tank!" from Cowboy Bebop (which I played later), and I had my computer set up and everything. When I pressed the cue for the iPod input, my gut reaction, no joke, was, "It just needs a second." Then I realized it was never going to play. After some dubious language I was able to play a CD I had loaded, but that dead air is something I should have remedied a good 20 seconds earlier than I did. 
  2. Dead air: Not only did this happen with the iPod input fiasco, but it just kept happening. Way more than usual. I have no idea why. You'd think that when I'm really tired in the middle of the night, I would make more mistakes like that, but apparently it is not so.
  3. Power outage: Not that I can control this, but I definitely could have handled it better. It would have been a far worse time if my fellow DJ had not been wandering the station.
Please keep listening guys. I really enjoy hearing from you, whether it's in person, on Facebook, or whatever other means you may have of communicating with me. Comments are always welcome on my posts, and of course suggestions/hate mail/love letters and the like. 

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