Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Radiovision/Seducing Ira Glass

Hey ladies, gents, aliens, monkeys, whatever.

I have a good bit of news that you all might not know about my life currently but...I'm going to New York City for the first time this weekend for a radio conference!!! It's called Radiovision, hosted by WFMU, and is a newly born brain-baby of the WFMU peeps.

Here's the deal with the conference: 7 people from WCBN are going by car (10-hour drive, friends) to the conference, and staying for 4 days going to workshops, lectures, talking to people, hanging out with DJs, dreaming about radio, etc. for the purpose of improving the station. Our goal is to figure out what other stations are doing, put ourselves out there, and ultimately get an idea for the future of radio, and specifically WCBN.

Some highlights of people that are going to be there:
(this guy)

My plan is to seduce him so hard. I promise I'll come back with Ira Glass for WCBN. Just you wait...Seriously though, here are the presentations that sound super interesting to me for the Saturday symposium:
There are a lot of other presentations and panels, but these are the ones with links, and thus the ones that I know anything about. Honestly though, I could care less about that. I'm just excited to talk to other people that are as excited about radio as I am and have a little bit of fun while networking. Plus, it's my first time in NYC, so it has to be good. I hope that I fall in love with the city. I think I will. I expect to be fully verliebt.

I'll have more to report on once I'm back from the conference, but a small detail which hopefully you've deduced is that there will be no radio show from me this week. Never fear though! I will be back next week in full swing, and as over-jealous as ever! I will also ideally have a lot of pictures, a lot of notes, and a lot of videos to share with all of you, so stay tuned!


  1. You will be able to seduce him by singing. BOOM. dashing mezzo.

  2. you would mesmerize him into a stupor