Sunday, October 23, 2011

Freestailo #12 - 10/23/11

How the hell are ya, listeners?

Last night's show was really fun. The highlight of that was definitely when I had a caller that called in about 5 times with requests and suggestions for artists to listen to. His requests included Brian Eno, Public Image Limited, and The Jams. He also suggested Andr√© Popp, XTC, and Drums and Tuba. He even said that he was taping my show with a cassette tape, like in the old days. SO COOL. He loved that I was able to find all of the songs he wanted right away (the power of Grooveshark and YouTube). I also got a call from our very own Ed Special saying that he was enjoying the show. I also had a few friends on Facebook that listened for awhile. If I could have constant interaction while DJing, I would be happy as a clam. 

Other than all of that, the show was pretty mellow, not a lot of flub-ups. Pretty easy going, but really enjoyable, so I hope that you like it. Look forward to hearing from me soon about some big events that are coming up for me!

[Artist: Song - Album]
  1. Slavic Soul Party: Baltika - Taketron
  2. Charles Mingus Sextet with Eric Dolphy: When Irish Eyes Are Smiling - Cornell 1964
  3. Radar Bros.: All The Ghosts - The Singing Hatchet
  4. Goats: Mutiny - No Goats, No Glory
  5. Mountain Goats: Snow Owl - Full Force
  6. Library Science: Bye Bye Birdy - Dolphin
  7. Etta James: The Jealous Kind - Seven Year Itch
  8. Chocolate: Conga Forte, Rico Cajon - Peru's Master Percussionist
  9. Roy Lisker: The Alvarez Hypothesis - Language Compositions Sound Poetry 1981-87
  10. Motohiko Hino: Continental Drift - Sailing Stone
  11. Bootsy: What's A Telephone Bill? - Ahh...The Name Is Bootsy, Baby!
  12. Wilco: A shot in the arm - Summerteeth
  13. Madeleine Peyroux: Summer Wind - Half the Perfect World
  14. Hans Fagius: Johann Adam Reincken: Fuga, g-Moll - North German Baroque Music
  15. Jerry Butler: I Don't Want To Hear It Anymore - The Best of Jerry Butler
  16. Robert Anbian: The Day I Became White - I Not I (poems a stories)
  17. Debashish Bhattacharya: Drut Gat In Tintal - Raga Pahadi Jhinjhoti
  18. Hajime Wakai: The Legendary Hero - The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker
  19. Mario Galaxy Orchestra: Rosetta's Comet Observatory 3 - Super Mario Galaxy OST
  20. Yuka Tujiyoko: Mario and Peach's Theme - Paper Mario OST
  21. Fennesz: Before I Leave - Endless Summer
  22. The Hi-Los: Shadow Waltz - The Orchestra Directed by Frank Comstock
  23. Brian Eno: Burning Airlines Give You So Much More - Taking Tiger Mountain (By Strategy)
  24. Brian Eno: Third Uncle - Taking Tiger Mountain (By Strategy)
  25. Public Image Limited: (This Is Not A) Love Song - Nouvelle Vague
  26. The Jams: That's Entertainment - Sound Affects
  27. Christian Eckert Quartet: Pelzhäubler - Up!
  28. Monty Python: Fish Introduction - The Meaning of Life
  29. Dark Day: The Metal Benders - Window
  30. Charles Manson: Eyes of A Dreamer - Charles Manson
  31. Karlophone: Penitentiam Agite - I Must Find This Karlophone...
  32. The Soul Providers: Lea's Rice Pudding - Soul Tequila
  33. Momus: Smooth Folk Singer - Folktronic
  34. Hank Williams: Cool Water - Alone With His Guitar
  35. Tujiko Noriko: anti-newton + (track 2) - I forgot the title
  36. Baaba Maal: Douwayra - Nomad Soul
  37. Delta 5: Mind Your Own Business - Disco Not Disco
  38. Blevin Blectum: Rockitship Long Light Years - Talon Slalom
  39. Pendragon: New England's Daughter - Passage to New England
  1. Library Science: Maybe it's the fact that the band is called 'Library Science,' but I was really digging this band. Like whoa. 
  2. Requests: I love requests. Period. I will always take them, and I will always find them no matter what. It's like a game for me. Thanks to everyone who gives me requests. Seriously. 
  3. Chocolate+Lisker: When I previewed the Lisker before I played the Chocolate, I knew immediately that I had hit gold. These lined up even better than I could have ever hoped. 
  1. Too many Enos: I didn't mean to play the first Brian Eno track. I really, and I mean really try not to play the same artist twice (unless I'm really on a kick). This was an accident though, because I meant to play the second Brian Eno track originally. Oops.
  2. Check composers: I shouldn't, but I assume that every good Nintendo soundtrack was by Koji Kondo. But it's not, clearly. The Wind Waker OST was actually NOT by Koji Kondo, as I put on the playlist, but by Hajime Wakai.
  3. Too much rock?: This is debatable, but I feel like I went too hard at the rock section today. What do you think?
Thanks again for the support guys. You have no idea how much it means. 

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