Saturday, June 30, 2012

Freestailo #39 - 6/29/12

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Top o' the mornin' to yeh, me bright eyed lis'ners!

Today's show was a bit rough for me, for the plain and simple fact that I was feeling rather ill while I was DJing. That's how much I love you though, and it's totally worth it. The show was still pretty solid, and my lovely roommate Kara came and visited me at the station, and even made me eggy-toast and brought it to the station! Later Robster made some coffee, which totally made my morning as well, and I think thoroughly improved the final hour of the show.

Anyway, the main thing I want to talk about today is the layering that happened about half way through with Jack and the Beanstalk and LCD Soundsystem. I am a little haunted by it, both because I really enjoyed it, and because many things went wrong. The way that the two tracks meshed together was pretty astounding, and even small things like the rate of an actor's speech, or the scratches on the vinyl seemed to go along with the beat of the LCD Soundsystem record. Unfortunately, the Jack and the Beanstalk record was pretty damaged, and kept skipping without me noticing. Yes, I should have been paying attention, but sometimes it's unavoidable. On the other side though, the skipping was kind of interesting, and I don't necessarily regret that it happened. I neither like nor dislike this layering, but admire it in a very objective way.

How did you feel about it? What did you like?

[Artist: Song - Album]
  1. Alfred Newman: 20th Century Fox Fanfare - Star Wars IV
  2. The Meters: Groovy Lady - Jam
  3. Herbie Hancock: Honey From The Jar - Feets Don't Fail Me Now
  4. Crystal Castles: Magic Spells - Crystal Castles
  5. John Williams: Cantina Band - Star Wars IV
  6. The Capricorns: End of the World Love Song - Pure Magical Love
  7. Joan Baez: Crack In The Mirror - Gone From Danger
  8. John Williams: Cantina Band #2 - Star Wars IV
  9. Buddy Holly: Brown Eyed Handsome Man - The Crickets 20 Golden Greats
  10. Ella Fitzgerald: That Old Black Magic - Ella In Rome
  11. Oojami: Sitare - Bellydancing Breakbeats
  12. Rinken Band: Kansha Sabira - Japan Not For Sale Vol. 2
  13. Anne Queffélec: Jeux d'eau - Ravel: Piano Works
  14. Arif Sag: Su diyari Gurbet Elde - Insan Olmaya Geldim
  15. Various: Khangayn Magtaal - Mongolie
  16. Asobi Seksu: Strawberries - Citrus
  17. Lead Belly: Good Morning Blues - Where Did You Sleep Last Night
  18. Various: Jack and the Beanstalk - Let's Pretend
  19. LCD Soundsystem: aa onastic dub - north american scum
  20. Gotan Project: Confianzas - Inspiración-Espiración
  21. The Funkees: Ole - Dancing Time
  22. Louise Attaque: Toute cette histoire - Louise Attaque
  23. Donna Summers: Journey To The Centre Of Your Heart - Bad Girls
  24. Chiwoniso: Nhemamusasa - Ancient Voices
  25. Black Moth Super Rainbow: Tooth Decay - Eating Us
  26. The Botho Lucas Choir: Sei Lieb Zu Mir - From Germany With Love
  27. Sarolta Zalatnay: Itt A Nyár (with Locomotiv GT) - Sarolta Zalatnay
  28. Geckoturner: Limón En La Cabeza - Guapapasea!
  29. Galliano: Believe - The Plot Thickens
  30. Darkthrone: Det Svartner Nå - Hate Them
  31. S.P. Balasubrahmanyam: Dil Deewana - Hindi Film Hits
  32. D'arcangelo: n-tower - Broken Toys' Corner
  33. Yolanda Kondonassis: La Cathédrale engloutie - Debussy's Harp
  34. Clarence Reid: No Way Out - Eccentric Soul 17
  35. Electroputas 3: AA - Electroputas 3
  36. Dan Del Santo: No More - Off Your Nyash
  37. Alan Dargin with Michael Atherton: Fantastic Plastic - Bloodwood
  38. Fantastic Plastic Machine: Fantastic Plastic World - Fantastic Plastic Machine
Love Them:
  1. Star Wars IV: Anything to do with this CD went well on the show. The beginning with the fanfare completely made my week, and both of the Cantina Band tracks were totally stellar. I hope you all enjoyed it as much as me, but even if you didn't...I don't really care. Hahaha. 
  2. The Funkees: A Nigerian funk band?! Hell yes! This was an awesome surprise to find in the new soul stuff against the wall! 
  3. Fantastic Plastic End: I felt really satisfied with the end of my show, linking together the ideas and sounds so well. Also, I love the Fantastic Plastic World album. 
Have Them:
  1. Skipping/Neglect: As I was chatting with my roommate, and sipping coffee, I realized I should check on the turntables just to be safe, and luckily Rob got to them a bit earlier and saved them from skipping for eternity. Apparently the Jack and the Beanstalk record was very scratched, and it also skipped when the LCD Soundsystem record stopped, which is not a very interesting sound, I tell you what. That'll teach me to socialize ever. 
  2. Debussy on Harp: This was just too quiet to hear. I ended up having to turn it all the way up, which caused kind of a weird buzzing noise. Silly classical CDs. Y U NO LOUDER?!
  3. Tooth Decay: This sounded all right, but it wasn't exactly what I wanted. Felt a little low energy. 
Thanks for reading/listening! 


  1. LOVED your intro.....had to play it several times. Shared it with friends.