Friday, October 7, 2011

Freestailo #9 - 10/2/11

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Hey fools.

This show was pretty interesting for me, because while I was playing the set I was also being interviewed for a documentary by a film student at the university for her senior thesis. Apparently she's doing lots of interviews and taking lots of footage for a documentary on WCBN, and she was willing to come to the station at 3am to do it! It's always nice having some company at the station, especially that late/early. It was a lot of fun to talk about WCBN, freeform, and radio in general.

Anyway, in this show I had a couple of really great requests from a friend, which inspired a few more ideas for layering. I really hope that I can consistently take a couple of requests from friends, because I think it reminds me that people actually listen, and that people have the power to motivate and perpetuate a good show.

OK, let's just listen to it now.

Ze Playlist:
  1. Lesbian Water Bed: Stripper Mix - Best 130 BPM
  2. Margaret Cho: Intervention - Cho Dependent
  3. Nelson Riveros: It's All Right With Me - Camino Al Barrio
  4. Those Darn Accordians: Viva Sequin - Squeeze This!
  5. Forced Collapse: Consider The Weather A Failure - Consider The Weather A Failure
  6. Brain stories: Why Do Our Brains Need Sleep? - Brain Stories
  7. Stravinsky: Four Etudes for Orchestra - The Nonesuch Listening Booth
  8. Laxmi G. Tewari: Turkish Village Music - Turkish Village Music
  9. Crystal Castles: Untrust Us - Crystal Castles
  10. Peaches and Herb: Dream Come True - Sayin' Something!
  11. Raymonde: Ne Nommons - Raymonde et les Blancs Becs
  12. These Are Powers: Life of Birds - All Aboard Future
  13. Pui-Yven: Yi zu wu qu (Dance of the Yi Tribe) - China: Music of the Pipa
  14. Mahmoud Ahmed: Bèmen sèbèb letlash - éthiopiques
  15. Pieta Brown: Blind Dog Yell - Pieta Brown
  16. Tommy James: Bloody water - Travelin'
  17. Nova Lima: Bolero - Coba Coba
  18. Animal Collective: Also Frightened - Merriweather Post Pavilion
  19. Sandra Bernhard: You Make Me Feel Mighty Real (Edge Factor Dub) - You Make Me Feel Mighty Real
  20. Dominic Duval and the Equinox Trio: Solo Cello - Equinox
  21. Yann Tiersen: Till The End - Dust Lane
  22. Rufus Wainwright: Cigarettes and Chocolate Milk - Poses
  23. Ella Fitzgerald: Everytime We Say Goodbye - Ella: Love Songs
  24. Ryuichi Sakamoto: Owl - Love Is The Devil
  25. Grand Prix's: You Drive Me Crazy - Eccentric Soul 009
  26. Basil Rathbone/Prokofiev: Peter and the Wolf - Peter, Tubby and Pan
  27. Ice Age: (side A) - New Brigade
  28. Perspective: The Eels - Perspective
  29. Vern Gosdin: Baby That's Cold - The Voice
  30. Cyne: Opera - Pretty Dark Things
  31. Various: Aluja - Yoruba Drums from Benin, West Africa
  32. DJ Scotch Egg: Scotch Circus - Drumized
  33. Jane Ira Bloom: Altair 4 - Like Silver, Like Song
  34. Yo-Yo Ma: Fugata - Soul of the Tango
  35. The Thievery Corporation: The Hong Kong Triad - Moom
  36. Tom Waits: All Stripped Down - Bone Machine
  37. Rufus Wainwright: Leaving for Paris No.2 - Release the Stars
  38. Tekachi: Amygdata - Arryhthmia 3
  39. rugar: a scent of europe - my girl, the princess
  40. Santiago Navascues: Granada - Music for the Spanish Guitar
  1. Crystal Castles + Turkish Village Music: For the love of all that is freeform, this was one of my favorite moments in all of my DJing. I absolutely cannot stress how perfectly these two tracks seemed to go together, and I can only hatch it up to improved luck points in the RPG called Life. 
  2. Rufus Wainwright: Thanks to the suggestions of a friend I played some Rufus Wainwright...and then I played some more. UGH. So good. I need more of that, I also need to keep it in mind for good layering content (or at least his more minimalist albums). 
  3. Chiptunes: I really love chiptunes. I get filled with girlish glee when I find that I've accidentally stumbled upon a chiptune artist in the station. Thus, when I found DJ Scotch Egg, I reacted appropriately and squealed at the top of my lungs. I also played some rugar for you all, who is one of my favorite chiptune artists, although he doesn't have much out there presently, but you can find his album at 8bitpeoples.
  1. Peter and the Wolf layering: Honestly, this was completely lackluster for me. I really hope that you all liked it, because I was painfully trying not to take the Ice Age record away from the layering. Maybe I should have, but sometimes I like to bathe in the uncomfortable mixing of inappropriately combined records. Next time I will have more reserve.
  2. Stravinsky Narration: Remember that time that I thought I was putting on a great recording of Four Etudes for Orchestra and then it turned out to be a commentary track that actually ended up skipping within 3 minutes? Yeah, me too. Never again. 
  3. Country: I'm sorry, but I'm really not a fan of country. I always go to the Folk section to grab some CDs, but I constantly have a fear that I'm going to pull a country artist...and today I did. T_T I tried to save it with some layering...but I'm not sure it worked. 


  1. good shizz heidi. im suprised you tossed some CYNE in there but they're way good so thumbs up on that one. when's your next set?

  2. Yeah I don't usually play a much rap, but it was a nice contrast. Glad you liked it! I'm hosing the Soul Show on 10/7 at 9pm, and my next freeform show is at 3am on 10/9. ^ ^

  3. so tonight? iss dat on de WCBN?