Sunday, November 13, 2011

Freestailo #13 - 11/13/11

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Guys. I just realized that my 13th Freestailo happened on the 11/13. THIRTEENS! AND 11 and 13 are both prime numbers. How cool is that?!
See?! 11 and 13!
This show was pretty fun, mostly because I felt like there was a little less pressure to have a great show because I subbed Kirsten's show on the Thursday before. I did a lot less layering, and I played mostly straight tracks, but I thought a lot about how I wanted to order things. I picked a pretty big stack of CDs, and used almost all of it, while gradually adding LPs and more CDs throughout the night for variety. It was a good challenge for myself to keep the level of variety (and aesthetic) that I usually have for my show in that way. Verstehst du mich? Das its nicht so klar.

I often will read poetry on my show, but instead of taking up large chunks of time to read and maybe explain the poetry, I decided to just read it. How did you feel about that? Did you like that more than me talking about it more? I would really like to know. Also, here's a list of the poetry I read:

  • "Sonnet: To Eva" by Sylvia Plath
  • "Sonnet V: If I should learn" by Edna St. Vincent Millay
  • "Sonnet #5" by William Shakespeare
Auch, ich habe eine Frage für meine Deutsche Leute: wer ist dein Lieblingsdichter, oder dein Lieblingsgedicht? Ich möchte etwas gute Gedichte lesen kommende Woche.

[Artist: Song - Album]
  1. Divine Styler: Grey Matter (Cosmos Mix) - Grey Mater
  2. Hiromi: Music for 3-Piece Orchestra: Déjà vu - Spiral
  3. Yamantaka: Reverse Crystal // Murder of a Spider - Sonic Titan
  4. Dan Deacon: my own face is F word - Meetle Mice
  5. Bio Ritmo: La hamaca - Bio Ritmo
  6. Bootsy: Fat Cat - Ultra Wave
  7. Sarasota: Tethered - Things Alive
  8. Hill of Beans: Satan, Lend Me A Dollar - Hill of Beans
  9. Boris Grebenshikov: Gertruda - Russian Songwriter
  10. Field recorder August Schmidhofer: Revoro - Madagascar: Music in Tromba and Bilo Trance Rituals
  11. Yoko Kanno: Fatal - Vision of Escaflowne OST 3
  12. Celestial Navigations: Janitor III: The Vacation - Chapter V
  13. xeno & oaklander: Blue Flower - Vigils
  14. Groove and the Gang: Soul Conga - Mr. Boogaloo
  15. All Out Water: Two Thousand Years - Condemned to Suffer
  16. Deepspace5: Wingspan - Unique, Just LIke Everyone Else
  17. Chirgilchin: Kara Drya (Black Crane) - The Wolf & The Kid
  18. The Rembrandts: I'll Be There For You - Friend's Theme
  19. Vector: Dreams and Realization - Synthonic
  20. Sarasota: I Fled To The Midwest - I'm Not My Bad Habits
  21. Sarasate: Habanera (Heifetz) - Sarasate
  22. Al Mayadine Quartet: 1st Movement - Jadal (Oud Duo)
  23. Sierra's Leone's Refugee All Stars: Soda Soap - Living Like A Refugee
  24. Kraftwerk: Spacelab - The Man Machine
  25. Urbie Green: Manteca - The Fox
  26. Mashkoor Ali Khan: Raga Lalit: Vilambit bandish in jhumra tal - Mashkoor Ali Khan
  27. The Christal Methodists: Backwards Masking/Dick Smarmey - New World Order
  28. Zara: Anadolu - Avuntu
  29. Luis Bonfá: Manhã de Carnaval - Solo in Rio 1959
  30. IAM: Bouger La Tête - L'ecole du Micro D'argent
  31. Prince Charles and the City Beat Band: Jungle Stomp (Extended Version) - Cash (Cash Money)
  32. Menthols: Fire Fire Fire - Michigan Works
  33. Mia Boyle: I Am A Diver - I Am A Diver
  34. Paul Stookey: Get Together - One Night Stand
  35. Lester Bowie's New York Organ Ensemble: Funky T - Funky T. Cool T.
Good T.
  1. Transition of moods: The transition between Deepspace5 and Chirgilchin was oddly appropriate, since Deepspace5 had a small amount of Tuvan throat singing in the background. That was not planned, except for the face that I linked their covers for a visual transition for myself. The same thing happened with Hill of Beans to Boris Grebenshikov, and from that to the Madagascar recording.
  2. I found the Urbie Green album!: I tried to find it for the show on Thursday but failed, because all I could remember was that it had the word "Fox" in the title, which gives me nothing essentially. If we had an online database maybe it would have been easier, but I think I really liked having to hunt for it. It's like winning an eBay auction. 
  3. Escaflowne OSTs: Soooo apparently we have like 4 Vision of Escaflowne soundtracks in the soundtrack section. This means 4 CDs of mostly Yoko Kanno. I think I literally screamed when I found it. Also, the particular Yoko Kanno track I played was, like, ecstasy. It also reminded me of Kill Bill. Hahaha. 
Bad T.
  1. Messing up Kim's requests: Yeah so my friend Kim requested Sarasate near the middle of the first hour, and I ended up playing Sarasota because I thought that's what he meant. Turns out, he really did mean Sarasate. Good rule to live by: just go with what your requester says and don't question, otherwise you'll look like an ass. 
  2. Big pause in first hour: For some reason I couldn't get the promo to play right away, so there was a big pause. C'est la vie. 
  3. Transition from Yoko Kanno to Celestial Navigations: I love these two tracks. I just don't love them together. The Yoko Kanno track was so beautiful, and I don't know what I was thinking picking a track like "Janitor III" to go after. It sounds fine, and I'm sure people will like it, but I wanted something more...subtle. Oddly enough though, the track reminds me of the 3 old guys in Cowboy Bebop, whose soundtrack was incidentally done by Yoko Kanno. So maybe this was actually perfect. >_<
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  1. I say, "Just read the poetry". It becomes too vast of an area of interpretation. We have so many varying moods and settings it becomes complicated to predict how we will be affected by poetry. You have an amazing voice which has a certain depth/emotional quality to it and you are interpreting what you read as you deliver it, anyway.

  2. Hm interesting. Thanks for the feedback! I'll keep that in mind for this Sunday!